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27-03-2009, 19:15
THE IDEA: I tried to take a varied force. It is medium/heavy on magic and shooting, but nothing ridiculous. Half my points are spent on Core Units.

THE PLAN: The handgunners and Helblaster Volley Gun go on one flank. The Helblaster is very useful for a refused flank tactic. Normal ranged units have a hard time with skirmishers and flyers, which are precisely the types of units your opponent will normally try and use to take out a refused flank. Flyers move 20 inches and the Helblaster shoots 24. This means that if your opponent wants to attack this flank with flyers, he will have to expose them for one turn, something he will be reluctant to do. If he does, hopefully the Orb of Thunder will trap the troublesome flyers in a useless/vulnerable position. The cavalry go on the other flank to try and pressure your opponents flank or provide counter charges to support the infantry. One cannon gees on the same flank as the cavalry to dissuade large monsters, since this is the flank they will be tempted to deploy on (to avoid the handgunners/Helblaster). The Infantry and remaining war machines go in the centre of the board with all of the characters. The archers and scouts will screen, divert charges, and march block. The engineer helps the cannon against elite armies and the mortar against horde armies. The BSB always goes in the Spearmen. Though the Spearmen are squishy and useless, they start with a default combat resolution of +10 if you get your detachment charge off (and +4 without detachment support against a fully ranked unit). This should result in a combat win/minor loss and hold with the BSB reroll. Next turn counter-charge with a unit of knights. The Wizards can go in either infantry unit or be on their own, whichever is safer. The Lord will usually take Heavens, while the level 2 will choose based on the enemy.

THE PROBLEMS: Psychology. Leadership 8 General is a problem. Playing against a tier one army like Deamons or VC that are immune to psychology makes shooting less effective, since they never panic. Against these armies I will try and character/monster hunt with the cannons to reduce their hitting power, and then hope to get lucky with psychology tests while swamping them with combat res. I have to get lucky.

1 Wizard Lord: 290 points
Van Horstmann's Speculum, Luckstone, Dispel Scroll
level 4, General
(Speculum is to allow the Wizard to stay in a unit that gets charged and ambush a superior unit, Luckstone is to prevent miscasts)

1 Battle Wizard: 125 points
Dispel Scroll
level 2

1 Engineer: 105 points
repeater pistol, Orb of Thunder
(stop those flyers)

1 Battle Standard Bearer: 138 points
plate armour, Griffon Banner
(The Griffon Banner is like the War Banner times 3!)

28 Spearmen: 165 points
full command
12 Free Company: 60 points
9 Archers: 72 points

24 Swordsmen: 169 points
full command
12 Free Company: 60 points

10 Handgunners: 100 points
marksman with repeater handgun
5 Handgunners: 40 points

10 Huntsmen: 100 points

6 Knights: 203 points
full command, War Banner

5 Knights: 139 points
champion, musician

1 Cannon: 100 points

1 Cannon: 100 points

1 Mortar: 75 points

5 Pistoliers: 97 points

1 Helblaster Volley Gun: 110 points

CHARACTERS: 658 points
CORE: 1108 points
SPECIAL: 372 points
RARE: 110 points
TOTAL: 2248 points

Andrew Luke
27-03-2009, 20:34
It looks like a fun and fluffy empire list. I wouldn't go into any matchup with Daemons or VC and think you have a shot unless you resoundingly outplay your opponent.

vinny t
27-03-2009, 23:48
Engineers Can't take magic items

28-03-2009, 03:06
Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice. In that case, drop the scroll from the little wizard, give him Orb of Thunder, and buy another knight with the points saved.

28-03-2009, 04:23
A few things:

Have you considered doing a 3x3 detachment instead of what I imagine you are planning on using, 6x2? You have smaller frontage with 3x3, so you will be less susceptible to enemy attacks, and the units will be more maneuverable due to their smaller size. The trade off is of course having less attacks, but lets face it, Empire troops aren't there to kill people, but to stick around, flank, and outnumber.

Your captain is really squishy with only a 4+ save. It's not going to take a lot to reduce that save to 5+ or even 6+. Have you considered putting him on a barded warhorse? You would then have a 2+ save and an extra attack for a small investment.

The engineer is fluffy and possibly fun, but really not effective. I would look into getting a warrior priest for an extra dispel dice, hatred, and the bound spells which are actually quiet useful. I understand taking an engineer just for kicks. Have you considered giving him a Long Rifle or Repeater Handgun, or something else to make him more than an expensive character that may or may not even get to shoot once??

If you dropped the champions off those Knights you could get an extra knight.

Again, none of these changers are necessary. They would make your army more competitive, in my opinion, but the extent of your army's competitiveness is ultimately up to you.

28-03-2009, 15:19
I personally feel that a Ld 8 general is too big a drawback for the Empire to carry. Not only the undead and daemons will cause havoc, but wood elves and dwarves as well - not to mention the Empire itself, (if they are gunline-y)!

28-03-2009, 16:53
either way it's a really nice looking empire army! and when the new greatswords/archers/steam tank go plastic this summer it'll look even nicer!
the army is the arch typical empire army, great balance of troops.
you'll do well against most people, but please remember that the empire (above all armies) is a tacticians army. you'll really have to get down on your movement phase as this is were they excel.
the only change i'd personally do is swap the mortar for another unit of pistollers - the fast cav will be crucial to you. That way you can have one unit support the flank with the Knights (as most players will send a 'throw away' unit of fast cav before your unit to mis-direct them.), and 1 unit supports the fast flank with a unit that shoots well and can munch up enemy fliers/skirmishers trying to engage your refused flank.
Otherwise it's pretty much the army i'll be collecting after i complete my orcs & gobbos!
Let us know how you get on in the battle reports thread

Ultimo ninja
28-03-2009, 19:34
I like this list. May i suggest flaggelants to hold u a flank? they cant be budged afterall. small unit can hold back pesky skirmishers for a turn or two, giving you more time to blast an enemy before you close in for CC.