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29-03-2009, 08:49
Hey guys.
I've been wondering and maybe it's not just me, but does anyone else think that the WoC Armybook actually encourages characters that are modified and/or built right on the spot? Some items and marks are virtually useless against enemies but offer an incredible boon against others.
For instance, the armor of Morrslieb. Grants a great ward save, except it's against non-magical attacks only. Now, against stuff like the Empire and a few other armies that don't have troop types with magic attacks, this is great. However, against DoC, VC, and a few others, this item ends up being a massive waste of points for the most part.
The other items and equipment also seems to be pretty situational as well: Necrotic Phylactery, Skinhidden Plate (low strength models), Armor of Damnation (when dealing with models that have a low WS), Sword of Change, Helm of Many Eyes, etc, etc.
Other items appear a no brainers: Hellfire Sword, Daemon Weapon, Runesword, Aethersword, Axe of Khorne, Filthmace, Bronze Armor, Runeshield, etc, etc.
Has anyone noticed this trend (encouraging you to modify leaders on seeing your opponents army)? Does anyone think that it's a coming trend with other army books?

29-03-2009, 10:21
Hey guys.
Does anyone think that it's a coming trend with other army books?

Not really.
This may be partially true with WoC but the following book, Lizadmen, is an altogether different matter. All no brainers there.

Necromancy Black
29-03-2009, 13:11
With Lizardmen, even the items that seem alot better against some armies, like Phirana Blade against OK, still do fine against all other armies (it's a fantatic weapon to get some overkill happening).

I mean, the only item that's really going to do nothing is the banner that makes wizard stupid if the enemy takes no wizards, or the Slann ability that onyl affects wizards.

But then the enemy has no wizards so you should really get some damage happening in the magic phase :D

29-03-2009, 14:18
Sometimes it's quite flavourful to have enemy-specific items, like the Cloak of Beards and Pendant of Vengeance in the HE book. As it is, I usually prefer to play casual games where each player knows what they're up against, so nobody can say "well if I had item X or unit Y, I would have won".

29-03-2009, 14:59
What your saying is the magic items list tenders both to people who like to tailor and to people who like to write all comers lists... whats not to like?