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13-12-2005, 22:09
Here's the scenario: I got a job, got married, and got otherwise busy from a little before the time 40k 4th edition was released. I was totally tuned out from that time forward. You may assume I remember everything prior to this (I started playing about midway through 2nd edition).

I have a few questions:
1. What new codexes have been released? Are there any huge changes?
2. I noticed a Black Templars codex - have they been toned down a little?
3. What's happened with Armoured Companies - any official rules or no? (they may have gotten
4. Has anything interesting happened with regards to Chaos armies?

Apologies for being clueless.


13-12-2005, 22:14
1. Space Marine, Tyranid and Black Templarse Codexes have been released
2. Yes they have been toned down a little (have a search in the rumours section for way that has been done)
3. nothing totally 'official' updated CA article and FW Armoured Battlegroup rules
4. Nothing much, but they are getting some new releases next summer (to tie in with Cities of Death (Codex Cityfight 2))

also, Tau are the next army, with speculation that Eldar, then Dark Angels will be also released next year, beyond that is guesswork at best (and even Eldar and Dark angels are educated guesses

14-12-2005, 03:00
and a few rules for assult, rapid fire, and the like have been changed. marrige kinda turns ones eye from what REALLY matters in life, doesnt it?

14-12-2005, 03:47
Rules have changed a lot, I guess the one that allows you to see through enemy units to shoot at units behind was a big one.

Assault is weaker, and works very differently. Shooting is more powerful, a lot of things can move and shoot now. Mobility is a lot more important. Scoring units are very important now.

14-12-2005, 11:13
Thanks for the responses - sounds like the game has made some good progress. I'll have to grab a copy of 40k4ed and see exactly what's up...