View Full Version : Any interest in a warseer fantasy campaign?

27-03-2009, 16:12
I did this a few years ago on here, and it went over pretty well. Any interest in a warseer fantasy campaign?

It would be narrative this time around, with people submitting scores and battle reports and what not.

27-03-2009, 16:58
I would be interested.

27-03-2009, 17:22
I'd be curious to see how it worked, based on how many people actually can ge enough games in. I usually manage three to four games a month, unless I have a tournament, but this can go south quickly if the wife impacts negatively.

27-03-2009, 17:28
With this campaign there would be a campaign website.

Players participating would be shown with their battle points and experience points for units.

Scenarios would be posted for a couple weeks. Based on the results, new scenarios would be posted. Would last maybe five or six rounds total. Would post battle reports for it as well as narrative fiction taken from anyone interested in submitting.

Premise of this campaign is the reclaiming of Ostland, where the elector of Ostland attempts to retake some of the land lost in Storm of Chaos.

Last time we ran a map campaign and it lasted four months and we had 18 players all together.

You get your mates to sign up and you are all assigned a battle group.

Pretty much play anywhere, anytime. Just submit the scores.

dread lord
27-03-2009, 17:57
this sounds pretty nice i woud be intrested

Lord Malorne
27-03-2009, 18:03
I'd like to see a campaign pack with all the rules and scenarios in.

27-03-2009, 18:08
I'll have something up in the next week or so. I'm still gauging interest. It sucks to put a lot of time into something and then when it's game time you hear crickets ;)

The campaign will go on regardless with my own little circle, but I'm wanting to get back into the warseer community and I think this would be fun.

27-03-2009, 18:16
I'd be interested, but don't know how much I'd be able to play, nor with or against what armies.

27-03-2009, 18:24
That part won't matter. I learned years ago not to try a campaign that forces players to play under a strict schedule. It doesn't work.

In this round 1 would last a couple weeks or so, then we'd move to the next rung. You'd see a list of battle points earned, experienced units, etc... some fiction(hopefully). You can play 6 rounds with 6 different armies if you wanted, it's an open campaign. Y ou may play in round 1 but not in round 2. You may only play one round total.

I may play my Empire force this time around =)

27-03-2009, 18:38
i'd be interested.

27-03-2009, 18:53
When website is up and I have the scenarios ready I will create a thread for registration then.

It will go five rounds and last roughly four months. I'm hoping to do video battle reports this time around.

Also hoping to be ready to start mid to end of April/first week of May.

If we can get some good participation this could be something as much fun as the ulthuan.org campaigns.

27-03-2009, 18:58
Sounds good. I would have a go.

Desert Rain
27-03-2009, 20:38
Sounds nice, I'm interested.

27-03-2009, 20:42
Sounds interesting, my brothers one of our friends and are are starting up a mighty empires campaign between the four of us, so maybe we could tie our games in with this.

27-03-2009, 20:46
well there are rules for playing fantasy warhammer online, which I can get a copy of if you want?

If thats the way you want to play them I'm happy to play!

27-03-2009, 21:09
If you have a way to play online then go for it. The end result is you send me the battle results of the scenarios that are for the cycle and they get reported.

You can tie them in to league games, tourney games, throw off games, campaign games of your own, so long as you are playing the scenario you are supposed to.

28-03-2009, 02:13
:DI can dig it

28-03-2009, 16:54
I would have to say I am interested. The main issue is that many of my games are online (lorenz) and getting people to play odd scenarios there is sometimes a chore. I do play on a table top when I can get to my favorite store owned by some friends. I'm still painting up my armies so I don't really wander into the local stores much as most prefer painted armies.

Now I do know that some people on Warseer(and other forums) also play there, so maybe I can hit them up for the scenarios. I also know a place full of Lorenz players and some that just LOVE whacky games so...

Count me in?

vinny t
28-03-2009, 16:58
Do it! I think there should be more ideas like this one. Spot on!

28-03-2009, 17:54
Like I said, when I was more active here years ago, I ran two of these back to back (one narrative, one map) and they were a BLAST.

28-03-2009, 19:18
Aboslutely! Not sure oow often my games will be, but I need something like this to focus my attentions upon a single race rather than all 7 as it is currently.

28-03-2009, 19:21

29-03-2009, 16:15
Much of the website finished. Going to be rolling to finish it entirely this week and begin registration process.

30-03-2009, 00:17
sure im in, whats the website?

30-03-2009, 03:34
Posted soon...