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03-05-2005, 22:20
Traitor of the Inquisition
Episode 1: The Rebirth of the Daemon Prince

Inquisitor Incendium looked out the window of the shuttle as it flew towards the Inquisitorial base, sighing to himself.

Incendium was young by Inquisitor standards, he was only fourty something and was considered to be reckless. Incendium looked around the shuttle and saw Gyr, his loyal Crusader, and a few others in the shuttle that he had gathered, including a new Interogator amongst the group. The rest of his entourage was at the base.

The shuttle descended and the party was directed to a briefing room with food layed out, rare foods and delicacys that was given to show that the Emperor rewards the faithful, also so that most of the people can say they had a good meal before the mission began.

Inquisitor Incendium was taken to a different place, leaving the entourage and group together in the briefing room, to meet up with Inquisitor Lord Andrew, his superior for this mission. As stated, Incendium was too young to be trusted with this mission alone.

'Inquisitor Incendium?' asked a cloaked man in the room. There was only him, but Incendium knew that anything would be tried here in this room.

'Yes Lord Inquisitor?' replied Incendium. He was dressed in a formal dress, with his rosette around his neck, showing his alliegance to Ordo Hereticus.

'This mission is yours, I am merely here to make sure its completed,' Andrew said briefly before leaving. OoC/Grand Warlord, where Andrew goes is up to you, ok?/OoC

Incendium sat down and saw datafiles out on the desk, and started the task of reading the information of his new entourage, either hired by him, some of his contacts, or by other means that required kidnapping, busting of jail, etc. The usual scum of die-hards an Inquisitor carried with him, in the Emperor's name.

OoC/Okay welcome to the first post. Alright, everyone expect Warlord, are in the briefing room eating and drinking. Try to be social etc. Introduce your character fully as in by name and whatever details you prefer to disclose or lie about. If your lying please state in your passage as for other characters to either pick up on or something else? Lets have some light interaction before everything goes gory ok?/OoC

03-05-2005, 22:40
Scott Yorah took a large drink from his hip flask. He looked around the room, it contained the worst bunch of wacked out crazies and hippy peace nicks he had ever seen.

This was his first real mission. His biggest so far. Yorah had a few before but they were mostly small bodyguard jobs, nothing important.

He was catious of everyone because of the bounty that was on his head from the rhino incident, anyone could be out to get him.

He engaged a few of them in a brief conversation, a bald man with googles and a enormous tattoed man who loomed over him as he talked. Yorah tried to find out what they were to do. He brought out his hip flask and offered it to the two guys he was talking to.

OoC/Ok Slaz, I'll resist the temptation to start a fight :D /OoC

Grand Warlord
03-05-2005, 22:50
+Andrew bowed low before closing the door to the chamber. Making his way towards his personal chambers he activated his cyber mastiff and sat at his desk scribbling typing something onto a dataslate closing it he rose and covered up all icons that may connect him with his Inquisitor Status making his way to the Breifing room, his cloak pulled about him tighly his hood covering most of his features.+

+Opening the door he nodded to those in the room speaking breifly his voice was a struggle to hear, clearing his throat+

"I am Gerrard, Imperial Preacher... pleasure to meet you all I hope our hunt will be succesful with little to no harm to us... but I have worked with this one before +soft chuckle+ it never works out that way.. he is an Inquisitor afterall."

+His Cyber mastiff looked around the room silently taking pictures of all those who would be serving under Incendium. Just incase he had to clean up a failed mission... just in case.+

+taking a seat he looked around and tried to size up Incendiums Crew, more than impressed he started writing on some paper his mastiff loyally sitting at his feet waiting for the order to kill.+

03-05-2005, 23:52
Freya looked around and scowled. She didn't like this, all these new people. She was only just getting used to the proximity of the Inquisitor and the people who followed him, and they changed on a regular basis.

She wasn't happy, not at all and it showed. These formal robes itched and everyone smelt so strange and new.

Carefully she studied the table of food. All of it strange and new to her. With a sigh, she picked at something and after a quick sniff at it, popped it in her mouth.

'Yuck!' she exclaimed and spat it out into her hand, then remembering her manners she empty the contest of her hand into a napkin with a grimace.

'I miss Fenris' she sighed quietly to herself, tossing her plaited blonde hair over her shouder and slopped off to sit down out the way. The Inquisitor had told her to socialise with these people, but they were outsiders. Not part of her pack and so were not to be trusted until they have been tested and found worthy to enter the pack.

04-05-2005, 01:19
Y'nal was draped sideways over a large overstuffed chair. His legs hung off over the arm rests, and his head lolled back in a look of cultured boredom. He had a small pipe out, and was periodically taking slow puffs of the strange substance. It smelled quite like earth cinnamon, although it gave off oddly multicolored smoke. His pale features stared in rapt attention at the other members. His pupils heavily dilated, Y'nal giggled to himself.

He had been....bored.....as of late, and on a whim decided to join this little warband. Perhaps it would give him the stimulus he so desired.

04-05-2005, 01:35
Freya watched the alien on the overstuffed chair with disgust. How could the Inquisitor have taken such filth into his fold, even if the xeno had its uses.
She let out a low growled unconsciously and shook her head.
How could the Inquisitor have done that?

04-05-2005, 01:41
The Eldar's psychic attunement allowed him to feel the quiet smoldering of the female in the room. He craned his neck to stare at her, his unearthly beautiful features more subtle than the brutish Mon-keigh could appreciate.

"Would you like some?" he gestured with the pipe. "It may, however, be more than you're willing to bargain for." The strange Xenos herb expanded one's consciousness for a brief time. It was even known to temporarily make even Blunts feel some psychic resonance, if even for a short time. For one as psychically in tune as the Eldar, it was....amazing.

04-05-2005, 01:44
Helos Terezin sat with perfect posture in the dull gray chair, and cordially picked at the delicacies on the table. Most he had tasted one of twice before, and all were delicious, if sometimes strange. Helos liked to make a point of stressing his civilian appearance because people of rank often felt superiority over civilians, and thus were less cautious with their words.

But it seems on this mission he was not the only civilian, the blond haired girl Incendium had somehow recruited from Fenris also wore no uniform. She appeared a bit uncomfortable, just like Helos felt in his guts. However he knew that it was always good to appear candid, that way people noticed you less. Helos wanted to appear interesting, but not so interesting that one would think about him after he had left the room... well not yet at least.

The preacher gerrard introduced himself to the room. Since he did not signal anyone in particularly out, no one voiced a reply initially. His cyber mastiff began recording every action in the briefing room. If anything sour went down, Helos would have to make sure he destroyed that thing before he made an escape.

Noticing that the girl from Fenris spit out a chunk of what looked to be Istalvian Spidershrimp, he joked
"you know, the Istalvian fishermen don't like the shrimp either, maybe that’s why its their number one export. Its funny how taste differs so drastically from planet to planet, yet it seems that every time I'm the guest of an inquisitor they serve me the same food."
Helos took a piece of smoked hare from the table and passes it to her and said:
"Perhaps you would like this, although it might be bland for someone from Fernis"

While saying this, Helos looked out of the corner of his eye to see if the cyber mastiff was still recording everything he was saying. For a preacher, this guy sure is snoopy.

OOC: what is a cyber mastiff?

04-05-2005, 01:47
OOC: A large, cybernetic dog. It's more of a robo-guard dog.

04-05-2005, 01:51
Freya grinned sardonically at the alien. Baring her fangs at him.
'Personally, I'd rather crush whatever it is that pumps that much you call blood around that frame or yours in your chest. But it would seem that etiquette doesn't permit me that luxury'

She looked around at the room and then back at the alien.
'Anyway, you might prove useful....you xenos always seem to worm you way out of trouble.'

Suddenly Freya felt a little lightheaded. A strange sensation started to push on the edges of her senses. She shook her head slightly, something wasn't right.
'What....?' she murmured to herself.
Closing her storm coloured eyes she groan a little at this strange feeling.

'What...?' she shook her head again 'Something is wrong' she whispered.

A voice was drifting in her direction, snapping her out of the brief state. She took what was passed to her but she just grimaced.
'I'm not hungry now.'

04-05-2005, 02:00
The xeno was awake, actually it seemed that he had been awake the whole time. It’s amazing how he blended into that chair. Although Helos had heard that Incendium had an Eldar in his fold, it was still chilling to see one.

In his mind Helos knew that all the tales of Eldar killing babies and drinking their blood were in reality probably only propaganda, but it was a remarkable experience to be so close to what one had been taught his entire life to know only as the enemy.

The scent of the Eldars pipe smelt wonderful, but Helos was a bit cautious about ingesting anything xenos, and anyway he wasn’t offered. 'So are Eldar attracted to human females after all? perhaps they are not as different as I thought.'
Helos looked the Eldar in the eye and said
"You might like this as well, its some of the best mankind has to offer."

OOC: When something is in a single quotation like this 'it means that my character is only thinking it.'
ps. Thanks for the info tyranid

Grand Warlord
04-05-2005, 02:07
To be fair you wouldn't know what the cyber mastiff was doing it does matter (in the grand scheme of things anyway...) so please be aware of that in future posts... im doing this in accordance and agreement with Slazton... Being on an Inquisitor's payroll has its benefits.

+Gerrard observed the xenos across the room and smiled, he would be an interesting character. As an Inquisitor lord himself he had dealt with the xenos quite a few times for ... various... reasons.+

"Excuse me eldar sir... can you tell me of your culture? Being a lowly preacher of the Imperial Cult... I am untaught in the beliefs and overall lifestyles of anything outside the human race... a curse I assume for me..."

+His bionic eye glowed from beneath his hood he smiled softly genuinly interested in the Xenos Lifestyle of the Allusive Eldar.+

04-05-2005, 02:10
OOC: sorry I didn’t know what it was, so I guessed that it was a little guy (like a flying skull or cherub) following you around or something. My bad

Grand Warlord
04-05-2005, 02:11
No problem lol

04-05-2005, 02:13
Freya staring in disbelief at what the man has said to the xenos. How could he insinuate that an alien could possess such feelings towards a human.
The very thought made her blood boil. But she was under orders not to hurt anyone. Last time, the poor soul has spent a week in an infirmary.

Freya closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself the way the Inquisitor had taught her, but she couldn't quite contain her rage. But rather than lash out, she bottled up the anger to use it later. But she still kept her fists clentched, finger nails digging into her palms until they drew blood.

04-05-2005, 09:46
Incendium looked down at the datafiles in front of him, swearing as he read the last line of the datafile:

'Inquisitor Lord Andrew is to be protected from harm at all costs, if he dies, then your life is forfiet as well as your entourage.'

Incendium cursed once more and summoned Freya, a thought playing in his mind. He needed to test his new Interrogator and well, a simple bodyguard detail would be a good way of letting her adjust to his new group quicker.

'Inquisitor?' Freya asked as she walked in slowly, obviously mistrustful of the room as her eyes scanned everything. She would make a great Inquisitor, if she could just handle her temper.

'I want you to guard the Imperial Priest,' Incendium said hastily. Before Freya could make a retort, Incendium went on. 'He is extremely important to this mission, if he dies, we all die. I cannot trust everyone as of yet, but you I do trust, so with this detail, I know it will be handle in good hands. Dismissed.'

As she left, Incendium smiled to himself. So much crap was happening to him and it was all over this one mission.

The mission was the final part of his recent field working that has taken about five years of his life away. The field working on a cult infested world revealed off world contacts and through these contacts, weapons, supplies and other neccesities were given to the cultists. Now after five years of tracking the contacts through Guild members, corrupt adepts of the Adeptus Terra, Rogue Traders and other people, Incendium's work landed onto one planet, Grantis Prime of the Grantisian Sector, captial world of the sector.

This is where they were headed. Why the Inquisition felt fit to give him a shadow Inquisitor for a simple mission was beyond him, but maybe Inquisitor Andrew too had business on Grantis Prime that would correspond with his own? Incendium had no clue as Andrew had remained quiet under an Imperial Preacher disguise.

Incendium gathered his cloak, checked his weapons and walked down to the Armourary, paging the Eldar rogue to meet him there.

'Y'nal Firri'leth, I don't know why you have decieded to join me once again, but I want you to play it low key, got it? I remember the last time you decieded to reveal your Xenos descent, it was a messy situation to say the least. Now give me the pipe, no drugs off the battlefield got it?' growled Incendium. The Eldar Pirate was extremely useful ally to have, but sometimes he went over the top, and this is what Incendium did not want. Thankfully Inquisitor Andrew seemed okay about the Xenos. Then bringing his voice to a whisper. 'Do not mind read the Preacher, nor offer him anything mind altering. I mean it.'

Incendium sighed as the Eldar Pirate replied, it was going to be a long mission.

OoC/Just a filler, nothing new, just background information etc. Do not worry about fully reading the mission as Incendium will deliver the details of the mission in the briefing room asap. Nice to see this gain two pages just after opening though :)/OoC

04-05-2005, 20:38
Y'nal pouted. "Inquisitor, you wound me. He deftly snatched the pipe back, twirling out of the Inquisitor's reach with a grace only an alien could posess. He slipped it into his sash, and gestured to the inquisitor. "Fine. None of that then, but my effects are mine and my own. Please understand."

His interest piqued about the Preacher, Y'nal knew he would probably not be able to resist meddling.

"Where to, Inquisitor?

04-05-2005, 23:37
Back in the briefing room, Angrus was talking to one of the newbies. The man had introduced himself as Scott Yorah. Ex military type. He had walked up to Angrus and Serj as they laughed, joked and swapped horror stories that had enough truth to turn a normal man insane. Serj and especially Angrus, were not normal men.

Serj had carved a bloody path from planet to planet and Angrus saw a kindred spirit within him. Serj had only been a part of Incendium's team for a brief while, but he and Angrus got on like a house on fire. Scott had offered his canttiene to the two comrades, but Angrus refused. "No thanks, mate." He held up a bottle of ale. "I'm sorted." Angrus was raised on Iritio prime, but his accent marked him out as simple hiver scum. Anyone calling him that would be making a fatal mistake.

Angrus saw Freya leave the room not too long after Scott had approached him and he had wandered what had got her so wound up. Freya hated Angrus. She hated everyone really. But Angrus was an untouchable and she hated him especially. Angrus noticed a slim, noble looking stranger leave the room shortly after Freya. He doubted the newcomer would try to harm Freya. Despite her resentment towards him, Angrus had grown fond of Freya and the noble would suffer severely if she came to harm by his hand.

05-05-2005, 00:22
Freya was foaming as she left the Inquistor's room. With a snarl of rage she punched a nearby vase of fresh flowers just to vent her anger and frustration. Adding more blood to her hand

Her first real job in the role of an Interrogator and what was she doing? Babysitting. Babysitting some useless Preacher that would probably didn't even know the business end of an axe if his life depended on it. The very thought galled her. She had learnt to fight as soon as she could walk. Why hadn't everyone else

She stalked the corridor back to the briefing room like a caged beast, desperately wishing she could go outside and get some fresh air. Or at least what passed for fresh air on this Emperor-foresaken dirt-ball. But she couldn't. She'd been given a task and she had to obey. Her obeidence was the price she had to pay if she was to continue here, else the Inquisitor would probably just dump her somewhere and leave her to die.

She stopped outside the door and took a few breaths, working over her calming excerises but she was still too anger to still them.
'I miss Fenris' she sighed in her native tongue. Thoughts of home slightly curbing her anger to a mixed on of loss and hatred. She pushed the doors open and slinked in, eyeing everyone with even more suspicion than usual.

She caught a glimpse of Angrus and scowled. She hated him, there was something about him that made her feel almost physically sick when he got too near. He grinned at her and she grimaced back, not impressed at all muttering something nasty under her breath in Fenrisian.

Like a predator getting into position to deliever the killing blow, she slipped into place at the right hand side of the Preacher's chain and stood behind him, alert and ever watchful. Suspicion and paranoia making her body tingle now her task had began.

05-05-2005, 01:26
Y'nal left the inquisitor to track his most interesting prey. It wasn't hard, the female left a swath of destruction in her path even the most inexperienced of Rangers could follow. He approached the room, and entered with a flourish.

Walking proudly up to the human female, he greeted himself with an elaborate flourish, his garishly colored clothing shifting colors and patterns as he moved. "Good day to you!" he said slightly too loudly, with a high delicate voice charicteristic of the eldar. She turned, and so did the Preacher.

With a hand gesture almost to quick to follow, he reached into his satchel. The woman tensed, ready to attack if need be. But instead he whipped out a small bauble. A Dreamstone, on the end of a delicate filligried chain. One could look for ages into its flawless depths, the blood red stone appearing almost black in the center its color ran so deep. It radiated a calming, tranquil feeling. Such an artifact could fetch an Imperial Governer's ransom, but here he was handing it over to what appeared to be the one person who Wouldn't enjoy it.

It wasn't so much that he enjoyed her presence. It wasn't that he wished ill will towards her in any way. He merely hoped she would be distracted by the work of art in jewel form long enough for him to discuss matters with the Preacher. He had a feeling something was not right about this man.

OOC: The Gem does exactly as described, it isn't some sort of Xenos trickery. Per se....

05-05-2005, 01:54
Freya felt herself tense at the sound of the aliens voice. Too sweet and sticky for her liking. It made her feel almost as ill as Angrus. It was up to something, she could also smell the deceit coming off him.

Then he had produced that jewel. It was beautiful. Living in the wastes Asaheim had deprived her of some many things. All there was there was snow and ice. Whites, blues, greys...and the odd splash of green in summer near the fringes of the island. But nothing there was naturally red. Only blood.

She smiled, baring her fangs. Blood, now there was something she enjoyed. Enjoyed spilling that was. The blood of her enemies splashed over clean snow. Her tongue quickly darting out to lick her lips as her grey eyes focused on the jewel the alien held out for her.

Freya wanted blood. But........but there was no blood to be spilt here. That wasn't her task at this time. She was here to......here to......to babysit.

Suddenly she snapped out of the trance with a jerk. The lust for blood starting to bubble within her slightly at the thoughts she'd just had. She shook her head slightly and with a low growl snatched the jewel from the aliens hand and snarled at him.

'What do you want alien?' she demanded.

Grand Warlord
05-05-2005, 01:57
Ok I am assuming the bodyguard thing is beyond my knowledge...this will be fun...

"What are you doing miss? There is no need to worry yourself in my care... I have the emperor and that is enough for me...although I probably should pick up some weapons of my own yes?"

+Not meaning to sound rude more surprised at her actions then anything... she didnt seem to happy at his arrival to begin with..+

+Laughing at something only he thought to be amusing.. he walked off with the xenos his cyber mastiff at his heels.+

"What can I help you with sir... um... what exactly is your name? I do apologize but I do lack manners when it comes to those of your... race."

05-05-2005, 02:00
"Merely to converse with your ward, lady. We can sit here, within your sight. What could possibly be wrong? Is it really that much that I ask?" He slightly pressed with his Will, the subtle whispers of his mind urging her quietly that he was safe, he was trustworthy, he was not hostile. Y'nal felt his influence slowly circling her mind, but so far he had not found a way in. He retracted his Will and creased his delicate face in what the humans would call a smile.

05-05-2005, 02:12
Freya recoiled visibly at the expression that crossed the alien's face. It had no place to be there.

She turned to the Preacher and spoke rather tersely.
'I have been assigned to you for your protection. And so I must remaining within striking distance of you at all times.'

She took a breath. 'However, I have faith in my master and I believe in his choice of people and I am sure you are safe here. Plus'
She gestured to the cyber mastiff
'A wolf accompanies you on your travels. A good omen. So with your premision, I shall withdraw to a distance to allow.....' she paused trying to find a polite term for the Eldar 'to allow you to talk in relative privacy.'

In truth, she wanted to get as far away from the alien as she could. She didn't trust it, but she trusted her master and he had allowed the alien to be part of this. And she still had the jewel in her fist and she would like the opportunity to study it.

Eldar were reputed to create truly beautiful things, they seemed to never make anything without purpose. It could be possible that she had taken something that could help her in some way. It needed closer inspection. Also, if it was a weapon, it would be better for her to isolate herself from the Preacher. That way, if it went off, he might stand a better chance of survival.

But what if it was a trick? To lure her away? She eyed the mastiff. It looked rather formidable and could protect the Preacher until she got there. And it would give her the excuse to kill the smug alien.

Grand Warlord
05-05-2005, 02:19
"You have my permission to leave."

+Turning to the eldar he walked off towards the armory he really did need some gear until he was able to show his true form as it were.+

"So what can I do for you sir eldar?"

+Far out of ear range even the stout fenrir native. he spoke more bluntly more to the point. he knew the eldar probably knew his secret but he would have to trust the xenos to keep his alien tounge quiet about it. grabbing a combat shotgun he grabbed some bandoliers of shells and a hand flamer, that should keep him alive.+

05-05-2005, 02:24
"I don't know why the Inquisitor warned me about you so, but if there's anything I enjoy more than a good smoke its a puzzle. An enigma. A conundrum. A query that my brain just can not ignore. You know how it is." Y'nal paused. "You do not handle weaponry the way I would assume a man of the cloth such as yourself would. Your hands....too experienced. I know not of your past, but I feel you are more than you seem."

Y'nal slowly began to circle the man, observing this most interesting specimen the way a Scientist might observe something he is about to vivisect. There was nothing remotely human in the look of concentration in the Eldar's eyes.

Grand Warlord
05-05-2005, 02:30
"Sir eldar I am but a humble Preacher of the Imperial Cult... but with help with the Inquisitor, emperor bless his soul, i truly understand the abiliity of your gallant race."

+heading back to the breifing room he continued the conversation+

"So is it true that you will live longer than most of us here in this room? Does your attunement to the warp help you to achieve near immortality?"

05-05-2005, 02:31
Freya bowed slightly, turned briskly on her heels and strode off to find a quiet corner to study the jewel in. Though she made a mental note of which direction the Preacher had gone in, her every sense stretched to their maximum on her task.

She sat down and opened her blood stained hand. The cuts had stopped bleeding now and the jewel sat there in a wash of crimson. Yet in comparison, her very blood looked pale and dirty next to the clean lines and colour of it.

Freya picked up the delicate chain and held it up , letting it twirl and catch the light of the room. She could see herself reflected in it's surface. But there was something different about her reflection in it's crystal depths. Something not quite correct, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it.

It continued to rotate slowly and Freya cocked her head to one side studying it. She felt quite peaceful for the first time in a long time. It was strange, pleasing yet rather unnerving. Having lived by her wits, hatred and anger for so long. To be almost robbed of them made her feel naked and unarmed.

Yet she found that it was quite hard to draw her eyes away from the jewel. It seemed to promise her something. Something in return for staring into it's depths.

Absentmindedly she reached up and stratched her cheek, feeling the familiar scars there. These formal robes made her itch.

That was it. That was what was wrong with her reflection. No claw marks. Shocked, she allowed the chain to slid through her fingers and drop into her lap.

05-05-2005, 02:34
"Brother preacher, would you believe me if I told you I was already older than any present here, and that I shall outlive even your distant descendants?" He held his hand to his pouch, where his Soulstone lay at rest. It felt comfortably familiar.

The two sat, and began conversing about Eldar lore, or at least what Y'nal was willing to reveal.

05-05-2005, 02:51
It took a few seconds for the shock ware off only to replaced with the shock at her laxity as she noticed the Preacher and alien had returned and she hadn't noticed. How long had she been in that trance?

She snarled at the xeno, this was his doing and she should go across and show this jewel of his down his throat so he'd choke on it. But looking again at it, she found she couldn't. It just sat there in her lap quietly.

