View Full Version : special characters, and allies in GTs?

29-03-2009, 05:48
so just like the title says, how do people feel about using named characters in armies in GTs? or why not using allies like daemonhunters, or witchhunters with a space marine army?

appearantly some people complain about pedro cantor and using 3 squads of 5 sternguard with 2 missle launchers and using those as scoring units...
or how about using a master of the forge and taking 6 dreadnoughts? arent those considered "themed" armies and should be encouraged?

i was told that some tournaments you cant use allies like daemonhunters, and that people will hurt your soft scores if you go overboard with your master of the forge and bringing 6 dreads. what do you guys think?

29-03-2009, 16:48
well with regards to themes i dont think taking a master of the forge and 6 dreads is a theme really.

to me a themed list isnt overly(sp?) competetive

however with it being a tourny its one of the many spam lists id expect to face

i think id prefer no special characters in tourneys but thats just me

29-03-2009, 16:54
Sadly, in my local tournaments they don't allow allies.

Special Characters, as long as they're a part of the codex you're using, are fine.