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27-03-2009, 21:37
So i'm taking part in a doubles tournament in a little over 2 weeks, and i was wondering what the people of Warseer think of the lists i've drafted up so far.

The rules for the tourney are that each team gets 2K points, (1K for each person), No lord level characters, no special characters.

I'll be playing Warriors while my teamate will be playing Demons.
My most recent list for warriors is the following:

Exalted- Steed, Flail, Shield- 135

Marauders x20- Shield, Light armor, Command, MoS- 150
Warriors x12- Shields, Musc, MoS – 208
Warriors x12- Shields, Musc, MoS – 208
Hounds x5- 30
Hounds x5- 30
Hounds x5- 30

Knights x5- Musc- 210

And my friend will be running somehting along these lines (i beilive)

Khorne Herald- Jugg, Armor of Khorne

Bloodletters x20- Full cmmd
Bloodletters x20- Full cmmd
Furies x10

Flesh Hounds x5

Unfortunatley i don't remember the points cost for the demons....

Some notes-
-I plan on keeping the demons mono god and not Tzeentch. [Fluff reasons] and i don't want to give the other players more of a reason to whine at me :P
-I would prefer not to use rares as we take a comp hit for it.
-The warriors will deploy 6 wide
- The herald will freelance, probably sticking close to my knights, creating a very killy unit indeed.

But here are some things i'm wondering about:

Are bloodletters more effective in big blocks or should they be split into 4 small units? (10 each)
Do you think the 10 furies will be enough for warmachine hunting?
Another idea i had was having an exalted on disc hunting supported by 2 units of 5 furies, would thise be more effective?

Thoughts? Comments? i'm open to both :)

31-03-2009, 00:28
your character is frail, and u have no magic whatsoever. nor protection from it, your partner is fine due to MR which is a luxury u do not have. plus he has already assemebled some tough frontline fighters. what u need is to help cover his weaknesses. but if your going mono god (khorne as well) then u might need to think of using smaller faster units.
2 units of Marauder horsemen
2 units of knights
Herald on a steed or jugger