She had to get out of here. But she couldn't. She couldn't leave the Preacher even though she'd been given her leave. It wasn't right for her to go wandering off, no matter how much she needed and craved the space.

So Freya consoled herself with a posionously murderous glare aimed at the Eldar. She wished she could crush his heart in his chest, but she was in enough trouble as it was.

05-05-2005, 10:26
OoC/Right PMs have been sent to the remaining few or nudges via MSN lol/OoC

Inquisitor Incendium had watched the whole thing with Freya and the dreamstone, from his office. The cameras within the room allowing him to view everything. He knew something was up between Inquisitor Andrew and the Eldar.

Damn Y'nal, he can never leave anything alone, can he? If he wasn't valuable then he would be crucified over the Imperial Aquilla in a manner most suiting of the Eldar, with his prescious soulstone in my hands, thought Incendium as he stopped himself. He never felt that type of anger or rage towards the really good drinking buddy, maybe he had spent too long with those damn Xenos Inquisitors. Shrugging it off, Incendium ventured towards the briefing room.

Upon entering a serf called his name loud for the room to here he was there.

Inquisitor Incendium was dressed in formal black dress, his closely cut brown hair showing off his handsome face, his blue eyes piercing into the very soul of those he looked at, as he stood at the opening with a frown at his lips.

'As you were, I believe four of my guests are not here at this moment, we shall wait for them,' Incendium said with a passive wave as he ventured towards Freya, a look of anger in his eyes.

'Interrogater Freya,' Incendium said approaching her with a look that informed her she was in trouble. 'Hand me the dreamstone, immediately.'

'Inquisitor?' she replied with a look of shock, as if she did not want to let go of it.

'Its Xenos archotech, its tainted. Either give it to me or Emperor's Wrath will be barking at your skull, young whelp,' Incendium said quietly so only Freya could hear, but the edge is his voice was deadly serious. Freya handed it to him and Incendium walked towards Y'nal, his next stop.

'Ah Inquisitor Incendium, just chatting with........' Incendium cut off the xenos with a sharp look, and Y'nal allowed a smile to creep onto his face.

'Y'nal, keep your toys in your pouch, or else,' Incendium ordered knowing the threat was hollow, but Y'nal knew Incendium was already in a foul mood over the whole mission, why was a mystery, so he obeyed. 'In....Priest, welcome to the team.' Incendium's voice had changed as if talking to someone superior, but the people of the room took it as that Incendium had great respect for the Priest.

Sitting down in a chair, Incendium lit a cigerrette and took a double amaesc from a roaming servitor as he looked round the room. This was already becoming interesting.

OoC/As stated, just waiting on Riddy, Kaoslord, Antaeus and Diddimz, so pester them ok?/OoC

05-05-2005, 13:38
The door opened and a tall figure entered the hall

"Ahh Johann, is my guest with you?"
The Inquisitor asked as the bounty hunter dumped a massive man down on the floor, his hands bound and mouth gagged. Johann removed the gag and the bindings to be thrown fully and bodily back down the hall he had came from, Johann rose and pulled his shotgun but the inquisitor stopped him and sent him away before he could get himself hurt.
"Guest, you call me a guest"
Serj roared, the first words he had said since the gag had been removed
"I spent eight days in a 6ft by 5ft cargo space on your scum sucking bounty hunters ship to be here as your 'guest', so this better be good."

"Are you Serj Malkian"
asked the inquisitor calmly

"Well strike me down, i am better known than i thought, now i have the inquisition on my ass along with several gangers, bounty hunters and a few hundred imperial police. I guess lying will only make it worse, ok i admit it, i am Serj Malkian"

"Sit down, have a drink or something to eat, you must be hungry after your...'journey' i have a proposition for you"
The inquisitor replyed
"Once you have eaten you will find all you need to know in your room, along with your weapons"

By this point Serj wasn't paying any attention what so ever, he was digging in to the best food he had eaten in his life, noticing the servitor walking with amesac, ignoring the glasses Serj relieved the tray of the bottle and took a massive swig, looking around to see what kind of company he was in.

OOC-Sorry about the delay Slaz, when i came on yesterday =P= was down, hope you dont mind me using Incendium in this post, but i thought it added character.

05-05-2005, 15:41
With a reluctant sign, Freya had handed over the stone. The Inquisitor was her master and so had to be obeyed. The leader of the pack always had to be obeyed, until he showed weakness and then it was her term to strike him down and lead the pack. Though she was highly annoyed that he thought so little of her. To call her nothing more than a whelp.

He'd been so insistence that she calm and curb her anger, yet all he did was insight it at every turn with his conduct of her. True she was a subordinate, but there should at least be some respect shown to the minions if he wished to keep them from sliding a knife between his ribs while he slept.

Her mood however did not improve with the new arrival. More strangers to the pack. She felt her heckles rise slightly at the newcomer and his casual tone when he address his better. Had this man no respect either?

Freya's stomach gurgled, she was hungry but the food on the table looked unappetizing to her. Too fancy and 'la-dee-dar' for her liking. Liking off scraps and what she killed herself had killed any taste she may have had for delicacies. But it had also taught her never to pass up the opportunity for feeding as she may never get another chance. Plus, in truth she’d eaten worse….a lot worse.

She slinked over to the table like a dog that had been scolded by its master, grabbed and plate and started loading it up with food, no matter how awful it looked to her untrained eye.

05-05-2005, 18:10
OOC:Riddy: I had made mention in my first post of your character already being in the room talking to Angrus (my dude). I say blame Scotty :D. I'll just assume that your post happens before then and Angrus and Serj are still chatting if that's okay with you.OOC:

Angrus turned to Serj and noticed for the first time that he had violet eyes. "So how come your eyes are violet?" He asked with a slight smile. "Is it mutation?"

05-05-2005, 18:21
Freya snorted at Angrus with contempt and rolled her eyes.
'Mutation, I doubt that! He has the look of having Cadian in him.'
She turned to glare at Angrus
'Don't you know anything?' she added scornfully

05-05-2005, 18:28
((Portent's been down during what net time I've had, so bite me *dodges bullets*))

Into the room walked a fairly tall figure, a black cloak concealing his features. A red robe and silver armour plates could be seen by those who looked at the newcomer straight on. The most distinctive feature of him, however, was the huge suppression shield slung over his forearm.

Gyr Corvus, Crusader of several years' service to Incendium, looked around at the other occupants. His lip curled at the presence of the disgusting alien creature, his hand itching for his sword, but he controlled himself-for now. Whatever this beast was doing here, no doubt the good Inquisitor had his reasons. A man in the distinctive garb of an Imperial preacher also occupied the room, which made the Crusader feel more comfortable-slightly.

Gyr settled himself into a seat near the preacher and the feral-looking woman. There was something odd about her, something which made him grimace at her unusual look, but for now he had no suspicions He made a move to say something, to question her, but restrained himself: not the time. He took a deep breath, casting wary glances at the various other occupants of the chamber: the kind of sinister crew he was used to when dealing with the Inquisitor. Maybe this lot will last longer than the last. Not all of them, I hope...

05-05-2005, 18:37
Angrus turned to Freya and gave her his trademark grin, his teeth standing out from his dark skin. "Actually, sweetheart..." He began, adding the last word to wind her up. "I do know something. And that is that this man is not Cadian." He sat down on a nearby chair and took a pull on his bottle of ale before continuing. "A Cadian would not be so lawless, so... rebellious. If he had been a Cadian he would have been executed long ago." He gave her another grin. "Plus he told me he wasn't of Cadian blood."

05-05-2005, 18:37
'Well excuse me all the way to the cold wastes of Hell! But some of us have just spend the last 5 years freezing her **** off trying to survive rather than with galivanting around the galaxy with nothing better to do than stick his nose in other people's business.' she spat back at him.
'Anyway, some people do break the mould now and again. I did!'
She looked him up and down 'Not that you'd have any idea what that would be like!'

Her attention shifted to the door as another figure entered.

Freya eyed the Crusader with caution. She knew he was not to be trifled with and so she had not bothered speaking to him at all. She knew she'd only get angry at him and try something. She knew she could handle herself, but she didn't quite have the measure of this Crusader yet.

With some satisfaction, she noted the look of disgust he wore when he looked at the alien. But there was something nasty about him as he reguarded the others. At least she let all of the others knew where they stood with her....back off! But he, he was just seemed rather smarmy as though he were better than all the rest and when the chips were down, he wouldn't lift a finger to help.

At least she might help indirectly in the need to satisfy her blood lust.
She glared at him and returned to her plate with a slight grimace. This wasn't going to be nice, but it might be the last decent meal she got to she attacked it with gusto

05-05-2005, 18:51
"No-one is above suspicion, Mr Angrus. Nothing is ever certain. In my experience, appearances" he slid into a seat a few metres from the man, casting another glance at the feral woman "are deceptive."

He sighed, a grimace crossing his features, and lowered the hood of his black cape. "I suppose I should be introducing myself if we are going to be working together. I am Gyr Corvus, Crusader in service to the Inquisitor." He nodded to the pair of them. He hoped for the best: perhaps this lot wouldn't be as bad. Best to be positive..for now at least. Combat would show their true colours.

05-05-2005, 18:58
'Quite!' she sneered.
'Freya Astador, the Inquisitor's Interrogator.' she spoke with as much authority she could muster as she was technically second-in-command after the Inquisitor himself. So she had only been elevated to the rank out of curiosity and fairly resently, but it still made her higher up the Inquisitorial chain of command than the others.

She muttered something in Fenrisian under her breath and returned to her plate.

05-05-2005, 19:03
Angrus just smiled and raised an eyebrow as Freya went off on one. I'm sticking my nose in other peoples business? That's rich, he thought to himself as he turned to the crusader. "Actually, it's Mr Raul. Angrus Raul." He grinned again. "But I'll forgive you because you make a valid point. Appearances can indeed be decieving." He turned to watch Freya storm off. "For example, she has a sweet ass." He said, leaning forward and speaking quietly to the stranger with a wink. " But she's as cold as her homeworld." He added before sitting back and taking another pull of his ale. "So what brings you here? You don't look the type to work under Incendium." He asked Gyr with a friendly smile.

05-05-2005, 19:03
"hehe, Cadian, haven't heard that one before. I'm not going to tell you why my eyes are purple, because i know a few people that would be willing to pay alot of money for that information. To be able to see things others cant isn't a secret to be given out lightly now is it"

Serj replyed, speaking both to Angrus and the strange female that hadn't the courtesy to introduce herself.
He looked around the room, taking in all the people now sitting in it. The crusader looked rather unsavory and the Eldar just looked evil. He had come across Eldar before, although the last time he did had been a little more life threatening that he had hoped.
The only person in the room that truly unnerved him was the preacher, he had never been one for religion, all that 'Serve the emperor' nonsense, what had the emperor ever done for him? But it wasn't the fact that he was a preacher that unnerved him, it seemed that the preacher was hiding something, his eyes could often see what others couldn't, a lie here, a hidden weapon there. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but he was sure something was up with the preacher.

"Watch that one, theres something not right about him"

Serj whispered to Angrus, motioning across at the preacher.

05-05-2005, 19:30
OoC/ Sorry for not posting in a while/OoC

"Ha" Yorah laughed. "He could probably say the same thing about you, and all of us." Yorah added to try and not anger the man.

"I mean, is there anything right about this bunch?We have an eldar,a woman with fangs, a few psykers and a mysterious preacher we have to guard."

He laughed and took another swig of his canteen. He almost choked as Freya gave him a look as cold as ice.

"Anyway, do you guys have any idea what we are going to do?"He said it loud so that Freya would hear him as well, maybe as an interregator she would know.

05-05-2005, 19:36
Gyr raised an eyebrow. "My apologies, I had assumed that was a alst name. I have worked for Incendium for several years, usually guarding his back. That's probably why you haven't seen me before: I'm actually doing work instead of standing around pretending I am."

The Crusader turned to the guardsman who had spoke. "No idea. The Inquisitor's being as secretive as usual. No doubt we'll find out just before-or likely just after, we need to..."

05-05-2005, 20:15
"Or maybe you're all just not important enough to be informed right away'"
Freya replied testily trying hard not to throw the not empty plate across the room through frustration.

05-05-2005, 20:17
Angrus nodded back when Serj whispered in his ear. He listened to Gyr talk about having worked with Incendium for several years and decided to not take offence to the comment about pretending to do work in case it wasn't aimed at him. "I'm fairly new to the team." He told Gyr with a grin. "I'm his pet untouchable, amongst other things."

05-05-2005, 20:28
Freya's lips curled back with a snarl at Angrus words. An Untouchable. No wonder she felt sick around him. Her psychic powers weren't great, but they were powerful but his aura would stop her from crushing his heart for his insolence. It was the last straw for her. she lost it.

"I knew there was something unnatural about you!" she spat at him.

"And you," she pointed at Yorah. "You'll find out how right my fangs are when I sink them into your flesh for your insult to my culture."

She couldn't quite control her anger anymore. With a cry of rage, she throw her plate just above the area the men were sitting in, showering them with broken pieces of crockery and stormed out, kicked the doors as she left.

Breathing hard in the corridor, she slumped down onto the floor, her head in her lap.

05-05-2005, 20:48
Angrus turned to the other men who sat, stunned after Freya's outburst. "My guess, she's been visited by her aunt Flow." He said before walking over to the table and filling a plate with all sorts of exotic food. Mainly meat. He decided to stay at the table rather than rejoin the others as he didn't like to converse while eating.

05-05-2005, 21:04
Freya let out a long slow breath. She hated them. She hated them all. All they did was mock and insult her. At times she wished they had just left her there in the cave to die in the frozen wastes of Asahiem. It would have been preferable to having to suffer his ridicule and slight on her honour.

She was seeing red and she knew it wasn't a good thing right then. She had to calm down and the only way for that to happen was in combat, which was impossible right now. But she had an idea.

She ran to the armoury and with a sigh of relief, she pulled out her favoured weapon.

True it looked rusty and tempermental but in her eyes it was beautiful. With a grin she pulled out her beloved chainaxe and gave it a couple of shallow practice swings.

05-05-2005, 21:26
Women... Gyr edged his seat backwards slightly at Angrus' revelation. "So. That's what you are, is it?" Gyr's mistrust of psykers came with his chosen career, drummed into him by his mentor. He had slowly learned to tolerate Incendium's magicks, but he was still made unesay by psykers. But this..this was soemthing different.

"Well, I hope you'll prove yourself useful...but remember, I'll be watching you. Like I watch all connected with the powers of the warp."

Angrus left the table, and Gyr decided not to follow. An irrational thought, as if anything Angrus's talent made him purer even that Gyr himself, but the Crusader was unnerved by the man.

Instead, he breathed another deep sigh and settled into his seat-slightly. Too much comfort made the mind less alert. In this company, it was best to know what was going on around him. The Crusader was not hungry in any case-he had more pressing issues on his mind. He straightened in his seat, and laid the shield down beside him, drawing his long, slim blade. The bastard sword glinted in the dim lighting as he balanced it in his hand. He's had this sword since he was inducted as a junior to the warrior temple of Halkonia - it was a part of him. He smiled as he ran his hand along the flat of the blade, watching reflections glimmer off its metallic surface.

05-05-2005, 21:41
Helos filled his plate with some choice delicacies and moved over to the group of men. He felt out of place in his dress shirt, and briefly considered asking the inquisitor if he had any spare flack or carapace armor. Not yet though, it depended which planet the mission would send them to. Being able to blend into high society has its advantages, but if they ended up in some hell blasted chaos infested nightmare he would prefer the armor.

He knew really nothing about the Inquisitor, only that he was powerful enough to find him in Minos spire, one out of 800 million people. Helos assumed that he wanted him for his psychic powers, but who really knew, there was an old saying "an inquisitors brain has wheels within wheels" He doubted saying no to the Inquisitor would of worked and hadn’t bothered to try. Six hours later he found himself on this ship.

Helos took a free seat, took a sip from his flask and introduced himself to the other members and asked,
"so which one of you knows the inquisitor the best, and who or what do you think we're going to be fighting?"

05-05-2005, 21:59
The Crusader grimaced. "In theory it should probably be me, since I have been trying to keep him alive for the last few years. Even then though, I haven't learned much about him except the way he fights since I need to know that. Other than that, all I have managed to understand about him is that he is very hard to understand..."

He gave a shrug. "I doubt anyone has much idea of what's happening except the Inquisitor. It's the way he works."

05-05-2005, 22:05
Helos nodded,
"well i don't doubt his power, very few people know i exist and he found me. My name is Helos Terezin, what should I call you?"

Helos took out his flask again and took another sip and then offered it to the Crusader.. "do you drink sir?"

05-05-2005, 22:33
Gyr waved the flask away. "Not just now. I'm Gyr Corvus, servant of the Emperor, may He reign eternally. A pleasure, I'm sure." He gave a curious look. "What do you offer us? I mean nothing by this, but your clothing does not suggest a soldier to me. Though I could be mistaken"

05-05-2005, 22:44
"well met Gyr. Well you're right, I was never a soldier by choice, although it seems that the profession stalks me across the stars. The Emperor as you say, blessed me with a brain that can listen to the nuances of the warp, and manipulate small parts of it."

Helos pick up a metal cup and held it flat in his open palm. After a moment of concentration, the cup imploded into itself until it was a small solid piece of metal. Helos looked up at Gyr and noticed the disgusted grimace on his face.

"yes I’m a psyker, and you probably hate me for it, but remember it was not my choice, and I might come in handy just when you most need it."

06-05-2005, 00:10
Y'nal slipped from the room, following the angred haze of the female. He could feel the path she had taken, stumbling through the halls. Y'nal decided he had to keep track of this one. The others he could feel out, he knew where they stood. This female however was unstable. He had to find out if she would pose a threat or not, to his safety and profits.

He flitted through the halls like a cat, silent and purposeful. He heard her swinging inside the Armory. He walked in, saw her swinging in her rage. She hadn't noticed him quite yet.

Y'nal drew his power cutlass and raised it in a point to the woman. "Ahoy. You look like you need to work some things out. Shall we?" he asked with a tilt of his eyebrows.

OOC: Sparring? Straight up non-powered duel. Sound fun? Your strength to my agility.

06-05-2005, 00:17
Keats walked in, and at his side was his young aprenticem, Sol. Keats saw the dispute going on and so waited for the girl to walk away, before he led Sol over to them, he felt a bit uncomfortable as he got closer, but he knew that feeling from spending so much time with Pariahs around him. Just before he sat down he saw the small cup implode.
"Hate to interrupt you boys, sorry im late, names Johnathon Keats, and this here is my apprentice, Callick Sol. Who might you be?"

ooc// sorry im late :D

06-05-2005, 00:34
OOC/ Yeah Nid, I'm up for a spot of mindless violence. Can't say I'll fight fairly thought!

IC/ Freya looked over her shoulder at the sing-song voice as it reached her ears. And she was unsuprised to see the alien standing there pointing his weapon at her.
She grins meliciously at him and slowly turned around.
"Oh I think so!" she hissed.

In truth, she was way out of her league here. She could fight and savagely, but the Eldar were known for their speed, agility and grace. And she was a bumbling savage with a large, heavy and meaty weapon. She had a greater change of spontaniously changing sex and becoming a Space Wolf than she had of besting this alien.

But she never backed down from a challenge. Plus she had one advantage, she knew how to fight dirty.

Clearfully she stripped away the outer layer of her formal robes, they'd only tie her up in knots if she was to fight in them. Plus they were heavy and distacted her with the itching.

Underneath she wore a simple plain vest and trousers, with sturdy boots on her feet. Her arms bore defencive scar marks and there was a small tattoo on her left shoulder of a howling wolf, the mark of her tribe on Fenris.

Once her robes had been discarded, she stood tall, her chainaxe held lightly in her right hand, pointing down towards the ground.
"Come at me with everything you have alien. I am not afraid to die!" she spoke the words in Fenrisian but she was sure the Eldar understood their meaning.

This was going to be interesting. Painful, but interesting. She smiled at the thought and mentally prepared herself for battle.

06-05-2005, 00:40
OOC: Aight, here's how it can go. I'll post a fight segment, you post yours, long as no one gets critically hurt I don't mind taking a few. So do what you will!

IC: Y'nal grinned, it would do well to study how she fought. He darted in quick and straight as an arrow, and smacked her across the shoulder with the flat of his blade. "A point!" he cackled as he ducked back rapidly. However, he had a feeling he merely suprised her with the quickness of his moves, and should not expect it to be so easy further on.

06-05-2005, 00:41
Helos looked up to see a tall man in black carapace armour sit down beside him. He knew enough about drug habits to guess that they were probably the cause of this stranger's red eyes, although there was always the small chance that he was simply an albino.
"My name is Helos Terezin, always a pleasure... Mr. Keats? This here is Gyr, we were just discussing the... intricacies of the warp. Are you another one of Incednium's Henchmen? I don't mean that in a bad way, I'm just amazed by the amount of power he pulls. And Mr. Sol, pleasure to meet you too."
Helos played the roll of host for a minute, and gestured toward the food table.
"If either of you are hungry, the inquisitor has provided us with exquisite food, I personally recommend the Istalvian Spidershrimp. Don't let the name deter you, its actually quite good. "

OOC: description of Sol please?

Grand Warlord
06-05-2005, 00:43
+Watching the Impending battle he smiled inward. it was good to know who he could trust with his life if it should prove needed. Turning he made his way to the Crusader and Bowed low introducing himself. He had read the datafile on this man was very impressed with his abilities. He also bowed to Helos and Keats+

"Hello noble Gyr, Keats, and Helos, I am Gerarrd... A preacher of the faith so to speak... If you gentlemen could spare a few moments I would like to get to know you... I am a author or some resolve and I wish to keep a record of these events even if only to be burned at the end..."

06-05-2005, 00:49
OOC/ Sounds good to me. As I said, I'm not sure she'll fight fair

IC/ Freya was taken aback just how quickly the Eldar could actually move. This was going to be harder than she thought. She'd stolen a glance at a Space Wolf once while she had been waiting near the Fang for the Inquisitor's transport and she thought she'd never see anthing that could move as quickly as a Space Marine, but she was wrong.

Right, she thought, lets have this then.

Slowly she began to circle the alien slowly, then with a feint to the left, she struck with the blade of her axe. But she purposefully misjudged the distance allowing the blade of the axe to pass over the alien's head so she could catch him on the chin with the handle on the down stroke.

But the alien simply ducked the blow and hit her in the stomach with the flat of his balde, knocking the wind out of her.

06-05-2005, 00:52
Y'nal laughed as she moved, this would be a cakewalk. He pranced, dancing across the ground on the balls of his feet. He lashed out with his sword, watched as she ducked, and kicked with his foot.

He suddenly felt a flash of concern as he watched her catch his foot.

06-05-2005, 01:01
Freya grin as she caught the Eldar's foot. Really that was just lucky timing. But she had to act quickly to gain an advantage.

What to do? What to do? she thought quickly.

Keeping tightly ahold of his foot, she twisted and bend over and with a roar of triumph managed to pitch the Eldar over her shoulder and on to the floor.

"2-1" she added

06-05-2005, 01:05
Fire and Death! The damn warrior woman had damn near torn his leg off! Y'nal sprung back up, then tilted as he almost lost his balance. His ankle was hyperextended, he couldn't put his full weight on it. He was slower now. Time to move in.

He flew in as best he could, and exchanged a rapid fire whirl of sword blows, both of them clashing and rebounding and swinging again. It was almost a dance. A dangerous, frenetic dance, but nonetheless it was beautiful. The sing of combat through their blood, the ring of steel and wraithbone, the stink of sweat. It was good to be alive.

