View Full Version : 2000 pt lizardmen, partial jurassic park.

29-03-2009, 07:15
Alright, here we go


Revered blade of tzunki
glyph pendant (5+ ward)

Skink priest
lvl 1
2x scroll

Scar Veteran
BSB (no magic banner)
Enchanted shield
Pirannha blade

Saurus warriors x17

Saurus warriors x18

Skink skirmishers x10

Skink skirmishers x10

Saurus Cavalry x6

Ancient stegodon

2x salamanders

Dirty Fingers
29-03-2009, 07:22
Unless you have an Engine of the Gods or a Skink Chief with the Stegadon Spear riding it, the Ancient Steg, imo, really isn't worth it. The regular Stegadon is a better deal and it even gets another attack.

I've never used the Piranha Blade myself. For my BSB, I usually go with the Sword of the Hornet or just a good old great weapon. Then again, it may work for you. Never used it.

For the oldblood, I'd recommend the Carnosaur pendant. The Carnie is going to frenzy anyway, so you might as well get the Oldblood to frenzy right along with him. Gets you another attack with the Blade of Tzunki, which is a very good thing, and it's only twenty points.

Other than that, everything looks in order. I personally never go without a few Terradons to at least attempt to hunt warmachine crews, particularly when using big monsters, but that's your call. I'm not sure what'd you'd drop to get them in.

30-03-2009, 20:26
When the carnosaur frenzies, so does the rider. Ridden monster rules in the main book. Glyph pendant also guards against killing blow

The normal steg gets another attack, sure, but the ancient is higher strength and has a better scaly skin save. I may squeeze in a chief but it seems almost a waste for 115 points more. If anythink I'll up it to an engine of the gods

30-03-2009, 21:01
Ancient Steg is cool, but with a lance chief (+105 pts) or skink priest (+90-175 pts) it will get way better. Even replacing it with a Skink Chief on a normal stegadon (+65 pts) would be a better option, I think, if you can free up 65 points. (E-mail GW and they'll tell you you can use the Skink Chief's BS for the great bow.)