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14-12-2005, 04:20
i love the concept of the hobgoblin nomads NE of the ogre kingdoms, and ive followed them with great interest ever since they were characterized by the hobgobbo wolf riders and special character.

i have, with reference to history, chaos dwarfs, OK and o&g lists, begun working on an armylist for them. i am pretty satified with their overall troop choices and points cost (tho i want to figure out some more flavorful units for support). i am currently in the phase of working out a set of special rules, unique and borrowed. here are the basics as follows:

hobgobbo khan (very strong stats, lord and hero slot, has quell animosity)
hobgobbo lord (stats comparable to a gobbo lord)
hobgobbo wiz/shaman lord (lvl 3/4 wiz, stats comperable to a gobbo wiz lord)
monsterous mount = maybe wyvern, or something else (hobgob khan only)
monsterous wolf = same as hob gob special char wolf. (lords and heros)

hobgob hero (stats comparable to gobbo hero)
hobgob wiz (lvl1/2, comparable to gob wiz)

hobgob foot troops = hobgobs with bows, can add light armor and shield.
hobgob cav = hobgob wolfriders with lt armor, shield, spear, bow; fast cav
gnoblars = exactly out of ok book (dont count as min core)

hobgob heavy cav = heavy armor, shields, lances, barded wolfs, better stats.
hobgob bolt throwers
trolls or yhetees; not sure what is more characterful
*considering ogre kingdoms dogs of war units to be special instead of rare.

dogs of war
*considering ogre kingdom rhinox cav to be 1 rare 1 special

army special rules:
animosity, would affect all hobgobs except the khan, who can quell it.
*feigned retreat, (this is a unique rule im working on as it fits with historical monglian tactics) this rule that allows any hobgoblin unit to choose to break from combat; this is done after combat rolls, but before combat resolution is worked out. pursuit is figured out as if they had normally broke, and they can be run down as normal. if they escape, and are above 50% of their starting unit size they auto rally at the end of their fall back move, and may charge, move, shoot, cast, fight, etc as normal.

so, what do you think? i personally want to work on their unit selection a little more (ive been considering integrating rhinox a little more, as they are indigenous to the area they live and fight in, and im really trying to flesh out the feigned retreat rule.

so please, im open for praise, criticism, advice, help with the rules, help with the selection, etc.

14-12-2005, 04:31
You forgot sneaky gits. Maybe make core, but you can't have more sneaky gits units than regular units of hobgobs.

I would though think about some sort of full grown rhinox with a howdah ridden in by hobgobs. It would fit their nomadic hun-like theme I think.

14-12-2005, 16:54
You forgot sneaky gits. Maybe make core, but you can't have more sneaky gits units than regular units of hobgobs.

I would though think about some sort of full grown rhinox with a howdah ridden in by hobgobs. It would fit their nomadic hun-like theme I think.

well, i deliberately stayed away from sneaky gits, because while they are available in the chaos dwarfs list, i dont find them very mongolian/hun like. plus the whole "wrapping around even if you lost combat" ability has pretty much disappeared from the game, so i anticipate sneaky gits will go away, or at least get some sort of rewrite.

that aside, i do like the idea of the rhinox with a howda full of hobgobs. that might just be the rhinox incorporation i was looking for. thanks :)

so, anyone else have opinions?

14-12-2005, 17:26
May I ask you to post this on www.hammer-anvil.com? There may be a few people interested in that there.


16-12-2005, 01:20
okay so, if anyone here has an interest in this, i have a couple ideas for a hobgob rhinox unit.

1st idea is the howda concept as mentioned by shimmer gloom, this would essentially work as the stegadon would work.
2nd idea is to have the rhinox carry warmachines for the hobgobs, ie: bolt throwers, and maybe catapults (obviously this would be similar to the scrap launcher; but now we would know where the little gnoblars got the idea)

beyond that i have another idea for a special army rule currently dubbed "elite fast cav" it is essentially an ability that allows any hobgob fast cav unit with a bow to shoot as they charge, this would be done at the same time as charge reactions, and be measured from the charging unit's starting position. i dont think it would be too powerful or even very overwhelming, but it would be characterful, and quite "mongolian" in style.

okay, with that, i need to figure what the base points cost of a rhinox without gear (ie: without scraplauncha, ogre on back, etc).

MOST IMPORTANT, is simply, what everyone thinks of the "feigned retreat" rule and the "elite fast cav" rule? any ideas? sound too powerful? too weak?

16-12-2005, 22:34
nobody interested? hmm, okay

22-12-2005, 10:39
I think the Feigned Retreat is interesting, but it sounds very risky as it stands. I've not tested this, but I suspect you might need to include some kind of magic item or, better yet, hero ability that allows some kind of bonus to the chance of escaping undestroyed.

(Would a fire & flee charge reaction be in character?)

08-01-2006, 16:45
yeah, thats another consideration. i just havent mentioned it as not many people seem interested in this idea. i figured id flush it out more before bringing it back up. but i really would like some more feedback from anyone.