06-05-2005, 01:13
Freya tried not to panic at the speed of their exchange. But her bosy seemed to be doing nicely even though her brain was still a few moves behind. And when her brain caught up, she realised she was actually starting to enjoy this.

The thrill of combat coursed through her veins, as cool as melt water from the great glaciers. And it mixed with the heat of the battle. But that was to change.

A sloppy parry opened her up for attack and the Eldar took it. She was too slow to dodge and his shiny blade swung at her midrif. It sliced through the material and through the top layer of skin. The wound was only superfical but the smell of her own vital fluids sent a heady rush of blood lust to decend upon her.

Freya staggered back a few steps, looking at the slide in her stomach. She reached down with her free hand and ran it along the wound, catching ruby droplets on her fingertips. She held them up to the light and then proceeded to lick the blood from her fingers.

'Bad mistake!' she said and howled as she charged him.

06-05-2005, 01:25
OOC: I got to go to work, sorry. Won't be back all night, so just finish it up however you want.

06-05-2005, 01:39
OOC/ well i know bugger all about eldar so I'll let Slazton break it up when he gets back.

IC/ The Eldar deflected her charge easily and another melee began but even faster than before. Adrenaline pounding in Freya's body.

Hits on her come thick and fast as she began to slow down as she started to tire from the effort and from a number of small injuries she was sustaining. Nothing life threatening, just strength sapping. Now it was time to fight dirty.

She blocked a blow from the eldar's blade and allowed her weapon to stay locked. Her leading wrist had been jerked in the exchange of blows and so the Eldar didn't have to use much force to push her weapon down.

The activation rune for the axe stood out visibly to her and she was so temped to press it and grind up the Eldar. She wanted his blood in return for hers.

The chainaxe reached its desired point and with the roar, Freya backhanded the Eldar across the face with all her might. Watching with satisfaction as his head snapped backwards, and when it returned, a thin line of blood dropped from one nostril.

The alien was unimpressed and with all the grace and speed of his race, he attacked back. And all the while Freya retaliated. Biting, kicking scratching when and where she could. But neither would back down and concede, points forgotten.

06-05-2005, 07:51
Sol looked annoyed at the preacher, he had been ignored completely, but then his place was not at the table, he was only an apprentice. Keats held out his hand to the one who acted like a host, "You could say im in his entourage, of course im adequatetly paid in return. Preacher im willing to answer anything you wish to ask." he saw the look of annoyal on his acolytes face and did the right thing "but i dont think you introduced yourself to Sol here though."

06-05-2005, 09:28
Inquisitor Incendium knew he would have to sort out the Interrogater soon or she could become a liability. The fight between her and the Xenos was a good thing however, it allowed her to blow off steam.

'Alright you two, enough!' Incendium commanded as he dismissed the Eldar with a glance. Y'nal had read his mind and smiled.

Freya looked like a mess, her formal robes torn in numerous places.

'Can take a girl off Fenris, but you can't take Fenris out of the girl,' Incendium said with a brief laugh. Freya too joined in the laugh, which meant she had calmed down, or so Incendium prayed.

'Alright Freya, you know you are second in command, hence why you got the bodyguard position, however, you can select one of the new recruits to 'aide' you when in times of peace. Now follow me, the dam Tech Priest is late, but he already knows the mission parameters.' (OoC/Kaoslord, I am hoping you are reading this, so assume you know everything okay?/OoC)

Inquisitor and Interrogater entered the briefing room once more and Incendium aksed everyone to sit down at the massive round table.

'Welcome,' Incendium said standing up. 'I am not going to inform you of everything, but this mission is of the upmost importance for Imperial stability amongst the sector of Grantis Prime. The Bleeding Chalice awaits our departure from this rock and it will take us there. Resulting in a total of two weeks of Warp Travel.

'We are to arrive on the planet and begin a full investigation into some persons I have gathered data on. This mission will not be a full scale war, in case anybody signed up for that, but a sublte one. Now, please eat your fill and then rest, we shall leave tomorrow at 5am, standard military time.'

Incendium stood up and then left the room, Angrus in tow.

'Angrus, long time untouchable,' Incendium said with a faint smile. 'I hope the last mission to assassinate a 'friend' went well.'

'It was successful,' Angrus replied with a grin. Incendium had accidently made an enemy out of a drug lord and well, the drug lord had already killed three of Incendium's staff, hence why he had to recruit more minions, and Angrus wanted to do something, so it was a perfect mission for the wily man.

OoC/I hope you don't mind Rich if I used Angrus like that, remember he is a trained death cutlist thanks to Incendium ;)/OoC

'Great to hear, now you are to come with us, as you have already guessed. One more thing, try not to stray too clsoe to the Imperial Priest, you know how they are with untouchables,' Incendium warned before he then entered his personal chambers. He took up a dataslate and continued his work. Why didn't I hire a savant?

OoC/Right, well eat, rest and we shall begin tomorrow ok? Kaoslord, just post a late arrival ok?/OoC

Grand Warlord
06-05-2005, 13:27
+Listening to the breif he nodded with a grim determination. He spoke a litany of protection for the pending trials+

+After Incendium withdrew he went to sol and apologized for this manners ((sorry lol)) and introduced himself, making small talk with the group+

06-05-2005, 22:45
OOC:No probs Slaz. It's my job.:DOOC:.Angrus bowed and headed towards his quarters. He was excited about the new mission and could not sleep, so he decided to meditate and contemplate the upcoming mission.

06-05-2005, 23:24
Freya bid her master a 'good night' and yawned loudly. She's eaten enough of that rubbish that was on offer and the little scrap with the Eldar had made her a a tad sleepy.

But first, a drink was in order. She wander over to the refreshement stand and picked up the decanter of amasec. She wasn't a big fan of the taste, but it was strong and it would aid her sleep.

She drained a fair portion from the decanter, only slightly aware of the strange looks she was getting. Standing there, covering in blood and bruises. Robes shabby and ripped, draining amasec as though it was water. But she didn't care.

She yawned again and stretched making the cut on her stomach bleed again. She groaned and slid away towards her quaters to patch herself up, lick her wounds clean and then curl up and get some sleep. This mission was going to be trying. A covert op rather than an all-out fight. She wasn't going to like this.

07-05-2005, 00:06
Y'nal went to his quarters. He hadn't slept in years, nor was he about to. He just needed to unwind.

Sprawling upon the bed, he withdrew a small set of panpipes from his sash, and began playing a haunting melody. It seemed to spread through the ship, and not even the walls themselves dimmed its crushingly beautiful sound, as if they too were crying with joy.

07-05-2005, 00:14
Freya's ears pricked up when she heard the music floating down the ship towards her ears. It was amazing. She felt her heart pounding from hearing it, as though it was a potent drug on her senses.

Her people had played music and sang songs, she had been told with some practice, her voice would be prefect to sing the tales of her ancestors. But she never got it, her powers frightening her people enough to banish her.

It made her sleepy, but it also held her captive to it's tune. She swallowed hard. Who was making those sounds? She had her ideas, but curiosity got the better of her and she tracked the music to its source.

As she supected, the trail ended in what she knew to be the Eldar's quaters. She could smell the alien from the other side of the door. She felt a little down-hearted at this. The music was so beautiful she could sit and listen to it for the rest of the night, easily. But she would never knock on that door and ask if she could sit a while and listen to him play.

Dejectedly she turned to leave.

07-05-2005, 00:30
Helos wished everyone goodnight and retired to his room.

He laid in bed, but could not fall asleep. After about twenty minutes, Helos stood up and practiced drawing the knives (that were hidden in minute slits all deftly sewn into his clothes) with his telekinetic power, and throwing them at the wall. He willed each knife with increasing force and the knives created larger and larger indents in the metal wall. The metal of the knives was among the strongest in the galaxy, Helos had paid a pretty penny for them, and had he willed the tips of blades to hit the wall, they probably would have torn straight through. As it was though, Helos willed the blunt side of the knives to smack against the wall, and thus only created indents. The knives made an unmistakable clatter when they hit the floor, nothing Helos had heard had quite the same ring. Although Helos referred to the blades as knives, they had no handles and were a bit to heavy to be used as a proper knife. Helos liked it that way, no one could use his weapons against him, and if the enemy ever got that close, well he always had his hand flamers.

Beads of sweat appeared on Helo's forehead as he increased his concentration, he had practiced with these blades so often that he had almost complete control over them, but the more complex maneuvers took full concentration. Multiple objects were always difficult, Helos tried to throw two knives at the same exact spot but he couldn’t and one flew wildly high, it was going to be a long night, just like so many others…

Grand Warlord
07-05-2005, 04:04
+Gerrard walked listlessly around the halls, sleep not an ally he had anymore. Sure he slept but only an hour or two and then he was up so he strolled taking in the view smiling to the tunes of the eldar pipe... a most glorious melody. Making his way towards Incendiums chambers he stopped and turned deciding to let the young inquisitor wage his own war without guidance of a babbling preacher.+

+Making his way to the breifing room once more he pulled out some cards and lost in countless hands of solitaire.+

07-05-2005, 06:50
Y'nal felt her emotions. "Enter," he said loudly just as she was turning.

07-05-2005, 22:46
Everyone was sent to the hangar at 5am, some looked tired, others pleased, and the rest were a mix of both.

Aprehension was in the air, as the Incendium boarded the Imperial shuttle that was to take them to the Bleeding Chalice in high orbit.

The shuttle arrived after twenty minutes of travel, a few rough patches, but nothing troublesome. They landed softly and Incendium addressed the team before they departed.

'I am obligated to tell you that this mission is vermillion level secrecy, anyone caught talking of the mission, our travel times, where we were are going or anything close to that will be immediately shot. However, you may discuss it amongst yourselves within our deisgnated areas. Got it?' Incendium said with a military tone, his comissaar trianing coming into play.

Inquisitor Incendium and his retinue were shown to their designated area, everyone was provided with a bed in a small room. The Preacher, the Crusader, and the Interrogater were given better suites, even though the honourable crusader declined argueing against luxury. Inquisitor Incendium was given the best suite of the Luxury Liner they were aboard.

His retinue was disguised as a Rogue Trader warband on holiday or that was the cover story, Incendium had informed the retinue of this and seemed pleased, expect Freya who had to dress as a mistress. The rest of the warband was dressed to suit their intended role, some not changing, some just keeping weapons and psychic powers low key. The Xenos however was confimed to quarters, unless escorted out with his cloak on, Incendium knew this wouldn't last, but at least he tried.

Incendium allowed the team to explore the ship and do as they pleased.

OoC/Welcome to the Luxury Liner, Bleeding Chalice an ex-Dauntless class cruiser outfitted, but had to keep the name in the deal, so :p.

It has casinos, bars, whore-huts, fancy dinner areas, and other pleasures. Nothing evil, so enjoy yourselves.

Oh by the way, you got some money from the Inquisitor giving you plenty to spend on as you see fit ok?

Note: There is a few empty cargo rooms, in case anyone wants to train, spar or do something stupid./OoC

07-05-2005, 23:04
"Hey Angrus, wanna got down to the cargo holds and blow **** up? I got a couple of guard issue tube charges somewhere, unless that scumbag bounty hunter stole them."

Serj joked as he poked his head in the mans door.

"Either that or i'm hittin the bar and casino"

07-05-2005, 23:20
It had been a bizarre night. Not that anything untoward had happened. But Freya never would have thought she'd ever had been a guest in an alien's quaters.

But now, here she was dressed up like some cheap two credit strumpet to fit in with this rag-tag band. But her master had decreed it so and only the Emperor himself would stop her from obeying.

She sighed. This was just too strange. Why would a Preacher have a mistress? So she stalked the halls of the ship, scouting out the layout, checking the passengers and looking for weak and strong points.

So far she'd managed to steer clear of the others. She didn't want to be seen by any of them dressed like this.

07-05-2005, 23:23
Gyr tramped into his quarters: even though he had requested to be downgraded, they were much more upmarket than the spartan condition he was used to. Used to, and more comfortable with he added to himself. Still, at least it gave him more room. He laid his suppression shield down upon the bed, scabbarded his sword, and relocated his backpack - complete with his Bolter - so it lay underneath his black cloak. Best to remain inconspicuous.

This done, he went for a walk along the vessel's corridors. The opulent dining areas made him grimace: a vessel of the Emperor's fleet was decommissioned to create this? He walked into a dimly lit bar, a frown still crossing his features, hidden by the shadow cast by his cloak's hood. He sat down, and looked around, scanning the bar's other denizens. Maybe other team members would join him here.

07-05-2005, 23:35
Yorah walked lazily round the ship. He haden't bothered to change his clothes, remnants of an old imperial guard uniform, no need.

He haden't seen Freya all day and was wondering what Incendium had made her do to keep her in hiding. He had all day to wate so he wandered round looking for her. Yorah was still picking pieces of plate from his clothes.

As he walked into a bar he noticed Gyr, sitting by himself. As he had not introduced himself Yorah thought know would be a suitable time.

"Hey pleased to meet ya, Yorahs the name, saw you by yourself and was wondering if you want to come and noise Freya up?"

OoC/Xhalax, fancie a bit of friednly sparring?/OoC

07-05-2005, 23:37
"Anything sir?"

Gyr looked up. "A small sacra. Small." He could use a drink, but he needed to keep alert. He didn't like this place-besides, they weren't here for relaxation.

The man brought his drink. Gyr nodded. "Thanks." He sipped at the cool liquid. He didn't normally drink, but there was little else to do at a quiet time like this.

His eyes came to rest on a form that looked fairly familiar: he blinked and looked up, but she - the shape had appeared vaguely feminine at this range at least, though he could have been wrong - had disappeared into the crowd. The feral one, perhaps? Gyr sighed: he supposed she wasn't so bad - so far - as some of the more obnoxious characters he had met in his career. Perhaps the Interrogator would prove to be a reasonable person. later on, but she unnerved him. Something in those eyes.

Still, assuming it had been her, her movement had seemed to be aimed to some other place, so Gyr decided to leave her be for now. If she had woirds for him, no doubt she would speak them. And Gyr Corvus would have his hand near his blade-just in case.

As he thought, he noticed a man approach him. He was wary, but as he sat down Gyr recognised him as one of the men from Incendium's new team. He nodded and extended his left hand. "Gyr Corvus. Good to be working with you. Not sure if that's a wise idea-she's dangerous looking, that one. I'll give her a chance, but..well, call it a suspicious nature. Besides, maybe our quarry will come to us." The Crusader leaned back in the seat slightly, one eye on where he had seen Freya a moment ago.

08-05-2005, 00:11
OOC/ Sure, why notScotty. I'm in a bit of a mixed mood. Gleeful yet ready to tear someone's head off (see the Crux thread on the background boards to see why).

IC/ Freya had wandered into one of the bars that were all over the ship. She ignored the looks she was getting from the other passengers. If only they knew who she was. But all that seemed to care about was the shape of her in those clothes.

Then she caught sight of the Crusader, sitting alone at the bar. She backed away as his gaze moved towards her. Swifty she moved out of his view, yet he was sure he had caught a brief glimpse of her. Well she wasn't all that hard to miss under the circumstances. And what was more, he now had company....and would no doubt rat her out.

She massaged the bridge of her nose. How was she supposed to choose one of the group to help her out with her bodyguard duties?

Her master had said that she had been given to job as she was his second-in-command and so, eventually may become privy to imformation that the others weren't. Yet if one of them was supposed to work with her, they'd have to know too.

But the worst and bitterest pill was that, so far, the person who was out in front to be a possible work partner was an alien. He had been the only one she had spent any sort of time with. True, most of it had been while they were tearing chucks out of each other. But that was almost quality personaly time.

She supposed that she should at least try and get to know some of the others, but the very thought left a rather unpleasent taste in her mouth.

Freya Astador was a lone wolf. Always had been, always would be. Or so she hoped!

08-05-2005, 00:35
Angrus' ears pricked up at the mention of the words "Blow **** up." He had barely started to unpack his gear and he was being offered the chance to have some fun on board the ship. "Why throw your money away when you can destroy stuff?" He grinned as he rushed out of his room with Serj leading the way.

08-05-2005, 02:11
Incendium unclipped his bolt pistol and plasma pistol holster and placed them in trunk. They were both master pieces of craftsmanship. Each had taken fifty years to make, Tech Priests toiling away for hours on end until their completion. Old records and deisgns, plus a little artistic liscence had been the bare bones for their work.

The plasma pistol had a scene of Inquisitor Eisenhorn banishing the Inquisitor Qxisox, each character carved with due care to almost reflect that titanic battle so long ago. The bolt pistol, however, was carved with a Space Marine Champion strangling a Greater Daemon by its throat. They were known as the Emperor's Twins, the bolt pistol being Wrath, the plasma pistol was Justice both being the hand of the Inquisition.

Inquisitor Incendium then became C. Incendium, a wealthy Rogue Trader from this sector. He dressed the part in elbarote clothing making him look like a pirate lord, with two old revolvers in holsters at his chest and a sabre at his thigh. He deffiantely hsd the look of a rogue.

Incendium entered the bar and took a seat, relaxing into it. A bar maid taking his order as he then watched everyone, looking for the guilty without even trying.

Grand Warlord
08-05-2005, 02:17
+walking from his room he took a seat in the bar near the door ordering some caffene and enjoying it greatly, a few of the citizens joined him and he began to preach the Imperial Cult a great speaker he had teh audience on his every word opening their souls to the emperor unknowingly they began confessing outragious things and were quickly silencing each other in the presence of an Imperial Preacher.+

+He gave a hearty chuckle and purchased a round for the entire bar which only made him more popular, the crowd slowly began to disperse, nodding a hello to the team members in the bar he pulled out a thick book and started righting a very serious look in his eyes.+

08-05-2005, 02:28
Freya nodded a brief greeting to the Preacher. It still seemed ridiculous thought.
A Preacher always accompanied by a tart.

A waiter approached her and she had to forcibly retain herself from tearing his head off. The young lad seemed rather unpreturbed by her holted reaction of barely suppressed violence. But she guessed that even on a ship like this one, that willingly accepted a Rouge Trader and his warband aboard, they were used to violence.

'Can I get you anything miss?' he asked her in a rather flat, interested tone. Although as she turned to look at him, his expression changed dramatically.

'Damn corsett' she muttered under her breath. 'No, now sod off!' she snapped at him.

08-05-2005, 02:43
'Dear Preacher,' Incendium said with a smile, 'you are enjoying your evening then?' Looking at Freya with a grin, that if he was not her master would have got him killed.

'Ah the Good Emperor provides,' the Priest said with a wink. Incendium nerely took a step back with shock at the wink, but shook it off.

'Ah may I borrow her for a few minutes, if you don't mind?' Incendium asked looking at Freya.

'No, go ahead,' replied the Priest.

Incendium beckoned Freya over to him and the two sat at a table, with drinks at hand.

'You have the night off from the protection duties, the mutt of his will do the hard work for now,' Incendium said with a smile. 'Go enjoy yourself. This is your first time experiencing the other side of life, might as well hate it by knowing it.' Incendium lived by that phrase. Know thy Enemy. It was how he found the off world contacts.

He worked as a member of trade federation working with this one point, all points led to this planet as the source of the off-world connections to mulitple cults across several sub-sectors of space. By working with them, he had to ignore their illegal dealings, even fight with one or two Inquisitors along the way, even go as far as work for a drug lord that got him into trouble. Now his work was over, here. Once completed the federation would be next.

'Anyways, young lady, I also want to know if you will be able to lead a squad once we hit planetside. Not as into combat, but as a field team. I will want the lower hives explored for cult activities as standard procedure, and well, you are in second command. Would you be ready for it, honestly?' Incendium asked with a slight toast with his drink, allowing Freya to think it over.

Grand Warlord
08-05-2005, 02:54
+Sighing with relief he was glad to be rid of his keeper. Granted Incendium was probably livid at Andrews presence but that mattered not. The poor fenrisian (sp?) would only hold him back if it came to blows. He was an Inquisitor Lord after all... the ends justified the means... most of the time. He still had a conscious.+

+For the remainder of the night he kept queit before standing and walking off his cyber mastiff retreating to his quarters to sleep while the Preacher went off in search of a kindred spirit to talk to+

08-05-2005, 02:57
Freya pondered this for a moment. Was she ready to lead a pack for herself?

"Honestly mast....sir, I work better alone. But if you wish it, I will try. Though I will not promise I will either like or enjoy it."

She shrugged "Old habits die hard mas.....sir." she said, just in case anyone was listening in. "Also, I am worried of the intentions of this place towards me in......this....outfit!"

Freya pulled a face as she indicated herself. She sighed and muttered a quiet Fenrisian curse. She nodded with some sort of resolution.

"I shall endevour to relax and enjoy myself here in this place. And I shall.......'talk' to the others. After all, trust seems important for a leader of a pack. But the underhive?!" she whinged.

Of all the places that she could have been dumped in with a bunch of people she probably wouldn't spit on if they were on fire, she had to be dumped in the dark, closed world of the underhive. Though the logical part of her brain knew it was the right choice. She's be more than enough of a match for the gangers. Savage, resourceful and ten times more ruthless.

08-05-2005, 03:09
'Personally I thought the underhives would suit you,' Incendium said with a small laugh. 'Its your enviroment. Unhospitable, deadly and everything wants to kill you, eat you or rob you. That area would be your expertise, plus you would have a good selection of members, who are fiercely loyal.'

Incendium then looked at her dress and made note that he would to remind himself she was his Interrogater, replied: 'Its just that boys will be boys, you look beatiful and breathtaking, the men will be bound to look. Now as for this leader thing, it will not be all that difficult. Gaining trust can be gained in other methods, Freya.'

'Such as, mas..sir?' she asked.

'Ah, you'll just have to think how a wolf gets to the head pack, sometimes threw killing its previous leader or proving themselves in the heat of combat. Look at the crew, these men have been into battle many times and now you are here to lead them, a woman, and feral to boot, obviously not fit. Show them how wrong they are, by proving yourself strong and capable.'

Incendium awaited her response. He would make her cultured if it killed him.

08-05-2005, 03:21
Her brow furrowed. "You mean I have to....." Freya shook her head, no he couldn't mean that, could he?

"I'm guessing this doesn't involve me, them or my chainaxe." she looked a little downtrodden. "And I dearly hope I don't have to make my way to the top the way the female wolf does by......" She couldn't bring herself to say the words. Some mistress she would pretend to be.

She licked her lips, noting that her mouth was suddenly very dry.
"The hive is dark and dry and full of people. I will survive that. It can't be any more harsh than Asahiem. Yet I fear it is the team that will kill me. If not them, then you will!"

08-05-2005, 03:25
'Have you killed? Hmm, I would not have taken you as my Interrogater if I did want you to make it to Inquisitor, my dear,' Incendium said in low key. 'I would do the mission into the underhive, however, I worked with some of the people these cultists work with. If I get spoted, everything I've worked for goes under. Now do you understand, young Freya? Also, if you have to fight for the position of leadership or crack some heads, then be my guest, but don't put too many of our people in the med-bay.'

Incendium looked at Freya and shook his head.

'You worry me,' he said with a laugh.

08-05-2005, 03:35
She smiled back "I worry myself at times. But I never said you'd have me killed. More, you'll be the death of me. I have no doubt of your intentions towards me. But I fear you'll either tame me, or just release me on the world to wreck my havoc allowing me to totally surrender what little humanity you have uncovered in me."

She grin her feral, almost lop-sided grin once again. "As for busting heads, I promise nothing. They are the once you have to talk to. I can't help it if they don't heed my warning that I'll knock them into next week!"

