View Full Version : stegadon weapons?

27-03-2009, 23:43
i just bought 3 stegadons as i currently only have 1(pewter old model, hate it) and was wondering what do most of you perfer to arm it with? 1 i am going to make into an EOTG, and the other two i was leaning towards blowpipes. my usual opponent will be either ogres or goblins.

Dirty Fingers
29-03-2009, 05:57
As you say, one should be EoG. Then one normal one with bow and then one ancient with blowpipes.

Reason why is that, imo, regular stegs are better and a better deal. The only times ancient stegs are worth it (and REALLY worth it) are if you give them EoG or if you mount a skink chief with the stegadon spear on it. 2d6+1 impact hits are where that st 6 is really gonna be killer.

Without the skink chief, one to one, I'd pick the regular steg any time.

29-03-2009, 06:57
thanks for the reply. i finally got to use my 1 stegadon tonight in my second game. i put a skink chief with war spear in him and im definitly impressed. the blow pipes did pretty well against the ogres, and the stegadon when it finally got to charge, rolled through 2 maneaters with impact hits, and then pursued into a hunter eating him up with impact hits as well without takin a wound. i know thats not making his points back, but the one model saved my entire right flank and that was more than worth it to me.