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28-03-2009, 14:51

I have just started collecting (and hopefully playing) the Wood Elf army.
I have already bought several units and I can deploy a small army, around 1k.
Any advice for a WE newbie? What should I buy next?

1 Noble on a Great Eagle, spear, light armour, shield, 131
Hail of Doom Arrow 30
10 Glade Guard, sb, champ, 138
10 Scouts 170
5 Wardancers-champ 104
3 Warhawk Riders-champ 140
Treeman 285

28-03-2009, 22:17
fill out the wardancers for bigger games and warhawks are not very good. with WE you can never go wrong with more archers to.

29-03-2009, 06:39
Remove all command. That's a lot of points saved! Then exchange the scouts for a second unit of glade guard. With all those extra points, buy a unit of glade riders with a musician. That should make for a pretty decent 1k army.

I agree, though, that 2 or so extra wardancers would be very nice, but 1k is a tight limit to work with if you want a treeman.

29-03-2009, 14:13
Thanks for replies. So I think I`ll buy the Glade Riders and some Glade Guard.

But don`t you think Treeman is really worth it in 1k?
He is a tough hitter in hth, hard to kill, and had tree singing...
And the new model looks really nice :)

29-03-2009, 15:42
You could use the scouts as "counts-as" glade guard (or waywatchers) while you build up your models. Most people won't mind at all, as long as you explain things clearly beforehand.

Wolf 11x
29-03-2009, 15:59
285 is a lot of points in 1000 but I'm looking at taking one as well since I'm fielding a Forest Spirit army.

I agree with the above posters.

29-03-2009, 18:39
I definately agree about removing the command, the only one ever useful with most of the units is a musician, if that.
Another suggestion could be swapping the Treeman for a unit of 3 Treekin, swapping the scouts for 6 waywatchers and with the points add a unit of glade riders.
That way you'd have units to take out warmachines( warhawk riders/ waywatchers) and an ever useful unit of fast calvary for flank charges.

19-04-2009, 18:34
And what would you say about fielding a unit of 5 Wild Riders with a musician and a banner bearer in a 1k army?

19-04-2009, 19:26
You need a decision on what you want to do. A treeman in 1k can be really strong but preferentially with some other close combat support such as a unit of dryads or something else that can fight. Glade riders cant fight anything significant without getting themself killed but are great at harassing weakly armoured units, march blocking, baiting and similar things.

So if you want to do close combat I would add a unit of combat troops (probably dryads).

If you dont want to do close combat but focusing on shooting and avoiding the enemy the treeman is overkill. Use the points for more glade guard and maybe one or two cheap combat units if/when things go wrong and you need to fight something.

Regarding command take only what is relevant for what you want them to do. For example glade guard should never, ever be in close combat which means that a standard is a waste of points, a champion has slightly better BS but is it worth the points?, a musician gives a bonus for reorganizing after fleeing which can be useful.

Magic defence is unfortunately expensive for WE but on the other hand magic really hurts your small expensive units. Consider a scroll caddy or spites that give extra dispel dice.

21-04-2009, 20:04
Thanks. Scroll caddy. I will have that in mind. I guess I`ll drop the Giant Eagle.

And what do you think about giving my Noble (general) the Wardancer aspect?
For 30pts he gets wardancer weapons, 6+ward, war dances...
4s5 attacks - not bad for a hero...