08-05-2005, 03:46
A laugh escaped Incendium's lips as he then looked at Freya.

'Hmm, me being the death of you? Perhaps, but I could also be the one sees you become a full time Inquisitor? We shall see,' Incendium said looking at her. 'Now if you'll excuse me, I got some business to sort out. Enjoy yourself.'

Incendium left Freya behind and threw on his grox leather coat, keeping up with the rogueish look. He headed down to the end of the hall, to the lift. He went to the 81st floor and walked into a bar filled with smoke, drink and a distinct smell of incensce.

A bouncer stopped him, but Incendium flashed him his tickect and the bouncer allowed him through.

Incendium saw his quarry and walked over to his table. Taking up a waitress, he ordered a drink as he sat down.

'C. Incendium, I presume,' grolwed the man.

'Yes, thats me. Wheres your boss? This deal is only for him,' Incendium said with a look of disappointment.

'I will you to him, but give me the ancient toys of yours and that sabre first,' he said as Incendium gave him the weapons. 'Good now follow me.' The man lead him into a room where Incendium sat down.

'Ah dear Incendium, how are you?' asked Barthomello the Greedy. He was a fat man who worked for contacts to use rogue traders to transport rare artifacts. Incendium knew this and was here to take him out.

OoC/Don't worry, this is just me being me, so ignore it for now. Nobody knows where Incendium went, just so you know. This is important, but permission to ask where he is at is granted ;)/OoC

08-05-2005, 04:02
Freya grinned at Incendium's words. A full-time Inquisitor. It sounded good. A pack of her own to lead, if she wished. Now that did sound fun. But not as fun as the road of heretics, mutants, aliens and Daemons it would take her to wade through with ther chainaxe in her hand.

For no real reason. Freya stood up taller, her chin slightly raised. She glanced around her, at the men staring unabased which mader her stand up straighter. The contricting corsett didn't seem to tight now, nor such a straight jacket.

Neither did she feel so laid out for all to see as she walked, the skirt of the dress had vents cut to near the tops of her thights so her legs could be seen. The long flowing fabric rippled as she walked to bar. She longed to take off the tiny fitted jacket she wore too, but that would be wrong. How would she explain away the scars that covered her arms, or the howling wolf tattoo?

She strode up to the bar near the Crusader and the ex-Imperial Guard solider as though she possesed all the confidence in the world. She figured she should learn their names. but now wasn't the time to be dwelling on the more unpleasent things.

Freya ordered the strongest spirit on the bar menu, drank half in one glup. And grinned wickedly at the two men. She downed the glass dry but didn't not swallow. Instead spraying it over a nearby candle to produce a massive gout of flame. And with that she left the bar. Striding away as though she owned the place.

08-05-2005, 07:05
Sol walked into the bar as freya walked out, he couldnt help but stare, and thought about going over and offering her some credits for her services, he quickly dismissed the thought though as Keats was still up in their cabin. The young acolyte sat at the bar by himself and bought the dearest drink he could find.

08-05-2005, 13:46
Yorah desperatly patted out the fire on his arm. A bit of liquer spreyed onto him and ignited his arm. The rest of the room was sniggering. He picked himself off the floor and wiped the dust off himself. The anger weeled up inside him and he said camly to Gyr:

"Would you excuse me for a moment? I have a bone to pick."

He strode quickly out of the room oblivious to the many laughing eyes that followed him. He found Freya walking down a crowded corridor, Yorah ran to catch up with her.

"Hey I would like a word with you."He said when he was close to her.

Before he could say any more Freya aimed a spinning backick to his stomach, sending him to the ground wheezing. He recovered and swung a punch at her which she blocked and countered witha punch to face. Yorah quickly dodged it.

A smaal circle cleared around them,the passing crowd stopping to watch the ensueing fight.

"You just don't know when to quit do you?"She snarled at him.

OoC/ Well somebody had to start it I suppose. :p You can decide whether we continue this or somebody intervenes Xhalax. If you decide to keep fighting maybe we can get a PvP fight going, Slaz if thats okay? I know you said no PvP fights this time Slaz but maybe just one? :D :D

08-05-2005, 14:10
Gyr shook his head as Yorah took off after Freya. And I thought these new recruits might have what it took to survive... He took one more small sip of his drink, and handed over a handful of coins to the man behind the bar. With that, he hitched his hood back over his head, and walked out of the dim room.

So, he'd seen two of them since they arrived, but Gyr wondered what the Inquisitor was up to in bringing them to this place. It wouldn't be for relaxation, that much was certain. The Crusader didn't feel comfortable in these surroundings: who knew what heresies some of the members of the crowd that thronged around him were guilty of? His hand itched for his blade, his pulse quickening and sweat beading his brow, but there was no solid reason for drawing it. He cursed himself for his paranoia: he had to calm down. Breathe. He closed his eyes, unclenching his fists, and breathed in, and out.

An impact on his right palm made his eyes jerk open, snapping into a fighting stance: but the source of the impact was not apparent. He looked down, and again had to unclench his fist: his face changed to a quizzical look as he saw that his palm now contained a small metal pendant on a fine bronze chain. Gyr cast a glance at the moving crowd, to try and see who had slipped the little trinket into his hand, but there was no way of telling. It could have been any of them.

He raised it up close to his face: the pendant consisted of a vertical sword motif, the blade pointing downwards, with an Imperial aquila behind it, a shining red gem embedded in the hilt. A small strip just above this of the blade read "Kyanna".

What, or who, is Kyanna? Confused and worried, Gyr slipped the pendant into his pocket. It was without doubt Imperial in nature..he would ask someone. The preacher maybe? He seemed a learned man. Perhaps he, or the Inquisitor, would know more.

With this thought, Gyr walked along in the crowd, twice as wary of his surroundings.

08-05-2005, 14:20
Serj had somehow managed to get his hands on a Las Gun and about 200 plates and him and Angrus were currently down in cargo hold 5.


yelled Angrus and Serj threw another plate into the air for it to be lanced down by a perfect las shot.

"Nice shot, but i think i have had enough of this for today, wanna go for a quick drink?"

Serj asked

"I hope that....Freya was it? is up there, she was lookin 'sexy' in that corset"

08-05-2005, 15:52
Angrus smiled at the comment. "That she, did my friend." He started to walk with Serj towards the bar. "I tell ya, if she weren't a psyker..." Angrus left the sentence unfinished causing Serj to turn and give him a knowing look. "Go on." The ex con said with a slight smile. Angrus just turned and winked at the man.

When they got to the bar, Angrus ordered a bottle of Amasec and two glasses. He handed one of the glasses to Serj and poured an equal measure from the bottle into each glass. He tossed the barkeep some credits when he noticed that he was still standing there waiting to get paid. "Run along sonny. Nothing to see here." He said in a mocking snobbish accent which had Serj in stitches. The barkeep muttered something under his breathe and moved on to serve someone else.

Angrus sipped his Amasec slowly. He didn't like the atmosphere aboard The Bleeding Chalice and he wanted to keep his mind as focused as possible while still having some fun. Serj seemed to be the only one that talked to Angrus out of the group. Curse of being an untouchable I guess, he thought to himself as he looked warily around the room. "So, Serj, what's your area of expertise?" He grinned out of the blue in an effort to make conversation.

08-05-2005, 18:20
"Area of expertise....well lets just say if you need something i can get it, but i am also well known for my skills of finding ways in an out of places where there shouldn't be any, if you know what i mean"

Serj said, winking at the last comment and knocking back his glass.

"Take for example, that shady looking character over there"

Serj said pointing across the bar at at a man who seemed good at reflecting attention off of him

"I bet, if i asked nice enough he could get ahold of weapons, ammunition, alcohol, women, information, anything one could want. You just need to know where to 'look' "

Serj said, emphasising the last word.

"So how about you, why has the almighty inquisitor requested your services"

He asked, with a tone dripping of sarcasm.

08-05-2005, 18:44
"Well, he found me on Iritio Prime three years ago." He had a serious face on. A rare thing. "I was a death cultist back then, trained from an early age." He started to play with his glass. "The cult was called The Souless and it was made up of the untouchables born on Iritio." His mood seemed to lift gradually. "When Incendium came, he recruited me as part of a kill team to purge a psyker cult on the planet." He grinned an evil grin. "The magus of that cult died by my hand and his soul I devoured joyfully."

Angrus took a sip of his Amasec before he continued. "Since then, I've been serving as Incendiums, personal assassin, undercover operative and defence against the ruinous powers." He lowered his voice some more. "Being a member of an Inquisitors retinue has it's benefits." He said as he lifted his goggles up to reveal eyes that shone slightly in the half light of the bar. "You are gifted similarly, I assume?" He asked Serj as he lowered his goggles once more.

08-05-2005, 18:59
OOC/ not quite what i was thinking it would be...I was going for verbal with maybe one of two punches thrown eventually

IC/Freya mentally shurgged. Realistically they shouldn't be doing this in the open. Though she was a tart and he was......well he was a guy so the crowd could just be thinking that her was harrassing her or something.

However, this could provide her first chance to maybe gain some respect from someone here. Though she had to forcefully remember that she wasn't allowed to put any of them in the Infirmary. What about the morgue? she wondered.

"Leave me alone!" she hissed to him for the crowd. Her right hand flexed slightly, exerting a touch of her powers on Yorah. He stopped, feeling a slight tightening in his chest as she did. She longed to tighten her hold on him, but she;d been forbidden to.

She turned to leave, not a moment too soon as ship security had started to appear and no doubt they'd make thing difficult if they were caught actually fighting aboard.

08-05-2005, 20:09
Y'nal woke up in his quarters.

I was asleep? By the Gods, what happened?!

His mind muddled, Y'nal could not recall what had happened to him to make him sleep for the first time in roughly 80 Terran years. He searched the ship, with no sign of his crew or Inquisitor. He Voxxed the Inquisitor, desperate to find out what had happened.

OOC: Sorry, I got into a party the other night, that according to my parents I slept for 30 straight hours afterwards. Someone fill me in, my mind is still a little messed up. Lets just say it involved a 6 foot long 'water pipe' named Jack the Tripper. :D

08-05-2005, 20:29
Yorah clutched his chest as Freya walked away. wheezing he assured himself that he would get her later.

Yorah stood up, dusted himself off and watched Freya hurry away, unaware to the fact that about 5 ship security officers came on him from behind.

One of them grabbed Yorah around the neck:

"We'll show you how we deal with people starting trouble on our ship." He growled into his ear.

Yorah elbowed him in the stomach, then flipped the man on to the ground.

"I haven't started yet." He grinned as the 4 other guards ran at him, batons out. He blocked the baton of one and punched him out. The second clipped Yorahs head with the baton and left him woosy but he recovered and kicked the man in the face. Sending him to the ground with a broken nose.

The two remaning guards held back for a second unsure what to do. Then one of them plucked up the courage to attack. He was swiflty thrown through a shop window.

Yorah smirked at how easy it was, but then backup arived for the guards. Another 10 ran at him, obviously hearing the screams of the others.

"Frag" Yorah sighed to himself.

He tried to run but was tackled by one of the guards and he hit the deck getting knocked out cold.


A few hours later he awoke in a cell. Man Incendiums going to be pissed he thought to himself.

After badgering the brig officer long enough he was given a comm and he called Incendium.

"Hello sir, Yorah here, ehh... theres been an ehh... accident. Could you come dowm to the brig please?"

OoC/ Sorry Slaz couldn't help it :D Yeah but whats a day without a friendly fight? :p

08-05-2005, 22:23
"Well Angrus, i wouldn't like to give away my secrets, but i will say that even though i can get you anything, i dont think i'll be able to get you a pair of these, the....man that made them is....um....out of commission."

Serj said, he knocked back another glass and saw the inquisitor rush past the bar, getting up he moved to follow

"He seems to be ina hurry, wonder whats up"

Serj remarked to Angrus as the pair caught up with the Inquisitor

"So where are you hurrying off to"

The Assassin asked

"Well i would be off for a drink if the Yorah hadn't got himself into a nice mess and ended up in the brig now wouldn't I?"

The inquisitor spat, seething

"Me and Angrus could handle this one if you want, save you pulling your weight and exposing yourself. I got myself out of a Max Sec easily enough i'm sure the pair of us could bust him out of this ships undermanned, probably dilapadated brig. Plus it would give us a chance to work together, so i can see just what this piece of work can do"

Serj said pointing a thumb at the assassin next to him.

OOC-Whew, 3 characters in one post and i'm not even a GM. Anyway, if you disapprove of this Slaz feel free to ask me to remove it. Oh and M@L@L, sorry if i seem to be controlling your character but i dont really want to leave him hanging in the bar on his own. I'm gonna wait for Slaz to reply before going further, incase he has a plan for this.

08-05-2005, 23:05
Freya couldn't quite contain the grin as she watched security deal with Yorah. Well the Inquisitor was right, they had to learn respect for her. And hopefully a few hours in the slam would teach him not to mess with her.

She stalked off again, wandering here and there. She passed the nicer quaters that had been assigned to her and a select few of the others and something struck her. The Eldar, he hadn't been seen since they embarked.

She wondered.

OOC/ since no one has said anything....Nid, not a great lot has happend. Everyone is now aboard a ship on route to where they're supposed to be going. It's a luxuary ship...but your character is more or less confined for the duration.

Not like that'll happen!

09-05-2005, 03:30
Sol saw the other two wander out of the bar, and he decided it was time for him to go as well. On his way to his and Keats cabin he came across Freya, offering her a hand he introduced himself.
"Callick Sol, and you are?" he asked knowing already who she was.

Keats awoke and instantly reached for his weapons, before he realised he had been having another nightmare, he needed some fresh air, or at least as fresh as the air on board a ship could be. He walked down towards the bar and saw Sol talking to the psyker, he decided not to interrupt the two of them and gave a quick nod to his acolyte then kept walking. He saw a lady wearing even less then Freya sitting in the corner by herself, he decided to join her and offer her a drink.

09-05-2005, 10:56
OoC/Hmm, well seeing that Incendium is in a meeting somethings need a little finishing touches.

Yorah is still in the brig, the conversation never happened. However, Serj and Angrus recieved the message by accident. Those two can do the crazy thing and try to bust him up, if you want. Just remember there might be consequences.

There are three Navy Troops guarding the cell, lightly armed. They don't expect anything.

Just so you know/OoC

Inquisitor Incendium or C. Incendium, Rogue Trader, was sitting in a private room with Barthamello dicussing business. Incendium had heard enough and was about to leave, smiling and saying something about taking the job.

He was suddenly stopped.

'An Inquisitor, hmm?' Barthemello asked as a servo-skull floated closer to his ear, whispering or something. The fat man began to laugh and then suddenly changed to anger. 'Get him!'

Five men lunged themsleves at Incendium, but Incendium was ready for them. He fought with them, matching punch for punch, kick for kick. He had trained with Angrus for the past two years, Gyr for longer and some other contacts for longer than that, even his basic Comisaar training came at hand. Incendium landed a deadly strike to a man's head, the pleasant sound of a neck snapping echoing through the confined room.

Incendium threw another punch, hitting a man in the chest, suddenly things were going his way as he fought off the henchmen, trying to get to Barthemello. A shot rang out, and Incendium felt something hot pierce his torso. He fell to the floor, bleeding from a chest wound.

'Emperor dam you!' roared Incendium at Barthemello as he attempted to stand.

'Oh dear dear Inquisitor, just shut up. I think we shall keep him, have him placed in a stasis field. An Inquisitor would make my collection complete. Do it now! Also search the ship, he will have allies here, Inquisitors are not that stupid,' Barthemello ordered as he locked eyes with Incendium. 'I personally will enjoy looking at your body day in and day out, it will add to the collection nicely.'

Barthemello then floated off his chair using an expensive xenos tech known as a hover belt and cackled loudly as he left the room. Incendium was dragged away, but he quickly sent a message to Freya, praying it would get to her, via a quick morse code style voxing reps.

A punch to the head is the last thing Incendium remembered beofre the darkness and cold.

OoC/Right, well Incendium has been captured. This ship is owned by Barthemello, well a part of it. He has a seperated quarters, that used to be the Captain's personal quarters and the officer's quarters. He owned a big part of the ship. He has on average twenty to twenty-five men on board. The usual scum.

The message stated this: Fire down. Cub needs to lead pack.

In english: Incendium down, Freya needs to rally the team and well, rescue Incendium.

Riddy/M@l@l, you two will meet resisitence in the freeing mission as Barthemello's men will be there.

Note: Welcome to the RPG, you knew I was up to something :D

09-05-2005, 12:12
Freya extended her hand reluctantly and shook Sol's hand.
"Freya Astad...." but she never quite got her intorduction finished as the sudden burst of a vox transmission in her concealed ear bead made her jerk her head and stop speaking.

Even if she hadn't heard the message, she knew that things had turned very ugly. Only the Inquisitor could have rasied her on her comm-bead and he wouldn't have done that unless it was direr. After all he was an Inquisitor and totally capable to handling most things.

"Oh no!" she whispered, frozen to the spot at the consequeses of the message. But after a moment or two outrage set in.

She rounded on Sol. "Go back in there and tell everyone to come to the Eldar's quaters as soon as possible"
She reached out and grabbed Sol's arm tightly "Descretly and now" she said with a snarl and flash of fangs.

Freya pushed Sol away in the direction of the bar enterance and swept away. She had to be totally sure that the message was correct, and if it was she had to try and find the Inquisitor quickly in case the worst was to come.

The Eldar seemed her best chance of that. His race were supposed to be good at predicting things and getting it right. She'd see just how good the Eldar was at it.

Freya passed the Preacher's room and hesitated a moment, should she tell him what was going on? No she decided quickly. It wouldn't look good on the groups competance. So she continuted her march towards her goal and pounded angrily on Y'nal's door with her fist.

09-05-2005, 12:34
The naval security trooper known as Thrund thought he heard something. He turned to one of his comrades who stood on the other side of the doorway from him. "You hear something, Karl?" He asked quietly. His partner turned and gave him an annoyed look. "No, nimrod I didn't." He snorted. Karl turned to look in the cell where a third naval security trooper stood keeping a close eye on Yorah.

"Hey, Jul, you hear something?" Shouted Karl with a slight smile. "Nope replied Jul, without taking an eye off of Yorah. Karl turned to Thrund and gave him a satisfied smile which made Thrund feel sick to the stomach. They were always picking on him because he was small. When he made officer he'd show them. That was his last thought as his brains erupted out of his head and covered Karl's face.

Karl turned, surprised just as the corpse of Thrund dropped to the ground. He saw a red dot move up his body before he died. "What the fra..." Jul was cut off when Yorah barreled into him and then proceeded to bash his head repeatedly against the bars of the cell until he moved no more. The price of taking your eyes off of the prisoner to see what happened to your buddies.

Angrus appeared at the cell door and opened it. Serj was right behind him. "What took you so long?" Yorah laughed, before suddenly stopping with a look of realisation. "Where's Incendium?" He asked. Angrus turned to Serj who shrugged. "What do you mean?" Angrus asked. "Well..." Yorah was cut off when the trio suddenly heard the sound of many booted feet heading their way.

OOC:Slazton: Hope you don't mind Barthemello's men turning up after the rescue. Think Blade Trinity style.:DOOC:

09-05-2005, 12:59
Serj had had the sense to bring a weapon with him, well, a metal bar, but he called it a weapon. As the trio movedto leave half a dozen men turned the corner and raised an assortment of melee weapons

"Well this ought to be fun"

Serj said before barrelling into two of the men, crushing ones throat and breaking the others ribs with a swing of the metal bar.

Grand Warlord
09-05-2005, 20:47
+Gerrard stepped out of his quarters more or less ready for war, he had felt Inceniumds psychic signature fade to darkness and was slowly making his way behind his bionic eye had changed from green to crimson he was upset. It had been going so well for the young Inquisitor but he would stay incongnito for the time being, he needed to examine the party on their own abilities without the Inquisitors help... such as they were now+

"Freya, what is your plan of action.... leader."

+She seemed shocked at the term and Gerrard smiled (just taking a little liberty with that if i need to change it let me know.) he bowed and followed her knowing sooner or later they would find their prey... he click the safety off his bolt pistol but kept it hidden in its holster his combat shotgun at the ready, his cyber mastiff alert and ready+

09-05-2005, 22:58
Yorah didn't even realise what was happening when a baton connected with his thigh, sending it into spasams and throwing Yorah to the floor. The man came to charge him but Yorah put his leg up, catching the man on his foot and flipping him into the wall.

"Who the hell are these guys!?" He shouted over to the others.

Angrus called back,"Does it mat..." He was stopped short by a punch to the face, which he returned by backicking the guy over a balcony.

He turned to Yorah to finish what he was saying,"Does it matter? Kick their faces in anyway!!"

"Knw thats what I'm talking about!!" Serj added as he smashed a metal chair over a goons head.

"Good Point will do" He had only known Serj and Angrus for a short while but already he was starting to like them.Yorah thought he would try some of the moves he saw Angrus do. Aiming a spinnig kick at a goon's head.

"Hey Angrus when we get out of this you got to show me some moves"

OoC/Hope you don't mind me taking control of your characters for a moment. You are free to do that with mine :D . Oh and if you want anything changed just PM me. /OoC

10-05-2005, 00:05
Freya did the slightest of double-takes when the Preacher had address her as 'leader'. It was an unformiliar for anyone to address her, and usually it was as something less than savoury. But what also struck her after she had shaken the sudden realisation that to all intents and purposes, he was correct, she was the leader right now, was how did he know what was going on?

She eyed the Preacher, scurtinizing his appearence. He looked like an Imperial Preacher, yet for the first time, she thought there was something not right about him. But dismissed the thought just as quickly as it had arrived. Preacher's were fanatical and so couldn't accurately be judged.

'Well, things have taken what would appear to be a slight detour from the good. In other words, I believe we're in it up to our necks already.'

She hammered on the Eldar's door once again. If he didn't open it in the next minute or so, she'd kick it down and drag the alien out by his abnormally pointed ears.

She looked around for a moment and then leaned closer to the Preacher and whispered.
'Now is not the time nor the place to discuss such things. I will tell you if this piece of xenos filth' she kicked the door 'ever opens the damn door!' she shouted, hoping to grab his attention.

10-05-2005, 00:57
Sol entered the bar and quickly found keats leaving with a scantly dressed mistress, he whispered to him what had happened and the two then left instantly without a word to the whoever she was. Keats took the lead trying to find any other members of the party and as he did told them to return to the eldars quarters. Sol and keats quickly stopped by their room, grabbing their weapons and hiding them as discreetly as they could and being rogue traders (unlike incendium) they knew how to very well. When they arrived at the eldars quarter they saw Freya trying to kick down the door. Keats looked at her and motioned for her to step to the side, before he landed a boot into the center of the door and sending it crashing to the ground.

10-05-2005, 01:02
Y'nal came walking calmly down the hallway. "Oh, hello there. I had been looking for you. Where is the inquisitor?"

He paused and looked at his door. "And what in the God's names did you do that for?"

10-05-2005, 01:02
Freya glanced at Keats with a look of disgust on her face.
'Subtle!' she chipped him sharply around the head. 'Fool!' she spat

10-05-2005, 01:04
ooc// it was keast who kicked it down, sol watched:p

10-05-2005, 01:08
OOC/swhoops....sorry. Keep forgetting that your two people.
Edited though

10-05-2005, 01:21
oo// thats cool
Keats looked at the eldar and then at Freya, "look at me, im pumped full of rage stimm, and you expect me to be subtle. Hes the subtle half of me" he said as he pointed at Sol

10-05-2005, 01:26
Freya gave Keats another smack.
'Calm down this instant or I'll put you out. I don't need you mucking things up for all of you' she threatened.

