View Full Version : IG Stormtroopers, IG Vets With Carapace or INQ Stormtroopers?

28-03-2009, 16:04
Having been a regular poster on the IG rumours thread i have seen a lot of people bleating about the new IG Stormtroopers points costs, so i've opened this thread up to discuss them here.

What i want to ask is: How are you going to run your Stormtroopers now?

IG Stormtroopers (all but confirmed):
16pts per model
Squad size 5-10
Equipment: Hotshot Lasgun, Hotshot Laspistol, CCW, Frag and Krak Grenades, Sgt can buy a Power Weapon and/or a Plasma Pistol
Hotshot Lasgun Stats: Range 18 Inches S3 AP3 Rapid Fire
May buy up to 2 Assault Weapons
Has Access to 3 unique orders
May have a Chimera

70 Points per Squad
Squad size: 9 veterans and 1 Sgt
30 points to upgrade to Carapace
Equipment: Lasguns (Sgt can take a Laspistol/CCW or Shotgun), Sgt can buy a Power Weapon, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol
Lasgun Stats: Range 24 Inches S3 AP- Rapid fire
May buy up to 3 Assault Weapons and 1 Heavy Weapon, including Heavy Flamers (1 per Squad) and Sniper Rifles
may buy up to 2 more Doctines/Abilities for 30 pts each:
Demo Charges and Melta Bombs
Camo Cloaks and Defensive Grenades
May have a chimera

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
50 points per squad
10 points per additional Storm Trooper, and extra 10 points for a Veteran Sgt
Squad size: 5-10
Equipment: Daemonhunters Version: Hellgun, Frag Grenades, Targeter, Sgt if bought has full access to Armoury, may purchase Krak Grenades/
Witchunters: As Above, but can take Shotguns instead of Hellguns
Hellgun Stats: Range 24 Inches S3 AP5 Rapid Fire
May Buy up to 2 Assault Weapons
May have a Rhino or Chimera

So guys, what way will your ST be turning up for battle? Lets talk the pros and cons of each option here.

Oh and by the way, i know that IA Rhinos, Chimeras, Valkyries, Repressors and Arvus Lighters can be bought for all 3, but i'm concentraing on what they can take out of the Codex.

Captain Micha
28-03-2009, 16:08
The Ig Stormies will be great for Purging Xenos such as Eldar and Tau off the map. Not so hot on Marines (but that's okay... you can kiss those Monat Crisis suits good bye with these buggers firing into them or even Grouped Suits for that matter) I wouldn't Stormtrooper Spam anytime soon but I could still see these guys even at their steep cost getting a squad fielded every now and then. (They do after all have a monopoly on the Ap3 fire and have useful secondary perks)

Veterans are more flexible in my opinion than Stormies thanks to the various squad upgrades they can receive, and pack more Special weapons, and possibly a Heavy Weapon to go in with it. They are also less taxing on the Pt cost and are Troops.

Then you have the out and out Inferior choice... Inq Stormtroopers..... their only perk? Ap5 gun...... doesn't even compare to Carapaced Vets.

28-03-2009, 16:45
Ill be using version 2.. but they are in no way stormtroopers.

28-03-2009, 17:03
In this kind of comparison IST can only be better than the other 2 in the suicidal squad formation. Drivebyflaming 5xIST 2xflamer Rhino or tankhunting 5xIST 2xmelta Rhino.
The other 2 (Stormtroopers, veterans) are just better in any other area or task.

28-03-2009, 20:34
INQ ST shouldn't be discounted as the access to stuff the Sgt can have alows them to be very versatile

28-03-2009, 20:38
I'm taking IG ST.

Sure, they're expensive, but their basic guns can harm Elite-level Carnifex and Daemon Princes, Tyrants...anything with less than T7 and 2+Sv. This may not sound brilliant (after all, Lasguns do the same for cheaper), but the STs ignore saves. So on that 4-wound Tyrant you can inflict 2 wounds with the ST (even just a squad of 6 or seven) and then perhaps another with a Meltas/Plasma - leaving only 1 wound for the nearby Guardsmen to knock off (far more achieveable than trying to down a healthy beastie).

I'm running them with Flamers, so they can deal with smaller units too (plus 2 Flamers and Pistol/CCW should see them quite useful in assault).

I'm fielding a Valkyrie/Vendetta that will zip around the battlefield, and can also move these guys to wherever they are needed most (so you can head off that flying Tyrant before it gets the drop on your Platoons).

Loading up on them is bad, IMO - but a small squad can multiply your Platoons' effectiveness no end (either mixed in with the normal Infantry to add more punch, or skirmishing ahead to delay enemy units and try to pick off support elements.

