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28-03-2009, 09:54
Right as you may well have guessed, this is about using a dark elf assassin in a unit of shades. (they are on the list of possible units to hide in).

I was just wondering how people would go about revealing them in a skirmishing unit, as there is no front rank to displace a rank and file model.

Would you place the model within one inch of the unit when revealed, or would you move an existing member of the unit when placing the assassin.

What do you think?

28-03-2009, 10:24
Out of combat, you'd just place the assassin where you want in the skirmish formation.
And in combat a skirmish unit does have a front rank, so in that case proceed as normal.

Necromancy Black
28-03-2009, 10:26
Remove one model and place teh assassin anywhere within range of the skirmisher unit (I forget if it's emant to be 1" or 2" aways in fantasy).

This lets you do this kind of sneaky stuff:

Q. As part of its rules, an Assassin may be
placed in a unit of Scouts and thus be
deployed out of sight in or behind terrain. If
he is revealed at the start of the owning
player's first turn, can the displaced rank-andfile
model be placed closer than 10" from the
enemy and/or so that he has line of sight to the
enemy, thus potentially granting the unit the
ability to charge on the first turn?
A. A creative use of an Assassin, but a legal
one nevertheless… sneaky!

That's taken from the DE FAQ

28-03-2009, 10:27
He displaces a model. So, take out a Shade, put the Assassin where the Shade was, place the Shade anywhere else within 1" of another member of the unit.

This may enable the Shades to charge an enemy unit they would otherwise not have been able to, due to being out of range or unable to see it due to cover.

Necromancy Black
28-03-2009, 10:44
Opps, the above is right. I forgot the assassin displaces a model, not replaces. Thinking of that SC.

28-03-2009, 14:35
A skink cheif/priest riding a stegadon "displaces" a crew member.
An assasin "displaces" a member of the unit.

The latter is definitely displaces, not replaces...no model is lost.
The former? I'm not so sure.

28-03-2009, 15:56
It specifically mentions there being only 4 crew members left...

28-03-2009, 16:27
It's really gotten to where every time I see the word 'displace' I feel sick to my stomach. Mercy, GW! Mercy!