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27-03-2009, 07:35
Black Orc Warboss
Enchanted Shield
5+ Ward Save Item
+1 Attack Boots

Orc Big Boss
Mork's Spirit Totem

Goblin Shaman
Sneaky Stealin

5 Units of 25 Orc Boys w/ Shield, music and standard

2 Units of 20 Night Goblins with music, standard, and 2 fanatic each

1 Unit of Goblin Spider Riders with music

2 Units of 5 Wolf Riders with music, spear, and bow

2 Boar Chariots

4 Spear Chuckas

2 Doom Divers

This is kinda a repost. I am about to go through the process of actually buying my first models and since I buy in bulk to get a discount I wanna get any final feedback on my list. I am going for a primarily Orc Army, I really wanted a Horde with nice fast cav support.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

27-03-2009, 15:16
5 Units of 25 Boar Boys w/ Shield, music and standard

you mean regular orc warriors right? not boar boys?
5x25 = 125 boar boys is 2750 points and 5 special choices

you might be better off taking bigger blocks than taking more blocks. even if you just rearrange to 4x30 instead of 5x25. that is, unless you're not going to be fighting shooty or magic heavy armies.

also, it might be worth the 8 points to put a champ in one of your ng units to accept challenges for the shaman. idk

28-03-2009, 01:37
yeah I meant orc boys my bad lol

28-03-2009, 05:50
I like the list a lot. instead of black orc warboss. I'd go normal boss or savage orc boss with iron nasha's and maybe boots. whatever gives him a total of 6+ attacks. That way your averaging one killing blow per combat phase. Good for charactor killing in challenges.

But as far as other models i think its solid. I like single trolls better because they don't cause panic and don't auto run vs fear causers

28-03-2009, 17:39
hello mate, nice enough looking list. All I'd say is swap 2 Spear Chuckas for a rock lobba! I use 1 doom diver, 2 spear chuckas, 2 rock lobbas, rock lobba/doom diver is more reliable (well, once you get better at guessing ranges anyway!).
You've got lots of boyz, good fas cav support (maybe upgrade spiders to have bows, i do that and it's working great!), my only comment though is it's not good to see a black orc warboss without seeing his black orcs! maybe change him to a reg. warboss. I know the stats are better for the black orc, but fluff wise he'd always have a unit of black orcs backing his horde up!
have fun with the greenies!

29-03-2009, 03:53
yeah I juggeled the lore/theme vs. effectiveness debate in my head A LOT before deciding to go Black Orc

My reasoning was this...

I am already playing orcs and goblins and with animosty that gives me a huge disadvantage, so it is kinda nice to be able to quell that disadvantage a little

I know lore wise it doesnt really make sense but I am trying to make alist that will draw atleast 75% of its games and I think the Black Orc adds some stability to that

Not only that but I would take black orcs (cause I love the lore of them) but they just doen't seem effective on a point for point basis

what if I converted a unit of boyz to look like black orcs would that help for theme people or am I just out of luck with them : /