If these turn out to be less-than-stellar in performance, I'll swap them out for a basic Veteran unit with 3x Melta - and maybe Demolitions too (depending on final costs).

Khornies & milk
28-03-2009, 21:22
Veterans...I have Kasrkins I used to use as Inq ST's, so they're already off the shelf and stripped/reprimed (gotta love Metals).

At first I was going to use them as IG ST's but I changed my mind, not because of the
16 pt cost but more to do with the Valkyrie's Squadron coherency and lack of Cover Saves issues, so I think they won't last long enough to do much.

I play mainly 2250 pts and up, so I'm figuring 2 35 Men Platoons, and 3 Vet Squads in Chimeras as my Infantry base.

29-03-2009, 18:30
Personally, I'll be taking the Grenadier Vets.

The ST's are simply too expensive for what they do, especially if taken with a Valk. A Leman Russ does AP3 better, at longer range, with more survivability, and is more effective against a greater variety of targets for the same or lesser cost. For two ST squads in Valks, you could get 3 Leman Russ tanks with plasma cannon sponsons.

16pts is just too much for something with all 3's in the statline except BS, Ld and Sv, and with a base squad Ld of 7, or 8 with the Sgt, coupled with the rest of their Guardsmen equivalent stats, just makes them too many points in one basket. Coupled with the increased cost of plasma which would be their weapon of choice with their Anti-MEQ specialization, an ST squad would be 190pts for a squad that is essentially just upgunned guardsmen. Even with the CCW/Pistol, they will lose combat on average to 3 charging marines (gogogadget WS/S/T/I 3) and only really makes them decent against extremely depleted units that can generally be taken care of another way.

I think the Grenadier vets, from what we've seen, are a bit too highly priced as well, especially compared to the current ST which is 1pt cheaper and gets targeters and grenades (and AP5 if one must). However, given the reduction in Chimera costs, the package as a whole does decrease in cost if using them as mechanized troops. So that's what I'll be going for with my army.

29-03-2009, 18:48
I would say definitely not IST.

The other 2 are both good, especially mech IMO. Stormtroopers in a valkyrie with two meltas should be able to clear and hold an objective.

Donnie Darko
29-03-2009, 22:44
2 Squad as ST's (x3 Plas)
3 Squads Vets (x2 Melta, HF)
2 Ven, 2 Valks, 1 Valk

Command Squad w/ MoO

Should be able to squeeze it into 1500 pts.
Play it like eldar. Fly around sniping things, breaking up formations with ordanance. Show up in the end game to wipe out what ever is sitting ontop of the objective.

Technically speaking the ST squad, and Vet Squad Will obliterate 10 MEQ in one round of shooting. As long as one can splinter off 20 or less men from the main force at a time (using the MoO and hell strikes to spread them out, Massed lascannons to kill MC and Tanks) the roll up and disgorge 40/50 men should beable to wipe out the opposition and face little or no retaliation.

29-03-2009, 23:52
INQ ST shouldn't be discounted as the access to stuff the Sgt can have alows them to be very versatile

Versatile on paper but not particularly effective on the tabletop. As far as I am concerned the only real bonus they have over regular Stormtroopers is that they can take a rhino as a transport.

Vaktathi has summed up my opinion on Stormtroopers in general perfectly.

30-03-2009, 20:10
Versatile on paper but not particularly effective on the tabletop. As far as I am concerned the only real bonus they have over regular Stormtroopers is that they can take a rhino as a transport.

Vaktathi has summed up my opinion on Stormtroopers in general perfectly.

To be fair, i had more luck with my INQ St than i did with my IG ST (although they all died in the end every time i used them)

30-03-2009, 20:43
I use two units of Inq. Stormtroopers in Rhinos, sometimes in my IG army but usually in my DH army. They rarely- I won't say never because both units survived the last game- live to see the final roll. My approach with them is a Hail Mary: I keep the Rhinos hidden as best I can then rush forward, the ST's jump out, melta/plasma a vehicle/squad then await the inevitable counter-charge that wipes them out. Sometimes they earn their points back, but usually not.

31-03-2009, 19:34
I only own a unit of the very old metal stormtroopers, and due to the way blisters work they have one grenade launcher and a flamer, so I've never really used them much. I'm planning on waiting for the plastics and then using them with two meltaguns. At ap 3 they are great for taking out not just marines but things like meganobs, crisis suits and aspect warriors; basically an elite anti elite unit. Meltaguns have a comparable ap, high strength and are great weapons for troops who can deep strike next to troublesome enemies, and will allow me to take care of any tanks that are on the objective. New stormtrooper rules will create a great strike force for taking out high-threat targets, and that's what I'll use them for.