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27-03-2009, 13:52
In Tales Of Heresy, Gav Thorpe is credited as writing Descent Of Angels in the back of the book but Mitchell Scanlon is credited as writing it on the Horus Hersesy edition. Can anybody get to the bottom of this for me?

27-03-2009, 14:20
I'd imagine neither of them want to own up to it.

27-03-2009, 14:22
Perhaps you're mixing up Descent of Angels (written by Scanlon) and Angels of Darkness (written by Gav Thorpe)?

27-03-2009, 14:23
Mitchell Scanlon wrote Descent of Angels.

The back of Tales of Heresy is a typo, as Gav Thorpe wrote Angels of Darkness (which is also about Dark Angels)

27-03-2009, 14:24
I'd imagine neither of them want to own up to it.

Was going to say something similar.

27-03-2009, 14:26
Descent of angels cant be thorp, it was that bad.

printed on descent of angels face is mitchell...

seems to me its a cut & paste error.


27-03-2009, 15:01
Decent of Angels was BAAAD. Not written by Thorpe.
Angels of Darkness, a much better book was Thorpe.
The two combined give a good picture of the Dark Angels and thier story. Cant wait to see if thier story is changed when thier time comes back around in the later parts of the HH series.

27-03-2009, 15:03
*spends half of book faffing about in the woods*

*is cool*

02-04-2009, 00:12
The book itself wasn't that bad, it was just wasn't about the Horus Heresy, which it was such a let-down. It was more of a founding book, with an melancholy element of, "Us two, we're the last of our kind..."

If the book had run with that to the fullest (dawn of a new age angle) it would have been palatable.

Or if there had been a second book, to explain it all... :evilgrin:

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02-04-2009, 00:21
It's a cut and paste error, Gav was having a laugh about it when my sister mentioned it to him on Facebook