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Dirty Fingers
29-03-2009, 02:08
General of the Empire: Great Weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron

Captain: BSB, Griffon Standard, full plate armour

Battle Wizard: lv. 2 w/ 1 dispel scroll
Battle Wizard: lv. 2 w/ 1 dispel scroll

24x Swordsmen w/ full command (General goes here)
Detachment: 10x Halberdiers

24x Swordsmen w/full command (BSB goes here)
Detachment: 10x Free Company

10x Handgunners

10x Handgunners w/ Marksman equipped with Hochland long rifle

Great Cannon
Great Cannon


Steam Tank

Steam Tank

Total: 1997

So, list alright? No cav, unfortunately. I initially considered dropping one of the wizards and giving his scroll to the other guy in order to grab some pistoliers.

I also see a lot of people using 9 man detachments. Why?

29-03-2009, 07:04
So, what's your idea behind this army? I see very little redeeming value, and not much to win with, either. Steam Tanks are no hammer units but road blocks and point denial models.
If your army is supposed to be a gunline, I don't see enough firepower.

In the meantime, put both scrolls on one wizard and drop the other one, as well as the spare level. With 2 level 2s you won't be casting much at all. Alternatively, keep them at level 2 and give the one without scrolls the Rod of Power and a powerstone.

Dirty Fingers
29-03-2009, 08:14
Well, i have two steam tanks because i love the model and the fluff, as well as the rules. I don't know, I just always saw them as being a bit more useful/pro-active than just being road blocks and point denial...

That said, I could drop one wizard altogether and make the other one a level 1 scroll caddie, and then drop the pricier handgunner unit (or a great cannon...but i figure the hochland unit is easier to drop). With those points, I can get two units of 5 knights with no command. I suppose that'd help?