10-05-2005, 01:26
The eldar slapped one arm around the 2 closest people's shoulders, just so happening to be Keats and Freya, and he said "So, where are we needed, hmmm?" He began to steer the two of them away from the battered door.

10-05-2005, 01:29
Freya growled at the Eldar and pushed him off.
'I was hoping that you might tell us.' She glanced at the broken door and nodded to Sol
'Close that up as best you can, we need some privacy here!'

She fixed her grey eyes on the Eldar. 'We're in trouble, all of us, you included!'

10-05-2005, 01:31
"And how do you presume to do that," he asked with a twinkle in his eye.

10-05-2005, 01:32
Keats nodded to freya, it wasnt that he didnt respect her as leader, it was that he had no respect for women at all. Sol whispered something in his ear, and instantly Keats seemed to relax. He ducked out of the eldars grab though and walked into the room,laying on his bed, "so what are we going to do about this situation?" the aged rogue trader asked.

10-05-2005, 01:33
Freya looked scornfully at him.
'You're Eldar aren't you? You race is so full of itself when it comes for foretell....stuff and seeing things. Or are you defective?'
Maybe baiting him wasn't the right thing to do, but she couldn't help it.

10-05-2005, 01:36
The Eldar went deadly serious. The temperature dropped several degrees in the room, and fog started to drift from the breaths of those in the room.

"Seal the door." he proclaimed in a harsh, eerily quiet voice.

10-05-2005, 01:40
Freya looked at the Eldar, shock spreading across her face. She dearily would have liked to have asked why and what trickery he was up to, but the look on his face brooked no arguement.

'As you wish!' she replied simply and helped Sol with the door, pushing the furniture in front of it to hold it in place. She shot Keats a withering look.

10-05-2005, 01:58
Eldrich light began wicking from Y'nal's eyes and fingertips. A ghostly green crackle of raw psychic energy feeding back into the mortal realm. "I am not necessarily supposed to be doing this, and as such I must bypass some of the Wards and countermeasures. One does not Read lightly." That was as close to a proclamation of weakness the Eldar was going to give. He withdrew a small pouch of carved runes. Seer Stones. He reached into the pouch and withdrew one. Placing it hovering in the air, he looked at it for the first time. The Sign of Man. He knew it stood for the Inquisitor, for that was the purpose of this Seeing.

An image of Incendium flashed into the heads of everyone present. A momentary glimpse, a tortured scream. No one knew if it were real or the trickeries of the warp. Y'nal pulled a second stone. The sign of Man again, odd. This time however it was Inverted, and it took a close tight orbit around the first signifier stone. Inversion implied something different. something wrong. A foul smell of corruption began to seep into the air. The temperature continued to drop, and suddenly the lumiglobes went dark. If one looked closely they could see sparks of green energy flashing between the stones.

He withdrew a third stone and shrieked as it bit into his fingers. The stone of She who Thirsts. It took a rapid, maniacle orbit around the first two. The Unnamable would make an appearance upon this voyage. Y'nal didn't notice the blood from his savaged fingertips drip to the ground.

A fourth stone, the rune of the Star Traveller. The Ship they were on. Suddenly it took up a stationary position aside from the orbiting stones. A picture flashed in Y'nal's mind of the Inquisitor's location. He was done.

But still he drew another stone. The stone of the Warp. Voices began to gibber at the corners of one's sanity, harsh, defiled voices whispering promises of power, of blood, of decay, of lust, voices promising the Galaxy to those strong enough to simply take it.

Y'nal was transfixed. He was drawing a final rune when the fragile barrier of the mortal realm snapped, and a fanged multi-jawed maw suddenly sprung from the stones. With a sound of a Thunderclap, Y'nal broke the connection. He didn't notice the final rune was the Rune of the Outcast. Himself. He dropped to the floor, spent.

It was dark, hazy, and utterly cold inside the room.

10-05-2005, 02:09
Freya just stood there with her mouth open, total astounded by what was happening. The light, the dark, the flashes of images. It was all so unbelievable, so unimaginable and yet so real.

She knew she had some power, her master had told her she was what was known as a psyker, but she had never been able to do anything like that. It was both wonderous and terrifying.

She watched it all, not understanding anything, but as the ritual seemed to come to an end, something wasn't right. The hairs at the base of her neck prickled and it wasn't from the cold she was feeling. That was the oddest thing of all. Having grown up on an ice world, she felt the cold less than most. But this chill was bone-numbing.

Something in the warp seemed to stir and try to break through, she felt it, like she felt her breath rasping in her throat and her heart pounding with dear. But the Eldar had managed to keep it away, though the psychic backlash hit her like a fully grown Fenrisian wolf and she stumbled backwards, blood pouring from her nose. Yet, unlike the Eldar, she managed to keep her feet.

'What? What in Russ's name was that?' she inquired to no one in particular in the dark room, making the sign of the Wolf to protect her.

She could just make out the others in the room, as well as the Eldar who lay in a heap on the floor. Carefully she stumbled forwards to help him up.

'Are you ok?' she enquired

10-05-2005, 02:15
He looked up from the floor. Y'nal looked terrified. No one else knew just how utterly horrifying Slaanesh was for the Eldar. He cleared his throat several times before he was able to speak.

"He's....on the third level of the Captain's quarters. Prepare yourselves, prepare as if your soul depends on it." he croaked.

OOC: Off to class for the evening, later, Y'nal grabs his equiptment etc and we can go off to find the Inquisitor.

10-05-2005, 02:21
Freya felt what little colour she had left drain from her face. That didn't bode well. What could have possibly terrified the alien that much?

She sat there for a moment. Her brain jammed until the shuffling of the others in the room started to bring her around. Thankfully by this time, the glowglobes had started to work and were shedding a very thin stream of light into the room, but it was still freezing.

She turned and looked at the others, wondering what they had felt and wondering if she looked half as bad as they did. She knew they looked like she felt. This wasn't going to be a stroke around the ice peaks.

Grand Warlord
10-05-2005, 04:18
+Andrew shuddered as the eldar's psychic force overtook him momentarily, granted he was a talented and well trained psyker, very few were a match for the eldar, who were very attuned to the warp and its evils. He made the sign of the Aquilla and spoke gently making for the door.+

"I go to tend the black sheep of the emperor's flock. Safety be with you all, they will probable expect us to come as a single entity, I suggest we split up. I know it is not my place to give the orders but... I feel this is what I must do. You can punsih me at a later date if you wish Emperor willing we should meet again."

+And then he was gone and down the hall gone before anyone could exit after him he kept his commlink on so Freya could give orders to him.+

10-05-2005, 04:35
Helos lay in bed. He had not slept since his abduction and it had finally caught up with him. The luxury liner had put him at ease though. After what he new only as a long time, he got out of bed and looked around the ship for some grub, he was starving.

Helos wandered down to a casino, ordered a snack, and tipped nicely. Afterwards he lazily sauntered over to a gambling table and threw a few rounds, thoroughly enjoying himself. ‘Good throw sir’ the dealer said to him after a win, smiling.

He nodded, ‘I always was a lucky boy’ If he wanted to, he could of cheated, he could easily manipulate the dice with his mind, but that would take the fun out of it. Helos lazily wondered if the casino had psykic protection, he imagined it probably didn’t, they probably screened the passengers when they first arrived, that way they wouldn’t have to worry the entire trip.

Helos accessed just a sliver of the warp, just to sense if there were other pyskers in the room. Suddenly Helos felt the Eldar reaching out, something was wrong, something with Incendium, something bad. Suddenly the Eldar’s power faded.

‘ahh shit’ Helos muttered, and then looked up. ‘Baby, cash my chips for me, I’ll be back to pick them up later’. Helos then ran as fast as he could to the last signal from the Eldar.

Helos prepared for the worst and had his mind open, if he ran into trouble, he would be ready. He came to a final door, but it wouldn’t budge. That was exactly where he had last felt Y'nal. Then he heard Freya’s unmistakable voice on the other side of the door. Well at least he found the group. Helos knocked on the door and said “uhhh Freya, can I come in?”

10-05-2005, 04:45
They cleared the door, and let the Priest out and Helos in. (OOC: I'd assume the priest didnt just vanish ;)) Helos entered the room, to find it in dissaray.

10-05-2005, 04:57
“So it begins” Helos said after entering the room. “Y’nal, I felt that something bad happened to the Inquisitor, do you know of his whereabouts?”

Y’nal looked drained, whatever psychic power he had used, had sapped his energy it seemed. Y’nal answered “The Inquisitor is on third level of the captains quarters, be prepared for resistance”

“Right” Helos answered and took a moment to think. As much as he didn’t like it, Helos felt much safer with an inquisitor and thought it would be best to save him immediately.
Helos spoke again: “Well, the captains quarters isn’t too far from here, if we backtrack the way I came, we can take an elevator up to the casino, from which point the captains headquarters is only a short walk towards to bridge. I say we get him immediately before things get too bad.”

10-05-2005, 21:58
Freya was still a littler dumbfounded. She nodded to the Priests suggestion. 'Yes, it would be advisible for us to split up into groups and converge on the enemies position from seperate points.'

She glanced around at the rather motely group. 'Yet I do not think we should go anywhere alone. We split into pairs, we may stand for of a chance that way.'

She looked at Y'nal, he looked terrible. 'The thrid level of the Captian's quaters, you said. Anyone have any idea what the lay out of the place is like? Or will someone have to go on recon?' she enquired.

10-05-2005, 22:08
Something wasn't right. Gyr had been wandering the corridors for some minutes without seeing any of the other team members. Something was wrong-very, very wrong.

The black-clad Crusader stopped, turned and headed for his room. Drastic times required drastic measures, and not having a clue where in the warp any of the others were qualified as drastic to him. He tapped his commbead. "Inquisitor, where are you?"

His reply was only the buzz of static. Gyr didn't try again: he'd experienced this before from Incendium. The Inquisitor was either maintaining silence, dead or captured, any of which could be just as bad for them.

Where in space are they... He tapped the bead again. "Yorah, come in. Where in the blue hell are you?"

Gyr breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the guardsman's voice. "The Eldar's room. Where are you? Thought you'd got lost!"

The Crusader raised an eyebrow. "Stop joking, you hadn't even remembered I existed. Status? I can't raise the Inquisitor."

"The Inquisitor's been captured, but we know where he is...or the Eldar claims to anyway. Be ready to move out."

"Making my way up there, I'll be outside. I'm not going into that thing's lair. Corvus out." Gyr threw open the door of his room, and took his suppression shield off his bed, slinging it over his back. He stormed out again into the crowd, ignoring the quizzical looks he was now receiving. He'd explain why a Rogue Trader's bodyguard had an ornate shield if and when he had to. He jogged along the corridor, and stood outside the Eldar's room, waiting for the rest to exit. He tapped the bead again. "In position, armed and ready. Who's planning this?"

10-05-2005, 22:18
'That would be me!' Freya replied to the vox sounding rather annoyed. She had the authortisation to hack into the others vox frequencies, which she'd opened as soon as she'd received Incendium's message.
'But if you wish to have some input in the matter, be my guest.'

10-05-2005, 22:34
Serj, Yorah and Angrus slowly advanced on the one remaining guard. He was short and podgy, with a pallid complexion an obscura addict thought Serj.

"Watch out, he may be more dangerous than he looks"

Serj managed before the guard lept at him, punching him and clawing at his throat before taking off at a run down the hall.

"After him"

yelled Angrus and the trio sprinted after him.

Two corridors down they found the guard, exhausted and hiding in a maintenance space. Yorah pinned him against the metal wall of the ship, holding a small knife to his neck

"Who sent you? Why are you after us?"

He asked in a slow calculating tone.

"B-B-B-Barthemello...he said your inquisitor....he w-w-w-would have associated and we were to find them."

the man stammered, undoubtably terrified at the three men standing before him.


Serj asked simply

"C-c-captains and officers quarters, p-p-please dont kill me"

"Lets go"

Yorah said, dropping the choking man on the floor as the three of them left

"We better find the others"

Angrus suggested and the three of them headed off to look for more of the team.

OOC-It would be helpful if someone could possibly find us, preferably Freya as that would pretty much put the whole team together and as Xhalax is online it makes things easier.

10-05-2005, 22:57
Angrus suddenly stopped and smiled to himself as he remembered the psy tracker he wore on his wrist. "Hey guys, wait a sec." He said as he activated the tracker. The device went to work immediately, pinpointing Freya's psychic signature. "They're in the Eldar's room." He grinned finally. "Most of them anyway." he added. "What about Incendium?" Asked Yorah. "I could locate him with the tracker." Replied Angrus. "But I recommend we get some backup. Emperor knows how many men this Barthemello has onboard." Serj turned and gave Angrus and Yorah a feral grin. "Well wjat are we waiting for?" He snarled as the trio set off to rendevous with the others.

10-05-2005, 23:04
Freya stared at the others. 'Well? Anyone got any suggestions on how on earth we're supposed to locate the Inquisitor, other than on foot asking people if they've seen him?'

She was getting annoyed. She knew she was supposed to be leading this group, but some input from them on how to achieve their objective would have been nice. And so far, the only things that had been added were basically 'We're in it up to our necks and there's very little we can do about it!'

She shook her head in frustration. Her first command was going down the pan faster than she could think. It was not very encouraging. She glanced around again, searching for some ray of hope, as though it was just lying around waiting to be discovered.

10-05-2005, 23:20
Serj, Angrus and Yorah all came bundling into the eldars room, panting and red faced.

"OK, no time for fancy ****, i think we better get the inquisitor out of trouble, Angrus can track him, lets go"

Serj said, trying to get his breath back

10-05-2005, 23:41
'Oh just like that, eh?' Freya snapped her fingers. 'I don't think so. I'm in charge here and you'll bloody well do as I say, or so help me I'll put you in the infirmary for a month!' she hissed.

She took a deep breath and quickly went over the calming excerises in her mind to clear it. 'Ok, here's what we'll do. We split up into teams of two.'
She shot everyone a look that could spot a wolf in its tracks to show she was serious.

'Right, one team will go ahead to scout the place out and try and gain entry. The rest acting as cover to keep our backs clear. Once we're in, then we give them hell and get the Inquisitor out.....but quietly. We much not raise suspicion with the others aboard the ship, or any more of croonies that are working for.....well whoever had the Inquisitor.'

She looked around the group. Who would work well with whom? This may be difficult.
'You!' she pointed to Serj 'You and Yorah are one team.'
'Keats, you're with Sol'
'Crusader, you're with the Eldar....I want you behind the main team. So far, you're the best warriors at our disposal. No offence intended on the rest of you, but i've never fought any of you, or seen you fight. But i have them and they're good.'

She turned to Y'nal 'Think you're up to it?' she asked him. He nodded gravely.

'And' she said with a sigh 'That leaves you and me!' she said staring with a sour look at Angrus. 'We're the main team. You can track him and we're going to need a reason to be up there....and' she grimaced and spread her arms wide to show herself off 'I guess the whore for the job'

OOC/ decpetion is in order.

10-05-2005, 23:45
Angrus activated the psy tracker once again, setting it to pinpoint Incendium's psychic signature this time. The tracker located him quickly, not too far from where the eldar had said he was. "The tracker will show me the best route to take." He said to Freya. "There's no time to lose, sweetheart. So if you think you can bare working with me knowing what I am, I suggest we get moving."

10-05-2005, 23:47
There were too many people talking at once. Helos shouted for silence, and said

"Freya, we know that the Inquisitor is in the captains quaters on the third floor. That was the same floor the casino is on, if you follow me we only have to walk to the end of the hall and take the elevator up to the 3rd floor deck, the captains quarters has to be right around there. We have everyone, you're in charge, lets move out! Every second we lose the less of a chance we have of finding the Inquisitor!"

11-05-2005, 00:03
'I'll have to as I don't see anyone else here able to create a plausible reason for two people to be wondering around' she shot at him. 'What will be the real test is having to let you anywhere near me on purpose.'

'Everyone sadle up. I want you all moving on similar vectors to that of Angrus and myself and not too far behind. Maintain an open vox on scrambler code theta but vox silence must be kept at all times, except in an utter emergency.'

She patted herself down, no useful weapons really. There wasn't exactly many places to secrete them about her person. 'Right, I need to nip into my quaters to get a weapon of some description. Give me us two minutes when I get back and follow us. And please remain as inconspicuous as you can.' she urged.

'You, with me, now!' she called to Angrus. Freya's quaters were not far away, only a few doors. She opened the door and went inside, pulling out clothing as she searched.

Anrgus poked his head into the room and whistled.
'My rank affords me better accomodation' she added testily. She retrieved what she was looking for and stalked to up to Angrus. Very close.

She was extremely repulsed but their proximity but she'd just have to bit the bolt and deal with it. She reached around his waist.

He grinned at her and she scowled back. 'Whatever!' she spat at him and he felt her push her las pistol into his waistband.
'Lets go!' she commanded

11-05-2005, 00:34
Angrus followed the interrogator out of her room with hatred in mind. Self hatred. He liked Freya more than he'd like to admit. But she was apsyker and he was an untouchable and the fact that such a union could never be, pained him greatly. But by the emperor was she a tease. And a cold hearted one at that. Serj gave Angrus a wink when he saw him. Angrus just half smiled back.

OOC:A love sick assassin. What are the odds.:DOOC:

11-05-2005, 00:41
OOC/ It happens I suppose. I'm just glad that it'll never happen.

IC/ 'So, which way are we going?' she demanded, her hands on her hips but remianing as far away from Angrus as she could. She knew that before long, she'd have to be all over him and the thought turned her stomach.

11-05-2005, 00:45
OOC: Pretty good, considering the RPGs I've been in...

Y'nal drew his shuriken pistol, and withdrew an ornate belt from his effects. Clipping it around himself, he looked at the Crusader. "Domino Field," he explained. He flipped it on to demonstrate.

Y'nal fractured apart into a haze of spinning colors, like a kaleidoscope gone horribly horribly wrong. He deactivated it and came back into focus. It was a good distraction tool, but wouldn't protect him from lucky hits.

11-05-2005, 01:02
OOC:My heart bleeds.:DOOC:

"We will have to take an elevator shaft to the third level. Then we go through the ships casino." He gave Freya his usual grin, making her grimace in disgust. "After that. Party time."

11-05-2005, 01:09
OOC/ well tough luck. I'm not getting conned into going down that road again!

IC/This was getting worse by the second. Freya had wanted to steer clear of as many populated areas as possible, but even from right across the corridor, she could see that there was no over way.

Highly reluctantly, she slipped her arm around Angrus's. Trying her damnest not to puke her guts out with revulsion, she managed to signal him to go forward. It would be hard to talk this close to him.

Freya shuddered, it was worse than hell stuck in his Untouchable aura. But the Inquisitor's life depended on her doing this. Plus she knew that leadership came at a price and would be far from easy.

11-05-2005, 02:03
As Angrus made his way towards the elevator shaft with Freya, he started to think about how things had turned out. First he has to bust a new friend out of the brig only to find out that the task was meant to be carried out by his master who had recently been captured by a fat ass crime lord. Then he finds himself on a covert mission to rescue him, linked by the arm to the woman of his dreams. It's a funny old galaxy.

11-05-2005, 02:12
Freya felt blind, deaf and dumb under the circumstances. 'It's only pain, you can deal with it. You've had worse' she kept telling herself. Vainly hoping that she's start to believe herself.

'Ho...' Freya tried to speak again but had to clamp her mouth shut as she felt the bile rise in her throat. She waved him forward again. She felt herself starting to perspire a little. This was trying at best. Why oh why did the Untouchable have to have the only psi-tracker. Why couldn't it have been someone else. Some one would was just a dull blank with no repellant aura she could work with.

But once again, the logical part of her brain knew Angrus would be best upfront, since they didn't know exactly how and what they were dealing with. Who know's what sort of powers the bad guys possess.

Somehow, she managed to snarl something in her native tongue.

Grand Warlord
11-05-2005, 02:54
+walking down a side bend he came upon the group and grimaced walking into the untouchable feild. walking behind them he kep his shotgun at the ready dropping any who would raise arms against him and the team+

11-05-2005, 03:03
The Eldar and the Crusader sped hastily through the croud. It wasn't fast enough. People kept blocking their way as they pressed through the casino. Y'nal looked at the Crusader uneasily, knowinghe would just as soon annihilate the Eldar than work with him. "I'm sorry," he said, clasping a hand to the man's shoulder. Y'nal flipped up onto a table with ease, drew his pistol, and fired several shurikens into the air. The loud whine-tsap of the discharging pistol sent people running and ducking for cover. He then ran across the croud, stepping on heads and shoulders with the agility of a squirrel. The floor opened up for the Crusader.

A deck above, a simple Merchant suddenly doubled over in pain as his toes were surgically amputated by a microns-thin disc gravimetrically propelled through the floor, and up through the roof.

11-05-2005, 04:39
Keats looked to the others "i knew i shouldve told her that i had a psy tracker as well, oh well Angrus isnt complaining." before he prepared his rage injector, so that it would be ready at a moments notice. He lead Sol out of the room and down the corridor towards the elevator, Sol was beside him every step of the way, prepared for whatever was to happen next. What did though suprised both of them. The eldar fired shots into the air and sent the crowd in the casino scattering. Keats drew his bolt Pistol and fired a shot into the crowd as well, both chambers echoing as both bullets inficted damage. He had assumed that someone had attacked the xenos and crusader but found no one who seemed to be putting up any resistance now that the room was in chaos. Sol drew his monofilament blade and his silenced bolt pistol and went on a few meters ahead of his mentor.

11-05-2005, 10:02
OoC/I would like to thank all of you for carrying on in my abscence, and also not going too far :). When I finally got online, Portent's server deceided not to like me :eek:
So a quick run down of events:
-First everyone has divided into teams of two
-Angrus and Freya are going in first
-Y'nal is creating a massive distraction alongside Keats and Sol
-GM will now step in

The crowd exploded into a bling panic. Gun shots began to ring out as Barthemello's men came running from the security doors, military issue autoguns in their hands. Some had Imperial Guard tatoos, meaning these were veterns. They were in groups of five, one holding a plasma gun in the groups. Three groups converged on Y'nal, all hell breaking loose as the mercs fired.

Y'nal did a backflip and landed amongst a party of five, a foul grin on his lips.

'Hello boys,' laughed the Eldar. OoC/Niddy my dear, deal with these pests ;) lol/OoC

The rest of the back up teams either stayed and fight or followed Freya and Angrus.

The entrance to the Captain's room was heavily guarded, five men all wearing storm trooper carapce armour and military issue hellguns. All aiming right at Freya and Angrus.

'Sweet Emperor!' roared Angrus as he dove to the right, leaving Freya wide open. All five guns cracked fire at the same time, Freya diving out of the way just in time.

Drawing their weapons, Angrus and Freya fired at the Mercenaries, knowing that through those doors led to the Captain's quarters, where hopefully Incendium was.

OoC/Do you think a psy-tracker can detect somebody put into stasis? ;) I won't tell you who you've been tracking, but trust me this will be fun. AND you can thank Nid for this sub-quest going wierd lol./OoC

Inquisitor Incendium was in stasis, but he could still think and see what was going on around him. The stasis field was not entirely perfect or so Incendium thoguht, until he saw the horrors around him. Mutants, psykers, different Xenos, all trapped in the stasis fields, each stuck in the hell he was too suffering.

He knew then, the fact he could see and think, was part of the torture, because he could be trapped for centuries, with his thoughts driving him to insanity.

Incendium quickly looked around as best as his visison would let him. He was in a massive cabin, Barthemello half-naked on the bed recieving a massage from two naked men. Incendium felt repulsed at this indulgence and duely wished it would be he who ends the heretic's pitiful existence.

'AH Inquisitor Incendium is awake. Good,' the fat man chuckled as he dismissed his slaves. As he stood up, a man ran to his side whispering something. 'Well I guess they came to us. They're coming for him. Stop them, but this woman you speak of, Fenris eh? Capture her, she would make a sexy show piece, maybe even a nice slave.'

The heretic looked at Incendium with a grin.

'Oh Inquisitor, you have no idea who I am, who I work for or anything. You think of me as a heretic dealing in artifacts not to be tampered with and that through my own ignorance I have betrayed the Emperor,' Barthemello cracked up in a fit of laughter and then finsihing resumed his speech. 'I know exactly what I carry. The Bleeding CHalice is a Temple. The foolish Emperor-worshipping nobles here give thanks to She everytime they use a casino, everytime they over drink, every over-induglence. Its the ultimate temple to She. I transport the artifacts as favours for the cults I work with, and now, you will never be able to stop this next load. It will bring about the death of your Emperor, for good.'

With that the lights went out. Barthemello had left, leaving his trophy room empty. All Incendium could do was think.

'Oh one more thing, your allies have just walked into the biggest trap of their careers. Your psychic signal proved quite useful in luring them into the trap, it will be interesting. Tommy, bring the Inquisitor a pict-screen, so he can watch all the bloodshed. ENjoy the show Inquisitor,' Barthemello said through a speaker. He was obviously on his way to the action. It was times like these Incendium wished he was psychic.

OoC/Okay, well now you know what you got yourselfs into. BTW: I encourage this form of free thinking. So please keep it up, I'll edit things accordingly if its over the top or against my plot line got it? Now, I want to see how this pans out.

Who ever is in the casino, going to it or in the elevator will meet up with the three five man squads, all with autoguns, expect that in each party there is a plasma gun. Xhalax and Inquisitor Darc (I refuse to use your new name :p) are against five stormtrooper men, ex-veterns turned mercs.

So enjoy the action, I want to be able to count bodies, and feel free to bring more cronies in (NOT Xhalax or Darc lol) if I don't post tomorrow got it?/OoC

11-05-2005, 15:54
Bloody typical. What sort of gentleman is he? Freya thought for a moment after narrowly missing a las-bolt in the chest. She gave a quick prayer of thanks to the Emperor and Russ for her quick reflexes and swiftly surveyed herself to check that she hadn't been injured. Just a slight burn to the hem of her dress, nothing much. She could deal with it.

What was going to be more difficult was dealing with the five well armed and armoured Strom Troopers that stood beteen them and the front door. And her psychic powers were useless in this situation with Angrus this close.

Freya kicked Angrus sharply in the shin. 'Why did you have to be an Untouchable?' she hiss at him

11-05-2005, 16:09
When Freya gave the order to move out, Helos tagged closely behind her and Angrus. In the casino, the crowds made way for Angrus and his pleasure slave, wealth was respected here.
One cute worker approached Angrus and asked "would you like to place a bet sir?"
Freya shot an angry glare at the girl and began to answer but Angrus grabbed her arm tightly, reminding her of her position as slave.

'That girls anger is going to get us all killed' Helos thought outloud.

Freya and Angrus walked as quickly to the elevator as possible without drawing attention to themselves. Helos started to follow, but another casino girl.. damn they were all so cute here.. stopped him; it was the girl who he had asked to hold his money earlier. 'Back to pick up your winnings?' she asked, curling her hair with her little finger. Money... it was one of Helos's weaknesses, that and women... and drugs... and alcohal.. sigh. Helos grinned dumbly and followed her over to the table.

Suddenly Y'nal flipped onto the table Helos and the girl were headed towards, and fired a shot into the air. Screams erupted throughout the entire casino. A second later Keats opened fire into the crowd! Helos grabed the girl and threw both of them to the ground, protecting her from the hail of gunfire.

'stay here baby, under the table, I'll be back for my winnings later' Helos said and raised his head to table level to scope out the situation. Son of the Emperor there were guards everywhere! Y'nal and Keats were inflicting massive damage, both on the casino and the invaders, but they could not be everywhere at once. Helos noticed a squad of five guards entering through a side door, out of the line of sight of his teammates, if Helos did not stop them they would have a clear shot on Y'nal and Keats in just a few moments.

'time to earn my keep' Helos joked and moved towards the enemy, darting from table to table. He drew his first blade and aimed at the center mass of the first guard. It flew true and tore into him, pinning him dead against the wall. This was going to be easy. He willed to more blades with his mind, another found its mark, and a soldier was comicly decapitated, his head bouncing onto a casino talbe normally reserved for dice. The third blade missed. 'Three guards left Helos thought.' (OOC: of the squad of five, plasma still alive)

OOC; Ok guys, I hope this post wasn't too long, but I wanted to help set the scene a bit. Y'nal and Keats, feel free to control my character during this fight. Remember, my character can't throw blades at short range and has to 'resort' to his twin hand flamers hidden in his trenchcoat if the fight gets close and gritty. I have to study for my final, so I'll be gone for a bit. wish me luck!

11-05-2005, 16:16
Gyr scowled at the idea of working alongside the alien creature, but bit back a retort. Priority one was to get the Inquisitor out of whatever mess he'd got himself into. Cleansing could come later

"Very well. Ready to move out." He lifted his shield into its normal position covering his left arm and torso, drawing his sword with his right hand, the keen-edged blade glinting in the fim light of the glowglobes. The Crusader shrugged his shoulder to allow the black cloak to conceal his blade - he didn't need it just yet.

11-05-2005, 18:02
Yorah kicked the guard in front of him in the groin, he fell to the ground and cruled into a ball. In felt weird fighting these guys because, well it could have been him that was hired as well because he was an ex-guard turned merc. Incendium just got there quicker.

"Yorah look out!" Serj shouted.

Yorah glanced over his shoulder, the merc with the plasma gun was lowering his sights at him.


Yorah dived to his right. Not a second to soon as a ball of blue plasma flew across the room and incinerated a merc.

Enraged at his singed clothes Yorah jumped up and head butted the plasma gun carrier. He howled dropping his plasma gun into Yorah's hands. Yorah smiled with glee.

"Watch out Serj, I've brought out the big guns!"

Yorah fired a couple of blasts around the room, grinning wildly at the recoil. There was a distinct smell of burnt flesh starting to hover around the room.

OoC/ heheheh:p /OoC

16-05-2005, 23:01
"My, dear where I come from, fights are not won using the vile sorcery of the warp." Snarled Angrus as he drew his two stub guns and double tapped one of the storm troopers. The merc staggered back before raising his hellgun and firing a volley of deathly light in Angrus' direction causing him to once more take cover. "I haven't got time for this grox ****." He muttered as he holstered his stub guns and drew his power sword.

Angrus' power sword was an elegant weapon. It's blade was of a dull black metal and was a full metre long. It's grip was double handed but with no hand guard. Most people didn't get the chance to take advantage of that fact. The power vains were also of a dull black metal and when he activated the weapon, it's blade was encased in a field of crackling blue energy. Angrus immediately broke cover and and invited another volley. The storm troopers made their first mistake when they started firing at him.

Hellgun fire came at Angrus and time slowed for him. His sword lashed out and sent one of the bolts back into the group of storm troopers, causing one to fall to the ground with a smoking hole in his visor. Angrus spun to avoid most of the other bolts and lashed out again with the sword, this time deflecting a bolt into one of the storm troopers' knees, causing him to howl in pain. Angrus swiftly dissapeared into an alcove and waited for Freya to move in and support him.

16-05-2005, 23:17
'Well where I come from it doesn't either!' she roared back at him.

Her senses clear a little. It wasn't must but it might be enough. She hadn't the opportunity to bring her chainaxe with her, too conspicuous under the circumstances. So all she had was the las pistol, which she didn't like using anyway. She wasn't the best shot in the Imperium, however her aim was improving.

'But under the circumstances, it helps!' she snarled. Raising her left hand, she peered over the edge of cover, fixing on of the guards with her burning stare. And with a grin, she closed her fist.

Angrus was still too close in proximately for her powers to be any more than a distraction to the guard, be she hoped it would be enough to give her a little it of cover, as once again...the 'gentleman' had run off and left the lady to fend for herself.

The Trooper stumbled slightly and stopped, sweating as he felt his heart quiver. Momentarly distracted away from his prey. Freya sprang forward, her pistol blazing away of full auto and hitting nothing. She cursed, trod on the hem of her dress and went barreling into Angrus in his alcove.

The obscenties that issued from her lips as she crashed into the Untouchable were enough to make a hardened Imperial Guardsmen blush with embarrassment.

17-05-2005, 00:06
"Doh!" Shouted Angrus as the Fenrisian smashed into him while he took cover. He lost his balance and fell back whacking his head on the wall. He was stunned and pissed off but still conscious. He immediately jumped up without even bothering to help Freya up and charged out of the alcove towards the storm troopers. The trooper that had been kneecapped earlier let out an even higher pitched scream before he was decapitated by one metre of enegised blade.

The storm trooper sergeant drew a power sword of his own and immediately started to duel with Angrus. The two surviving troopers cleared a space around the two combatants and waited for Freya to make a reappearance. The sergeant was a big man and it was surprising to see that carapace armour came in his size. But Angrus knew he could beat him, so he thought he'd toy with him for a while so as to take the heat off Freya.

17-05-2005, 00:31
Freya lay in a heap for a moment or two while her swearing fit calmed down. She checked her pistol. The power cell was nearly empty. She tossed it to one side. It was worse than useless now. She sighed, though in her heart of hearts she was glad to get rid of the gun. Unarmed comat was something she had excelled in. Though in truth, it was the only thing she's excelled in.

She peered out cautiously to see Angrus and the Storm Trooper Sergant dueling. She snorted 'Men!' The other's were waiting for her and a few shots hit the wall as she withdraw her head.

'Get the bitch already' she heard one of them mutter to the other. Freya smirked. If they were expected a bitch, then one they would get. Once again she pushed her head forward into view for a second to withdraw it before the shots hit home.

'GET HER!' one shouted and she heard footsteps. She crouched down, on all fours ready for them.

As the foot rounded the corner, Freya leapt forward, barreling into the Strom Trooper with has much force as she could muster. She knocked him flying, tumbling with his body as well as using it for shielding from the other trooper. But they had underestimated the Fenrisian and hadn't quite expected her to assault them when she'd proved such as lousy shot and highly clumbsy.

Without thinking, Freya slithered forward tearing at the Troopers helmet. Thankfully, the charge had managed to dislodge it and she pulled it free. And there is was, yielding flesh. She sunk her fangs into his thorat without another thought.

From years on the ice-flow, she's developed quite a bite and sunk her fangs in even further, holding on to the Trooper for dear life as the familiar coppery taste of blood flooded her mouth. The Trooper tried desperately to throw her off. In his thoes, managing to stand. But where he went, Freya followed.

The other Strom Trooper began to pump rounds into his comrades back as he was in front of the quarry. However, his armour provided Freya with more than enough protection.

Then with a muffled roar, Freya pushed him away while keeping her jaws firmly closed, ripping the troopers throat.

Blood went everywhere, with Freya getting hit squarely in the face. But she didn't care. The body slumped to the ground and Freya was left standing there, unprotected, unarmed and covered in blood.

She grinned widely, spitting out the lump of flesh in her mouth a look of blood-lust in her stromy eyes.
'Ready?' she asked the other Trooper.

17-05-2005, 00:52
Angrus caught a glimpse of Freya slaying the storm trooper while he duelled with the sergeant. She had as much a thirst for blood as he had for the souls of psykers. He liked that in a woman. He was removed from his lustfull thoughts when the sergeant saw a brief opening and slashed him in the side. Were it not for his flak armour, Angrus' intestines would have been pooled on the ground. But the sword bit deep. He roared more out of rage than pain as he sent the sergeant reeling back with a punch to the face.

17-05-2005, 01:12
The Strom Trooper froze for a second at the sight of the feral looking hooker in an expensive dress dripping with blood. 'So, you like to play rough do you?' he sneared at her.

Freya had altered her stance slight, taking on a slightly stooped position, swaying ever so gently from one side to another. A crazed look in her eyes and she nodded slowly to the Troopers question.

He laughed and throw his gun down and removed his helmet. 'I can live with that!'. Had Freya known that this Trooper was very good at hand to hand comat, she might have given pause, or at least more pause than she did. But the logical part of her brain was lost for a moment and the wolf inside her howled to be released.

She roared loudly at him 'COME ON! YOU BAS....' the Trooper was on her faster than she could blink. Her sentence lost to the back-handed swipe. She rolled with the slap but kept her feet. Spitting her own blood this time from the blow. It had split her lip.

The Trooper laughed at her which made Freya see red. She attacked. Punches and kicks flying at top speed as the adrenline kicked in and both refusing to give quater and taking all the could. Yet Freya came off slightly the worse as the Trooper pulled a knife on her and started to slash at her.

Thankfully they thick materal of the jacket held back the worst of the slashes to the arm, but one to the leg dropped her. She dropped almost theatrically to the floor and her assailent was on her in moments, his arm around her throat starting to choke the life out of her.

Freya's mind has began to clear and she started to struggle. The trooper laughted again.
'Not that tough now, are you!' there was a note of extreme statisfaction in his voice as Freya gasped.

Her eyes were darting all over the scene, taking in everything with amazing clarity. Looking for a way out, then it hit her, literally. The trooper collided slightly with her back and with one last ditch effect, Freya thrust her elbow backwards. She was greeted with a rewarding grunt of pain and discomfort.

The trooper fall backwards having had an elbow smashed into his manhood. Freya flopped forward gasping for breath. 'Tougher than you might think.' she wheezed at him. And he was gifted her foot in his face, smashing his nose and knocking him clean out. After all, she was an Interrogator.

Glancing up, she watched ensuing duel with little interest as her lust sudsided, along with her adrenaline rush.

17-05-2005, 01:54
The duel between Angrus and the sergeant continued, Angrus playing like he was the sergeants equal when the truth was more to his advantage. The sergeant brought his sword round in an attempt to bisect Angrus. Angrus span as he wanted to check on Freya and in that split second he was satisfied to see she was alright as he completed the spin, bringing his sword up in time to intercept the sergeant's. "It's been fun." He grinned as he broke the temporary sword lock by kicking the sergeant back before running him through with his blade.

The sergeant had a look of surprise on his face as he stood there, transfixed by Angrus' sword. Angrus swiftly withdrew the blade and removed the sergeants head with a spinning slash. There was no such word as overkill in Angrus' dictionary. He picked up the sergeants sword before walking over to Freya. "Here, take it." He said, as he offered her the sergeants power sword.

17-05-2005, 02:04
Freya looked from the sword, to Angrus and then back to the sword again. Before she extended her hand and took the sword and used it to get groggily to her feet.

She frosty gaze passed over the Untouchable, taking in his wound, she could smell is blood. But like everything else about him, the smell made her want to vomit. 'I better tie this piece of filth up for later' she wheezed. Indictating the fallen trooper.

Dragging thw sword behind her, she limped over to the recombant form of the strom trooper and gave him a vicious kick in the ribs. He didn't move. She looked around for something to bind him, except nothing was forthcoming. Except.

Arkwardly, she tried to cut her skirts with the sword. But it didn't work and so in a fit of rage she dropped the sword and tore the fabric with her hands. And used the fabric to bind their prisoner. She had her doubts about the bonds. With a shrug to herself she knew they've have to do.

With the trooper secured in some way, she pulled off her little jacket and proceeded to wipe the worse of the gore from her face then dropped it at her feet. She stood reguarding Angrus for a moment.

'Shall we?' she wheezed again, though not so badly as before as her throat started to open up again. Slowly she reached down for the fallen sword. This was going to be trying.

Grand Warlord
17-05-2005, 02:07
+Watching the battle with a sent of sadness, another useless battle but alas he would do what he must. Although he hadnt shot a single shot in the ensuing battle his power axe doing it for him, he showed no emotion killing the first brigand with a graced across the chest slash his body tearing apart mid chest splitting in half turning he spoke a verse in the Imperial Creed and the man seem to scream in horror the sanctity of the verse posioning his twisted views and the axe split his head into 2+

"This is taking too long leader."

((EMail to Slaz... character idea..))

+Gerrard began speaking the virtues of the Imperium aloud all who heard him felt the emperor strengthened them, and those who had fallen from the emeprors grace felt sick and damned... which they were.+

"In the name of the God Emperor I sentence thee to death and eternal absolution. Domitianus protectus divinatus.."

+Pulling out his bolt pistol he started killing in droves whoever was unlucky enough to get in his scope was soon bleeding from large holes in their bodies, his shots got very close to Freya and Angrus. He only smiled and holstered his pistol before killing them too.+

"Sorry boss... got lost in the thrill of battle..."

+His Bionic eye seemed to wink at them as he waited for more opponents, secretly reaching out into the warp to find the downed Inquisitor...+

OOC: just imagine i was there the whole time.. stupid computer.

17-05-2005, 02:22
Landing in between his targetted group, Y'nal smiled. "Hello, boys."

He drew his power cutlass, pirhouetted, and neatly severed the hands off of the 5 men surrounding him. Screaming in pain, they attempted to clutch at their own stumps, but to no avail. Y'nal dipped and ducked, and hamstrung the 5 guards. They toppled to the floor, unable to walk, unable to hold anything. He went to town on them, first blinding them, then removing their ears. Y'nal cackled as he rendered the guards useless.

17-05-2005, 02:46
Once he was sure Freya was okay, Angrus rushed to the blast door leading to the bridge and rammed his sword through it at just below head height. He then started to cut a circular hole in the blast door. It was slow, even with the powered blade, but hopefully the rest of the team would be able to buy him some time.

17-05-2005, 07:53
Sol's movement was like lightning, darting in and out of people, before they would fall silently to the ground, his pistol making only a quiet thud before someones neck snapped back, killing quietly in this mayhem was what Sol lived for. Keats on the other hand was far more destructive, he activated his power fist and the crackle of air was all that he heard before he activated his rage stimm as well, turning into a monster he slaughtered everything that came near him, within in seconds half a dozen corpses lay at his feet, not all of them soldiers, some were civilians.

17-05-2005, 10:49
OoC/Right I got bad news and good news.

The bad news is that I can no longer log in at home while there is a 'fault' on our phone lines at my Halls. So there will be no late night posting sessions :(.

The good news is that on the 2nd of June I take a plane ride to USA and there I will 24 hour access to the internet, so if you bare with me, I will post when able ok?

Right enough from me.

Onto the RPG: I am a tad confused about the scene in the casino, so I'll kind of speed things up a tad for Xhalax and Angrus who have dealt with their people.

As Angrus and Freya began to recover, the sergeant's vox unit chirped widly.

'What is going on? I told you dregs to be quiet and subtle! Calius report! REPORT!' yelled the vox-link.

Angrus picked it up with a grin.

'Calius is dead,' he said with a deadly tone edge to his voice as he then stomped on the vox-link, not waiting the reply.

Freya and Angrus looked down the corridor and saw that it was only them going towards the Captain's Quarters. It did not matter, the rest of the squad could handle themselves.

In the casino, things were heating up as Yorah fired the plasma gun at the remaining guard, the rest of the squad caught up in hand to hand. The casino still had civilians in it, but this did not matter for the hired thugs who killed anyone.

Crusader Gyr Corvus watched as one of the hired mercs stabbed a long silver blade into the bowels of a noblewoman with a maniacal grin. This merc was different from the rest, he was built differently, he was tall and slender, but he had amazing agility and speed only matched by the Eldar. The Crusader would have thought him an assassin if not for a detail that screamed at him.

A tatoo dancing down his cheek. The Rune of Slaanesh.

OoC/Well Ant, here is your target, go for it./OoC

Y'nal found himself caught up in the orgy of killing, but came to a halt, knowing that if he continued, She Who Thirsts would come for him. The Arch Enemy of all Eldar had a power source here and Y'nal could feel it in his bare bones as he stabbed out, killing the last of the mercs he was dueling with.

Y'nal looked round and something caught his eye, a flash of something only an Eldar could see, the beginnings of a protection field starting to be destroyed as the ship passed through the warp.

Y'nal knew what he ahd to do, what the stones had pointed at. He turned on his heels and ran towards the Navigator pulpit, ten stories directly up.

OoC/TYranid-you got mail!

Right everyone who is in the casino, the mercs are mostly dead. Yorah, Serj, Gerrard, Sol and Keats and Helos are pretty much left with no targets, so you guys are just recovering at this point of my post, k?/OoC

Freya and Angrus saw the door and Angrus charged into it, nearly breaking his shoulder as he bounced off the door.

'Its reinforced,' growled Angrus rubbing his shoulder.

Freya strolled over to the door and turned the door knob. She looked back at Angrus with a smirk.

'Shut up,' Angrus replied as they entered the quarters. The psy-tracker suddenly went wild, telling Angrus that they were inside Incendium, but that was impossiable.

The door slammed shut and the pair saw what they just walked into. There was a floating corspe in the center of the room, blue lightening playing off its head as the barely held power discharged from its mind. It was hidiously scarred and burnt in numerous places, but looked like it was on purpose.

Angrus took one glance and immediately knew what it was.

'A daemonhost!' roared Angrus as he fired both stub guns. Freya armed the sword and the pair watched as a shield formed.

Ah toys for me to play with the voice called from within their minds, Its been oh so long. I hope you don't mind if I take me time in killing you! The Daemonhost rose and broke free from the chains holding it.

Suddenly a fireball hit Angrus in the chest sending him against the wall, ribs cracking in the process. The assassin was down, but not out.

The Daemonhost turned its glare on Freya.

Ah the feral one, I think I'll save your life. You would make such a nice pleasure toy it laughed as its hands formed into claws and charged into Freya.

OoC/Right an Unbound Daemonhost. This is a tough one. Malal, your powers are not as strong as they were in the previous Traitor, so no you don't cause fear yet. However, your powers can still harm it, hence why he knocked you flying. Also he is really strong, but defeatable. I expect a nice killing of Daemonhost lol./OoC

Yorah looked round and saw that he had the rest of the party around him, aiding him in removing the remaining mercs. Yorah glanced and saw a door that a fleeing merc ran through, calling to the rest, Yorah lead them into the door.

After climbing four flights of stairs, they came to a door, the merc was dead in its doorway.

Yorah poked round, the plasma first. He then saw the most disgusting thing in his life. Barthemello was naked expect for a loin cloth and was being massaged by another man who was naked.

In the room, he then saw Incendium, among others frozen.

'Incendium,' Yorah whispered as Keats looked in.

'For the Emperor!' roared Keats as he ran into the room shooting at Barthemello. The other man died in the shots and the rest of the team followed, all guns pointing at Barthemello.

'Oh, I guess you found the real Inquisitor,' laughed Barthemello. 'Dam merc showed you the right door. No problem, my Daemonettes will do the rest that those fools could not do.'

A tear in reality formed suddenly as five Daemonettes emerged through, laughing and giggling like school girls. Keats was electrified and obsessed. (OoC/Thats for Stukov's hands, diddimz!/OoC)

The rest knew they were in the crap. Opening fire, the room became a killing zone as Barthemello activated a shield around his bed and the rest of the room, trapping the team against the wall and the Daemonettes.

OoC/Okay in Barthemello's room: Gerrard, Keats and Sol, Serj, Yorah, and Helos. You guys are fighting five daemonettes, enjoy for now./OoC

17-05-2005, 12:04
Freya stood frozen at the sight of the Daemonhost. It was the most hideous thing she'd ever seen in her short life, and there was part of her that was sure that it would be the last thing she ever saw.

It charged her and pure instinct made her swing the sword in her hand. Though she swung too hard, used to the heavier axe and so the swing was sloppy. Not that it made all that much difference to the Daemonhost anyway.

Its skin bubbles from the briefests of seconds as it contacted with the energy field of the sword. Only a force weapon would have had any sort of effect on one such as thing foul thing. But she was not important or good enough to be gifted with such a hallowed weapon.

It's skin ran clear again and it was upon her, claws trying to tear at her. In a futile attempt to dislodge it, Freya dropped to try to get purchase on it to pitch it off her. But she fell badly and only managed to push it to one side, dragging it's claws across her.

With a shriek of pain, Freya's mind felt like it had been hit with a hammer at the touch of such disgusting power. The litany of protect burst automatically from her lips, so ingrained on her mind for such cases. The words seemed to give the Daemonhost a slight pause, only to have it cackle louder with glee at her small words.

Yes, pray little feral one. it sneered as it rounded on her again.

17-05-2005, 12:12
Gyr snarled as he saw the blasphemous symbol embedded in the man's cheek. He drew his sword and charged towards his target. The man turned as he saw the armoured Crusader charging towards him. The cultist twiseted aside, Gyr's blade singing past his ear, riposting with a slash at Gyr's throat, the Crusader blocking with his suppression shield.

The heretic came at him again, swinging his long blade: Gyr parried, unleashing a lightning riposte which ripped through the man's midriff, a spray of blood following the bastard sword's arc. A grin split the Slaanesh worshipper's features. He leapt into the air, bringing his blade down in a two-handed swing: Gyr stepped aside, and the sword slammed into the floor. The cultists kicked out, forcing the Crusader to move back, and lashed out, catching the Crusader in the leg. Gyr gave a cry of pain, and hopped backwards, levelling his sword.

"You fear pain, human?" The Slaanesh worshipper laughed. "Pain is pleasure, pain makes us stronger. Did your beloved Emperor never tell you that?"

"I did not come here to bandy empty words with a heretic, beast!" Gyr stepped forwards, feinting an attack: the cultist's hand followed, as Gyr retracted his sword, and instead slammed his shield into the man's chest. With a brilliant flash of light, the shield discharged, hurling the cultist backwards. The heretic rolled aside as Gyr's blade slammed down where his chest had been seconds before. He leapt to his feet, pivoted, and swung his sword in a horizontal arc that would have taken Gyr's head off had he not swayed backwards at the last moment, the metal blade singing past his chin. Gyr kicked out, trying to force the man off balance, but his target deftly hopped to the side, stabbing his blade into the Crusader's forearm. Gyr roared in pain, but this time held his ground, swinging his shield at the man's head: he ducked, but as he did so, Gyr stabbed with his sword: the blade slammed through the heretic's chest. The man dropped to the ground, the Crusader removing his blade, pivoted, and slammed it two-handed into the prone form's throat.

GYr spat on the stilled corpse, and moved off insearch of the others, his sword's edge coated with dark blood.

17-05-2005, 13:32
The Daemonhost looked at Freya and took a step back, floating just in front of her.

Look into my eyes child, feel the warmth of them, allow it to possess you warm every section of your heart. Let go of all the hatred, all the pain, all the suffering, the Daemonhost said soothingly to Freya, making her sway.

The Daemonhost smiled and it knew he nearly had her, as he raised his taloned hand and brought it down, getting ready to slice her in a perfect half from top to bottom as a stub pistol rang out.

The Daemonhost screamed as it felt the bullets peirce its form. It had been concentrating too hard on attacking that its etheral form had become solid. The pain was tremendous and its head snapped backwards, looking at Angrus with burning eyes, its body slwoly turning round to follow its head.

YOU DIE FIRST! it roared causing Freya to cover her ears in pain, luckily Angrus's power stopped most of the force. The Daemonhost charged Angrus, but the assassin was not there, instead he was in a mid jump, sword drawn high attempting a strike. The Daemonhost was faster and met him in mid-air clasping itself onto Angrus. It then bit deeply into Angrus's neck, ignoring the pain racking its form from being so close to an Untouchable.

Freya had recovered and saw that Angrus had dropped his stub pistol. Grabbing it, she unloaded the entire clip into the Daemonhost, making it release Angrus.

Angrus was in a bad way, but he was still able to fight. He was pissed off.

OoC/Okay I'm done for the day lol. Good job Ant, if you post later on, you can be the hero who kills a daemonette if anyone needs help.

Malal, Angrus is bleeding in his neck, but due to being blood sucked by a Daemonhost, your powers were able to grow slightly, and also your rage is fueling the power more. So if you remember Life Drain, now would be the time. I hope Xhalax gets a few posts in, as you'll need the Daemonhost solid instead of etheral to kill it effectively ;)/OoC

Grand Warlord
17-05-2005, 15:33
+Gerrard raised his blessed flamer and fired dousing the daemonettes with santified promethium, which only pissed them off more. One charged him and he met it with his power axe nearly being flayed in the process.+

"Emperor protect us yoru flock for the damned and wicked minions of the ruinious powers..."

+Slashing hard hs managed to gut one but its wound slowly closed back up and punched him hard, he doubled over barely able to defend himself...+

17-05-2005, 15:48
Freya was too livid for words. Mostly at herself for listening to that thing. It had showen her so many things in the brief instance she had looked into its eyes out her own dumb curiosity. Such things, terrible things....yet for a moment they had seemed within her grasp. Had she almost wanted it?

The thought chilled her to the very marrow of her bones. She felt dirty and disgusted. But the time for self-punishment was later. Her master needed her and her first duty was to him.

The Stubber clicked empty, the last shell being spent and once again she was without a projectile weapon. She knew she couldn't defeat it on her own. And as much as she disliked the idea, Freya knew she needed Angrus's help. But was he even up to the challenge?

'Angrus!' she whispered mutely into her vox 'Help me!'

She needed to get the Daemonhost attentions away from her fallen comrade. The Stubber hadn't been all that effective, except for making it drop Angrus. It had dropped him when it shifted its form. Interesting.....very interesting.

Freya reached out and grabbed her fallen sword, grasping the hilt tightly and stood up to her full height. And faced the Daemonhost.

'In the name of the God-Emperor's Most Holy Inquisition, I, Interrogator Freya Astador of the Ordo Malleus banish you from His Majesty's most blessed domain. By His scared order and eternal light and wisdom I cast you back into the boiling hell from whence you came, Daemon spawn!'

She tried hard to keep the quiver from her voice. All the while fervently praying to both the Emperor and Russ for their help and protection. And in some way, it worked. She felt the tremble of her body lessen a tad.

'Face me!' she commanded and reached out with her power towards it. It was a useless gesture. Like an child trying to hurt a member of the Astartes in Terminator armour, but anything to allow Angrus to recover enough to help her take it down. She reached out towards it searching in pure vain for a heart she knew did not exist.

'IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND FACE ME!' she roared at it spitting out Fenrisian curses at it.

The Daemonhost tutted. 'Such sweet language you use there. I think i shall make you my lap dog for a while. You amuse me'

A flick of its wrist sent Freya reeling, yet still she held her ground. She began to chant in response. Chanting protective and banishing prayers that she had no power to enforce. But the words offered her some comfort. Dying with the Emperor's words on her lips was no bad thing.

The Daemonhost was less than pleased about the irritation. 'Or maybe you'll be more fun in pieces'. But Freya did not answer, instead she charged. Power sword blazing and another quick vox-cast as she ran.

'Angrus, help!'

18-05-2005, 02:55
Keats was motionless, he stood staring at the closest daemonette as its talon came slicing through the air, removing his head from his shoulders in one sweep. The rogues body fell limp to the floor beside his acolytes feet. Sol saw in disgust what had happened, that his mentor had fallen, there would be time to mourn him later, for now he continued fighting, grabbing Keats equipment, he fierd shots from both bolt pistols into the daemonette that had killed him, the first volley destroyed an arm from the beast, the next volley shattered its chest. Sol looked down at keats head and knew that he had to save his body if he got the chance.
"KEATS IS DEAD, I REPEAT KEATS IS DEAD" Sol yelled over the roar of battle for all to hear.

18-05-2005, 15:17
When the Deamonettes materialzied right in front of Helos, he immediatly drew his twin hand flamers. 'partys over girls' he said and fired full blast into the first deamonette. The deamonette lit up on fire and screamed loudly, but helos could not detect any pain in the scream. 'oooh thats bad' said helos, and he stumbled backwards as the deamonette quickly closed the distance between them. It used its large claw as a battering-ram, and smashed helos into the ground...

OOC: gotta go, post more later

18-05-2005, 23:39
+Angrus! Help me!+ +Angrus, help.+ +Keats is dead, I repeat Keats is dead+ Each communique was more fuel to the fire that burned within Angrus the moment the daemonhost had first struck him. Each another blow to his pride. He had trained most of his life to face foes such as these and he had been found wanting in the eyes of the emperor. Keats was gone and would be missed. But while there was still breathe in his body, Angrus would not let Freya die.

As Freya made a deperate last charge towards the daemon, Angrus rose slowly to his feet, blood gushing from the wound on his neck. He raised his head and roared a roar so full of hate, that Freya stopped in her charge and even the daemonhost faltered. When the roar had fully left his lips, Angrus turned his head towards the daemonhost. His breathing sounded like that of a wild hunting beast and his mouth was set in a snarl that wasn't human. It was fortunate for Freya that she could not see his eyes past his goggles.

"BASTARD!" He roared. "FILTHY WARP SPAWNED WHORESON BASTARD!" He finished before suddenly he was moving with blinding speed towards the daemon with his sword raised. "At last you are warming up." Laughed the daemon as it glided to the side, out of reach. The daemon floated up a few metres before looking down at Angrus and wagging a taloned finger. "Temper temper." Chuckled the daemon before suddenly diving straight towards Angrus with it's clawed hands raised.

Angrus jumped and slashed with his sword and the two combatants passed each other by, still continuing past each other through the momentum of their charges. Angrus landed in a crouch with one hand on the ground and his sword held out in front of him. The daemonhost landed and slowly turned to look at Angrus as he in turn turned to look at his opponent. "That... hurt." Gurgled the daemonhost through the newly opened slash in its throat. "I... loved it." It finished with a smirk.

18-05-2005, 23:49
Freya passed Angrus and saw his wound. It looked nasty, but he was still up on his feet. So she guessed he wasn't as bad as it seemed. Her momentum brought her to the wall where she span on her overly pointed heel to face the beast.

She shot a quick glance at Angrus, hoping he could read her look 'Hard and fast!'

Slowly at first, she edged closer while the Damonhosts attention was on Angrus again. She was nothing to it, so not worth its full attention as she posed the lesser threat.

'Well it's going to hurt a whole lot more filth!' With a monsterous howl, Freya lashed out in a fury of blows, most of which were deflected, but she had to keep it busy. Keep it moving and guessing. Anything, time was running out.

Grand Warlord
19-05-2005, 00:24
+Andrew slashed hard at the daemonette currently over Helos. He couldn't do much for keats at the moment. Pushing the daemonette backwards he slashed otu hard disembowleing her his power sword crackling at its blade tore through the daemons essense sending her back with a smile on its face. Turning to Helos he offered a hand.+

19-05-2005, 00:30
Angrus saw his moment. While the daemonhost was remaining substantial to block Freya's blows it was vulnerable. To the daemonhost, Angrus was all but invisible due to his souless nature. The only way it would be able to detect him would be if he made noise. Like most assassins, Angrus knew how to move without making noise. Running quietly up to a position behind the daemon as it toyed with Freya, Angrus made his move.

The daemonhost didn't know what hit him when it looked down to see a powered blade protruding from it's chest. Freya took advantage of the situation and slashed diagonally, opening up the creatures stomach. Before the daemon could make much of a defence, Angrus grabbed it by the back of the neck and withdrew his blade. Throwing his sword aside, Angrus span the weakened daemon round and placed his hands, open palmed, on each side of it's head. Then the screaming started.

The daemon screamed as it's essence started to unravel as it was sucked into the gaping hole where Angrus' soul should have been. It screamed a scream that would have made the gods of chaos themselves tremble in fear. It screamed because it knew that where it was going there was no coming back. When the screaming stopped, Angrus was standing there, breathing heavily, the daemon nowhere to be seen. He turned with a slight growl towards Freya and she cowered back slightly. "Let's move."

19-05-2005, 00:45
Freya looked wide-eyed for a moment. That was the strangest thing she'd ever seen in her life. And worst of all, she had felt it. In the back of her mind, the pit of her stomach she had sensed just the slightly of inkling of the power that was involved in removing the Daemon. It was both amazingand terrifying at the same time.

She whispered a quick prayer of thanks and felt herself relax a little after a moment she returned Angrus's growl and with a large grin, she bared her fangs and howled loudly to the others.

Her impression of Angrus had gone up a notch, but she still didn't like him. 'Which way now then?' she enquired in her usual disgruntled tone

19-05-2005, 00:57
Y'nal felt the ship slipping into the Eldar's version of Hell. Th Warp, some called it. The Empyrian. The Sea of Lost Souls. Whatever you call it, Y'nal called it 'time to get the hell out of here.' He expanded his senses, and found the source of the psychic influences bringing them into the dark otherworld. 10 stories above, the Navigator was prepping to fully enter the Warp.

Y'nal took off at a run to stop him.

19-05-2005, 01:11
Angrus bent down and picked up his power sword. "Which way now then?" He heard Freya ask. He keyed his psy tracker to Incendiums psychic signature but this time drew a blank. "I don't know what trickery they used to achieve this, but it has stalled us long enough." He replied, indicating the tracker. "I... suggest..." He didn't have the strength to finish as the wound on his neck had been more serious than he had made out. He slowly dropped to the floor unconscious, his sword slipping from his hand.

19-05-2005, 01:28
Freya sighed exasperatedly. She didn't need this right now. She felt bad enough as it was without having to deal with other people and their wounds. She limped over to Angrus's recumbent form, ready to give him a kick and tell him to stop being stupid. But as she got closer and saw the extent of blood loss, she knew it was for real.

'By Russ's iron ********!' she exclaimed. There was little she could do at this point other than try and stem the bleeding by hand. An idea she didn't like one it as it meant touching him. But she knew she'd just have to swallow her pride and do it.

Freya pressed her hands to the wound and pushed as hard as she dared. It wasn't looking good. His blood still flowed over her hands making them sting. Plus she had to fight the constant urge to vomit. She dearly wished she hadn't dropped her jacket before, that way the blood would have taken longer to reach her skin.

'Wake up!' she ordered him tersely. 'WAKE UP DAMMIT!' she shouted, resisting the urge to punch him hard in the face. Freya looked around almost desperately for something to help, but nothing was forth coming.

She shook Angrus as best she could to try and bring him around but it didn't seem to be working.
'Don't you dare die on me you bastard!' she snarled at him, pressing her hands harder on the gash in his neck 'Don't you dare!'

Then her proximately to him became too much for her stomach to take and she promotely vomited over her shoulder.
'Oh great!' she moan sarcastically. How could this getting any better?

19-05-2005, 07:04
a cackling power sword sliced its way through the deamonettes innards, dumping its flesh at Helos's feet. The deamonette knew its time was over, but chose to give Helos a long penetrating gaze as it dematerialized back into the warp. So today wasn't his day to die.

Andrew stepped forward and extended Helos his hand. Helos took it and pulled himself up, wary not to slip onto the power-sword held in Andrews other hand. When he was on his feet, Helos leaned towards Andrew and said 'You saved my a**, thanks, if you ever need anything, anything, just ask

'How about you worry about that deamonette behind you' Andrew answered with a sardonic smile. Helos spun around and saw another deamonette rapidly closing in distance. Blades flashed and Helos reflexively open his mind to the warp, and willed three blades in rapid succession. They tore large gashes out of the deamonette and it collapsed to the ground.

Helos spun around 360 degrees in search of a new threat; the deamonettes were nowhere to be found, but Barthemello was right in front of him... well right behind this blasted shield.

Perhaps Helos could find a weakness. Opening his mind further Helos felt a sickening feeling as if he was entering the warp, he could not tell if the ship was actually entering the warp of if he was just drawing too much power. It did not matter, concentrating fully on the task at hand, Helos poured all his willpower into a thousand tendrils and probed against the shield wall with them. There must be a hole, a flaw somewhere that I can exploit. OCC: Up to you Game-master

Helos searched for a hole in the wall and yelled 'Barthemello! Today you meet the Emperor personally, and I will arrange the appointment!"

19-05-2005, 07:33
Yorah Quickly swiched the fuel cell on the plasma gun and pointed at the nearest damonette. It didn't not fire, a quiet whine showed that it was still charging up. Yorah loved the power of this weapon, but Frag, why did it have to take so long?

He slung it around his shoulder for later use. The daemonette was deadly close now. Razor sharp talons swiped at him. YOrah backed away unhooking his chainsword, the roar of it firing into life was drowned out by the noise of battle. He slashed at the daemonette but it just darted to the side and rammed one of its claws into his leg.

Yorah screamed with pain, and fell to the floor. He clutched his leg which was bleeding badly. Yorah only just noticed that the daemonette had raised its claw and was ready to strike. Yorah rolled out of the way just in time and the daemoettes claw sturk the floor, leaving them stuck in.

The whine on Yorah's plasma gun stopped and a small *ping* was heard. Yorah knew the gun was chargged, and he smiled as his leveled it across the ground at the daemonette still struggling to release her talon from the ground.

A bolt of blue lightning shot across the room knocking the daemonette's head off and incinerating her body.

Yorah sat up and breathed a sigh of relief as all the daemonettes were killed, he looked around for someone with a med pack.

Ooc/ What noise does a plasma gun make when its charged? :p I thought *ping* went very well. /OoC

19-05-2005, 10:34
Angrus was in a bad way, but luckly Freya had stemmed the bleeding as she ripped her dress into a bandage. It would do, but the warrior would need medical help as soon as possiable.

Y'nal moved like a ghost (sorry Nid but I need this to happen so we can move on ok?) as he entered the Navigotr's first entrnace. Three men attempted to stop him, their corpses lay there on the floor, each died in a perfect excution of his sword.

The Navigator laid there as Y'nal entered, he was in his trance and the ship was about to leave when Y'nal rammed the sword into its head. The Navigator screamed its death scream and the ship shuddered as it came a to a full stop, all power killed in its engines. It was finally lifeless.

Yorah and the rest looked round and saw that only Barthemello remained. Gerrard ran towards Incendium, Yorah's plasma gun trained on Barthemello as Incendium was freed.

Inquisitor Incendium stepped out from the stasis tube and looked right at the fat man.

'You are a heretic and I charge thee in the Emperor's Holy Name, Yorah allow him to face the last pleasure he will ever experience, death,' commanded Incendium as Yorah fried the fat man, nothing left of the hidious beast. It was over, well the heretic was dead, but all lot of things would need to be done.

Suddenly a flash of light happened as Keats' body rose into the air, his necklace blaring a bright green as suddenly his form took on a new appearance as the last of the Daemonettes and his body became one by a freak chance due to the necklace. Incendium saw this and immedaitely had the corpse detained as Gerrard and him worked on the newly formed daemonhost biding it to their will. Incendium had Sol and Yorah escort it to his private chambers.

Twenty minutes later, a Strike Cruiser calling itself Solar Flame appeared beside the Bleeding Chalice and immediately Inquisitorial Stormtroopers began to take over the ship, capturing key areas, removing the last of the Heretic's men. The Nobles aboard the ship were rounded up and taken upon the Strike Cruiser for immedaite debriefing and also to see if any where heretics. Thiry five known Slaaneshi cultists were killed that day as the Bleeding Chalice was purified.

Angrus laid there in the hospital bed as Incendium approached, Freya beside him. It had been three days since the Barthemello incident and Incendium with Gerrad had been interrogating the Daemonhost while the others rested and rebuilt their strength. The Bleeding Chalice now had its own crew of Inquisitorial staff running it and they had been sent into the Warp, continueing their mission.

'How is he?' asked Incendium as he saw Freya there, half asleep. Poor thing more than likely felt responsiable for Angrus, even though he had done his job. Incendium noticed that Angrus's power seemed to grow slightly, as if the confrontation with the Daemonhost had increased his Untouchable ability. That would need more research.

'He is okay,' Freya repleid with a yawn.

'Go get some sleep, Interrorgator,' Incendium ordered.

'But?' she replied.

'Go!" barked Incendium.

'Yes Inquisitor,' she replied before leaving with a hurry. Incendium had still yet to explain what happened or what he was doing, but this did not matter, he would tell all in due time.

Incendium looked at Angrus and knelt beside his bed.

'Alright Angrus, stop pretending to be asleep,' Incendium growled as he looked at the assassin.

'Sorry boss, she's cute when she is worried,' he said with a laugh.

'The medics say you'll live, the neck wound is healing nicely. I'll need you to report for duty tomorrow, got it?' Incendium asked seeing Angrus's nod. 'Oh and one more thing: Good work. Now I know why I took you into my entourage.' With that Incendium left, heading towards his own cabin.

Everyone esle was either at the bar, tending to their own drinks or relaxing. Incendium knew he would have to call a briefing, but not at the moment. He would allow his team to enjoy peace during the ride through the Warp.

Gerrard was beside him as Incendium entered his quarters.

'That was a foolish thing, young Inquisitor,' Gerrard said looking at him.

'What keeping the Daemonhost or trying to take out a known heretic myself, Lord Inquisitor?' asked Incendium not really wanting a lecture.

'Both. However, this Daemonhost will prove useful,' Gerrard said as they undid the safe. They entered the sealed room and the Daemonhost lay there, completely passive and bound. They had executed the fifth ring of binding, which made the beast completely passive and extremely obiediant, but it still retained its female persona.

Hello toys,' Keats body said with a playful giggle. The Daemonhost had already reshaped the man's body with something akin to breasts and a female face, but it looked hidious nonetheless.

'What is your name?' asked Incendium as usual.

Oh Inquisitor, you've asked me this question five times now. It is Ashja'oliop'kuil'frety'kera, but you call me Kera,' it replied with a giggile. Its true name stung Incendium's ears, but he knew her name which meant he had total control.

Gerrard and Incendium questioned Kera for thirty minutes before Gerrard left syaing something about sleep or a drink, Incendium did not care. He continued the investiagation, learning about the new terror they had just uncovered.

OoC/Okay do as you please, as its chill out time. Nid, your character might have felt the psychic energy of the Daemonhost, but its choice on how you deal with it. Confrontation is always acceptable ;).

Now you guys need to relax, so do it ok? We'll take this as if its the next day, so Angrus is out of hospital as well. We are in the Warp and continueing onto the planet we were supposed to arrive to ok?

I would like to say thank you as well, this was my first time dividing up a team and it worked efficently, even Portent's demise. If we can keep this up, this will be a really smooth RPG./OoC

19-05-2005, 11:42
The bullets slammed into Gyr Corvus’s chest, clattering off his armoured breastplate and eliciting a grunt of pain from the Crusader. He shook his head in annoyance. Keep. Watching. It

“Are you ready, master?”

Gyr breathed out, and nodded to the Servitor. “Fire again.” He raised his sword.

The Servitor fired another blank round from the stub pistol held in its hand. This time, Gyr managed to move his blade quickly enough, deflecting the small bullet. Yes.. It fired again, and his broken concentration caused him to miss the bullet, which again hit him in the torso.

“Are you sure you wish to continue, master?”

The Crusader snarled, clawing his right forearm with his left hand in annoyance. “Yes. But this time, don’t aim for my chest.” He straightened up. “Aim for my head.”

“Sir?” The metallic voice betrayed no emotion.

“Do as I say. Aim for my head.” Gyr raised his sword again. “Go on.”

“As you wish, sir.” The Servitor again raised its weapon, and pulled the trigger.

Gyr followed the bullet right onto the blade, deflecting it away from him. A second shot was met in exactly the same way. The third was slightly to the left, Gyr rolling his wrists to block the shot with the flat of his sword. The fourth was straight towards his left eye, and Gyr straightened his sword, the edge of the slim blade coming between him and the bullet.

Gyr breathed out again. “Thank you.” He knew he still had work to do, but that was much better. He turned to leave the empty room set aside for sparring.

Grand Warlord
19-05-2005, 14:00
+Gerrard took a few hours cleaning his gear and blessing it as well, not point in taking chance to offend the various entities involved in his line of work. After everything was complete and he was satisfied he put on basic gear barring the signs of his office, and went to the bar to talk with the various members of the crew to see if any had acquiried any form of taint. He was moderately pleased with his results.+

+Making his way to the bar he ordered a drink and sat down reading through his book that always seem to be following him, writing in it occaisionally he glanced up now and then to make small talk with the various patrons.+

+Finishing his drink he look around closing his book replacing it on himself and ordered another drink, thinking of the battle passed he sighed. The team had performed actually quite well that was to be sure. The only accountable loss was keats, now a damned daemonhost named Kera. Poor lad, didn't deserve that fate. But such is life in the service of the 'Holy' Inquisition. The fenrisian [sp?] had done exceptional in the role of leader with the warrior Angrus who would live thank the emperor.

The rest of the team... Helos and Yorah had performed amicably, perhaps after this he would try to hire them as his personal staff...

Even the Xenos had done quite well... But for an eldar it was probably not happy about his actions... never would understand the eldar, no idea why he had tried...+

"The Emperor... Protects..."

19-05-2005, 15:48
Freya limped back to her quaters feeling half dead. It had been three days since everything that happened, but she still felt terrible.
Maybe it's just because you've not had much sleep, she told herself. And maybe it was.

She slid the door closed behind her and stopped, falling back on the door with a thud. So much had happened and changed in that short time. And now one of their number was lost. Keats was gone. Why should that bother her? She didn't know but it did bother her, more than she would admit, the same with what had happened to Angrus.

Freya shook her head to try and clear it. Fatigue was clouding her thoughts. People got injured and died, always had done...always would do. She hadn't come out of it all so clean herself. She ached badly, her body black and blue. She needed to unwind and she'd be told a long hot soak in the bath-tub was the way to do it. Though she doubted it was true.

Baths were a thing of luxuary, especially when travelling. But then again she was currently in a suite in a liner. So Freya ran herself a bath. It was a strange experence, hot liquid water in unending amount. But she guess it beat ice and snow.

Painfully, joints stiff and wounds still healing, Freya lowered her battered and bruised body into the steaming water and lay back. After a few minutes, boredom began to kick in and she began to drift off to sleep. But her nap was anything but restful.

She awoke suddenly, floundering the in water. Something had woken her but she didn't know what. Was it her dream? She knew she'd been dreaming but the more she tried to remember what it was, the quicker the images in her head disappeared. The only thing she could vaugely recall were eyes. Eyes looking right into her. Soft and warm, yet unyielding and terrible.

Freya shuddered at the though, dispite the warmth of the water.

19-05-2005, 21:13
Inquisitor Incendium left his quarters, he needed to clear the air with his young Interrogator. She seemed tense and unable to wind down after the event with the Daemonhost. He would have to help her as best as he could through that moment as he too knew what it was like.

As he rounded the room, Incendium bumped into Sol. He was still mourning his master's death or so he claimed. Sol apologised and Incendium looked at him.

'I still expect you to carry on his name. You have inherited, so you also inherit his debt to me,' Incendium said extending his right arm. Sol took it. 'Welcome to the Inquisitorial Services, don't worry, most of our entourage does not meet death. I now welcome you as Rogue Trader...er...Sol.' Incendium left the newly promtoed Rogue Trader there as he found Freya's door.

Sighing he rang the bell.

'I don't want anything,' came a fierce retort.

'Its your Lord,' Incendium said trying to hide his amusement that would be her face after she realised who it was.

'Come in, my Lord,' Freya said as the door opened, Incendium stepping through.

He follwoed her to the table in the room and he sat across from her.

'Freya, I know what you faced three days ago and I apolgise now for not taking the time to debrief you thoroughly. As you know things with Kera are taking up my time,' Incendium said as Freya gave him a puzzled look.

'Kera who?' she asked with a half grin.

'A Daemonhost formed out of Keats's old body. Messy event, but do not worry, it is totally submissive for now,' Incendium said looking into her eyes now. 'I know that it tempted you, looked right into your soul and at the moment you felt naked, completely unguarded, helpless.'

'I, too, have been there. It was back during my Interorgator days, after just being promoted from Commissar, and I faced it in the dark bellows of the Castle of the Derath, a place where Chaos had taken nest. It stripped me of my flesh on my right arm and then gave me pleasure through mental contact. I nearly betrayed the Emperor as all I wanted was its touch. However, it was the Emperor's Light that saved me. I remembered my Faith, his Sacrafice and the Great Enemy. I remembered and found strength in the Emperor. That was the closest I ever came to betrayal. Remember that, the Emperor is our Strength. Look to HIm, young one,' Incendium said as he sat back in the chai awaiting her reply.

19-05-2005, 22:22
Freya listened intently to her masters words. He was far wiser and more experienced than she was in such matters. But to find that he had been in a similar situation was extremely comforting. But did she have the same strength as he did. She wasn't so sure.

'I see.' she replied. 'Do you think my faith is lacking?' she asked him. It wasn't a demand, but her master had a much more objective view of her than she did. 'I try master. I do and I pray to the Emperor and.....' she stopped herself from saying Leman Russ. She had been raised to think him a god in himself, not as powerful as the All-Father but much much more powerful than any of her people. Or even the Choosers of the Slain that sometimes took her people into the sky. But she had quickly discovered that not all people held to her beliefs.

'I pray to the Emperor for strength and guidence in my work but....' she found the words to express her feeling hard to put into word. In fact hard to put into gothic and stopped for a moment to try and gather her thoughts and slow them down.

Freya found that at times of great stress or just emotion in general she found it hard to speak in gothic, usually falling into her native tongue so people still couldn't understand what she was talking about.
'The dreams are happening again!' she whispered, fearful to speak of them out loud.

Her people had cast her out, thinking her tainted and she had come to think the same herself. Dreams of evil and malice. Dreams that felt both disgusting and enticing to her.
She had tried to keep them from Incendium certain that he would kill her instantly for being tainted. However, he could see into her as if she were made of glass.

'Am I a wicked person?' she asked the Inquisitor. 'Am I....tainted?' she looked fearfully at him. Asking the same question she had the first time. 'The Daemonhost robbed me so easily of my defenses. I.....I.....' she stammered.
'I do not like the idea of having it around. But I understand the logic behind your actions master. Such a power is useful to us here. And I have all the faith and confindence in you that it will be properly restrained.'

She sighed heavily. 'But I urge great caution here Master. Something is not right and I fear it all boils down to this Daemonhost.' She sat back and closed her eyes, her head in her hands. 'Something is wrong here, I can feel it. But I don't know what it is, or even if it goes ill for me....for us.'

She looked up at the Inquisitor feeling even more tired than she had ever felt, yet the thought of sleep almost made her blanche. She pulled her robe tighter around her as though it was cold.
'Something I wish you'd left me to rot in that cave!' she told him. 'I miss Fenris'

19-05-2005, 23:03
The guy that Yorah was engaging in a beer chuging contest collapsed onto the floor.

"Heh...lightweight." Yorah smirked.

After the fight, the sucessful rescue of Incendium, and the application of the various dressings to his wounded leg, Yorah decided it was time for a celebratory drink. The man had been there and was eventuaslly challenged to a drinking contest.

Yorah downed his beer and turned to leave, but his legs had forgotten which way to go and he fell grabbing on to the bar for support. He edged his way round the perimeter of the room, grabbing onto anying or anyone for stabilty, heading towards the exit.

Yorah eventually made it.

Lacking any real thing to do he decided to go and visit Angrus in the infirmery. Asking a few people where the infirmery was was no problem but Yorah was to out of his face to understand. It went on like this for a while until someone felt sorry for him and placed him on the transport headed for the infirmery.

As he got there he staggered past Incendium and Freya locked in conversation, he slid up to them and put his arms round them both.

"Hey guys do you know how Angrus is doing?" He slurred at them. Incendium chuckled at Yorah's condition and the smell of alcohol coming from him, Freya looked livid and disgusted at the same time.

"Been having fun have we?" Incendium asked Yorah

"Ach, you know me, the usual." Yorah said then added, "Well, better be off, got to see Angrus," after seeing the infimery in the distance.

Yorah arrived at the infirmery, and looking round the beds he realised that he coudn't remember what Angrus looked like.

Yorah took a sip from his hip flask and collapsed onto a table, its intstruments crashing to the floor. He was out cold.

When they found him, Yorah was given a bed next to Angrus's...and a stomach pump.

OoC/ Slaz, Xhalax, if you want me to change anything just say so. You can take control of Yorah if you want/OoC

19-05-2005, 23:14
Incendium looked at her and frowned after Yorah had left. Dam drunkard, he might need discplining.

'Tainted? I think not,' Incendium said looking at her, his hand resting on his bolt pistol, just in case. 'The powers you were given are of foresight, and the ability to sense evil through your powers. They are weak at the moment, as you have not had the proper training yet needed for the powers. True to utlise them, sense the evil and send it forth. Destroy it with the Emperor's blessed fire. Ulitise your powers, make the fear, anger, rage and even dispair your weapon, use your emotions to form a shield and even a weapon. Give it time, your powers will develop properly. If I felt you would not develop properly, I would have excuted you in that cave.'

'Now then, pray to the Emperor. Do not ask for forgiveness, ask how you can repay him. Ask yourself. Do not search for the Emperor, find his Love and Rightious Justice within yourself, then you will not find yourself wanting,' Incendium said remembering the long days back at the Schola when such philosphy was drilled into him. 'Now I must make my exit. Mediate on this, search for the key to your true power. The psychic powers you use is but a portion of your true power.'

OoC/Xhalax, fancy using the Holocaust or the Hell? I think this could be the path of Freya's powers if you like........../OoC

Incendium went back to his room and freed Kera. Allowing her to explore the surroundings. He liked having this power over the Daemonette and enjoyed watching her attempts at killing him. Each time his own strength had stopped her.

'Kera, how did you form?' asked Incendium the only question he had not asked her.

'The necklace on my chest, its a spirit stone. Eldar in nature. It trapped my Soul into it as the present occupier died. His Soul now rests within it, my enternal toy!' Kera cooed using Keats' voice.

Incendium pulled out his bolt pistol and shot it, shattering the stone. The bullet continued through, but did not harm the Daemonhost.

'Oh you spoil sport!' she said as fake tears ran down Keats' body.

'Kera, back to your cage. You have been useful,' Incendium said looking at her as she did as he commanded. He knew in time he would kill her, but if what he had learned was true then he would need her powers more than ever.

Incendium laid down to sleep and slept for what felt like days.

19-05-2005, 23:42
OOC/ Ooooh pyschic powers at my possible disposal. I like the sound of that! And if I were to choose one, I think I'd have to go for Holocaust. Mass devistation.
But we'll see what pans out!/OOC

'Sleep well Master.' Freya replied to Incendium as he left a slow warm smile on her face. He was even wiser than she thought. Such words could only have come from him. Not from the other rag-tag mob that scuttled in his wake. Herself included.

She sat for a moment, thinking over what he had just said. He didn't think she was tainted and the fact that she was sitting there was testement to that thought. Such things steeled her and made her grin. Maybe she was too harsh on herself. She shrugged.

Her mind turned to the stories of the All-Father and of Leman Russ that she had learnt from being a tiny child and still she felt the wonder the stories envoked. 'How can I repay you?' she asked the ceiling. She laughed, feeling a little ridiculous. But looking up when she was addressing either the Emperor or Russ was a habit she hadn't grown out of.

As usual, no answer was forthcoming. Not that she expected it to but it was worth speaking it out loud. Just in case.

Freya smiled again. 'Silent as always. Thank you!' she replied. After a moment or two, Freya got up and decided that there was no time like the present to try practise her powers. She padded softly over to the incense burners and lit them before she settled herself down on the soft carpet.

She sat breathing deeply, allowing the incense to full her lungs and clear her mind. But instead she found herself getting drowzy and the harder she tried to focus, the sleepier she got.
'This is useless!' she snarled slightly, getting up and blowing out the incesen burners. She sighed and opened the doors to her quaters to let the stink of incense out. She'd only wake up with the mother of all head-aches if she slept in a room full of incense fumes.

She stuck her head out the door and finding the corridor empty she paced around out there for a time while the air cleared. Her simple robe fluttering slightly as she walked backwards and forwards. All the time wondering what the centre of her power was and how she might find it.

She stiffled another yawn and knew she wouldn't find it tonight.

19-05-2005, 23:57
Gyr walked slowly along the corridor, heading back to his room. The hood of his cloak was down, his silver armour and red robe visible underneath. He carried only his sword, held lazily in his right hand, swinging gently as he advanced towards his allotted quarters.

He wondered where any of the others were: Angrus was presumably around somewhere, as should be Gerrard and Yorah. Both had proven themselves capable fighters, and Gyr was eager to learn more about them. Combat was an art that was ever evolving as one faced more opponents, and an opponent faced without learning a new lesson was a wasted opportunity: even better if the person was on your side.

He turned left, ambling along, and saw the feral girl standing outside her room. His nose twitched at a familiar scent: some ritual she had been conducting perhaps? He assumed it cam from her room, since it was the only one the door of which was open. He sighed: she, he supposed, had proven herself useful also: and the Inquisitor trusted her. That was enough, he supposed. He gave a slight cough, incase she hadn't noticed his approach: you never knew with psykers. "Good night. Burning the Emperor's incense at this hour?"

20-05-2005, 00:03
Freya turned and looked in the direction of the voice. Her tiredness and the incense was blurring her preception.
'Yes' she half snapped at him. 'IAny reason why I shouldn't be, or why what I do in my own quaters should be anyy concern of yours?' she demanded.

She blinked a couple of times, something was odd and the presence of the Crusader seemed a lot more tangable to her at that moment. But the sensation soon passed as her irratation increased.

'Well?' she asked, cocking her eyebrow at him

20-05-2005, 00:17
The Crusader rolled his eyes. "Your choice. It seemed an unusual practice at this time to me. But you do what you wish." There's always one.. he thought. And it's usually one of these blasted witches. "I was originally going to enquire if you, or indeed any others you knew of, would be interested in a duel or similar practice. A preferred pastime of mine on long journeys. But you clearly have higher matters on your mind. I will leave you to your solitude, of which you are so venomously protective." A grimace on his face, his grip on his blade tighter than ever, Gyr walked on.

For a moment, he stopped, and took a deep breath in, then out. He relaxed his grip on his blade, looking down at it. Calmness. Discipline.

((that's a general offer open to any characters at some point, I just went for the one that was online and walking about))

20-05-2005, 00:22
Angrus saw Yorah being laid out onto a bed in the infirmary just as he was leaving. He shook his head and smiled as he donned his leather trench coat and left the infirmary. As he walked down the corridor, he noticed Gyr and Freya talking to each other, so he quickly turned and pretended to get something out of a nearby vending machine. He needed to speak with Freya but wouldn't do it while Gyr was around.

20-05-2005, 00:25
Freya snorted. She could fight him in her robe if she wished and probably beat him too. Though not in the most taseful of ways as she wore little more than her underwear under the robe.
'Is that a proposition?'she snarled at his back as he walked away. 'Because I don't need any powers to crush you like the worm you are. I'll rip you heart out by hand if I must.'

20-05-2005, 00:30
Gyr did not turn, instead staring ahead in the other direction. "Worm? I have suffered the presence of your kind to not rise to such words. And rest assured, any heart ripping would be committed by me. I was hoping that you, and the other psykers on this blasted mission, were disciplined enough to not have to resort to idle threats."

He turned. "The offer of practice is still there: my ire is not enough to not believe two warriors can learn much from each other's styles. But since you seem adverse to anything to do with me, that is your choice. I will not rise to your bait." He paused. "Besides, you hardly seem clad for such an occasion."

20-05-2005, 00:42
'Coward!' she spat at him. She knew it was exactly the wrong thing to say, but she couldn't help herself.

'I do not hide behind my power, nor use it as a crutch on which to rely upon if my swordarm is lacking. Which I can assure you it most certainly is NOT!
It is just another weapon I hold in my arsenal to be used at the right time.'
She took a breath
'And....I possess more discipline than you could care to imagine. If I didn't you'd be dead now, you insides easily liquified.'

Freya grinned for a moment. 'Yes, war does teach us a great deal about our foes, as well as are supposed 'friends and allies'. I have not fought you, but even if i had, i would not trust you as far as I could throw a Titan!'

A moment of silence passed. 'You have dared to stain my honour with your words and I demand that this slight be met. I shall face you and I don't need clothes on my back to do it either!'

She spun on her heel and returned into her quaters to retrive her mighty chainaxe and swept out of the room. 'Well?' she demanded of the Crusader 'Are you man enough to face a half naked psyker?'

20-05-2005, 00:48
Angrus listened to the two argue with a half smile on his face. Freya was a feisty one. Angrus couldn't remember the last time she had actually been civil to somebody. Bet she's the dominant type, he thought to himself.

20-05-2005, 00:51
((Xhalax, that last line wins the 40K Quote of the Month Award :p))

Gyr blinked as the Fenrisian woman disappeared into his room-he feared what state she would return in judging by her last comment-and raised an eyebrow as she emerged wielding a large chainaxe and issuing a somewhat original challenge.

The Crusader shook his head. "Yes, though if you wish to remove the last part of your description by finding more clothing, you are more than welcome. I shouldn't like the crew's attention diverted more than it needs to be. I shall return in a moment." he walked off down the hallway.

"What? You still can't bring yourself to fight me, coward?"

Gyr kept walking. "If you have your choice of equipment, why should I not have mine?"

A couple of minutes later he returned, suppresion shield slung over his back, underneath his black cloak: he was still conscious of avoiding outside suspicion of Incendium's retinue's activities. He nodded down the corridor in the direction from which he originally came, towards the empty supply room he had been using for deflection practice. "Shall we?" His tone was calm and reserved: he was gladdened by the opportunity to further his martial skills. And the presence of sacred hexigrammic wards on the shield made him feel safer from any warp-treachery she might be capable of.

Grand Warlord
20-05-2005, 01:01
+Appearing in the crusader room watching intently he nodded his approval there was obviously bothering him. He motioned for the crusader for a moment+

"How long has she been with the... gift? As a preacher I am bothered by the fact a unsanctioned psyker is among us... and very open about it. Please keep this a secret. No need worrying the Inquisitor or the others of my problem. I am sure the Inquisitor knows of such things already."

+Drawing his blade he bowed low and gently+

"Fancy a spar with an old preacher who seeks excitment among... other things.. I promise to not hurt you... too much"

+smiling softly hoping not to offend he smiled but stayed at the ready, trying to not think abuot Freya and her possible play in the coming mission...+

20-05-2005, 01:05
Gyr was startled by the Preacher's presence, but gave a short bow. "Father. Certainly, I would be more than glad of your company-I am sure you may also have gifts from which I can better my services to the Emperor, once this little matter is resolved." The man did not look much, but Gyr had been surprised by people's abilities enough in his short life to never take anyone for granted from appearance.

20-05-2005, 01:05
OOC/ Well I try! :D /OOC

Freya shrugged 'Its not like I'm wearing anything too revealing or anything these dead-beats haven't seen before. She took off her robe to reveal a thick striped vest top and shorts underneath. She balled up the robe and threw it in her quaters and slammed the door shut as she stode after the Crusader.

With an almost expert eye she say the hexigrammic wards on his shield and scoffed.
'You really are a coward' she scolded, with her axe on her shoulder. 'Wards to protect you, you must be scared. Hot iron brands hurt more than wards, and I should know! I've experienced both.'

Freya scratched the Wolf tattoo on her shoulder. 'Not that you warrent the use of my power.'

She turned to the Preacher. 'And who said I was unsanctioned?' she demanded.

OOC/ This might be the catalyst to kick start Freya's power....that's to be decided /OOC

20-05-2005, 01:14
Again, the Crusader raised an eyebrow at the Fenrisian woman. "Cowardice? I carry this shield because it is a symbol of my position-and my preferred style of fighting. The wards were enscribed there for my protection from the good Inquisitor. I would happily face you were they absent." He gritted his teeth. "Though I admit I feel comforted that they can protect me from any acts of cowardice you might seek to unleash."

He nodded. "But let us begin." He shrugged off his cloak, fully revealing the silver armour he wore over a red robe, raising his sword and shield. "I am ready."

((should be a fun fight to write up - just noticed how late it is (remembered that the body needs sleep) and it'll probably work best at a point we're both online. But post your reaction whenever. I'll also need to read up on her fighting style in previous posts more closely))

20-05-2005, 01:26
Freya laughed. 'You've got spirit, I'll give you that much. But coward is only a new phrase I have quickly become acustom to using. There are no cowards on Fenris, but the rest of the galaxy' she shrugged.

She walked slowly around the Crusader, swinging her axe to and fro and she limbered up her weary body. 'As for me, I was born ready.'

Freya stood sideways, her head turned to look at the Crusader. Her axe held light by firm in her right hand, down by her waist.
'Come at me, with everything you have!' she hissed lowly at him.

She hit the activation rune of her axe and the large ceramite teeth began to scream as they span around.

OOC/ This is going to be interesting and probably tricky as Freya will no doubt be less than impressed if she gets her limbs hacked off. As for what she'll do to the Crusader.....well at best she'll teach him a lesson. At worst....maybe a limb or two. So nothing to worry about!
Enjoy! /OOC

20-05-2005, 02:31
OOC: if any characters not involved in the duel want to go off have a pint with Helos just start it up.

Three days had passed since the encounter with the deamonettes and Helos was bored. Ever since the crackdown on the slannash cultists, anyone who would have been interesting at all had been carted off, and were probably already dead.
The parts of the casino that had not burned down were now defunct, and the waiters were all gone. It appears even the cute girl Helos had helped was a 'cultist', because she was missing too. Sometimes Helos hated the Imperium. Helos considered asking the alien for some drugs, but he decided that he would probably live longer if he stayed on good behavior. He was in the company of an inquisitor after all, and the priest radiated more power than his simple robes would suggest.

Helos realized that if was going to survive he needed to get to know this crew asap. Hatching a plan, Helos went stalking after Angrus...

20-05-2005, 03:22
OoC/Oi there will be no limb removing from fellow players as of yet. If you guys want to do this fairly, post a brief portion of stats, weapons and any special rules that apply to combat. I think I might re-awake the PvP fighting system.

Completely dice based, so the better character would win. If you want I'll roll etc./OoC

20-05-2005, 03:27
OOC/ I know...I was just teasing. As for what you just said about fighting....my ignorance on this is unsurpassed as I have no idea what your talking about. But i'm sure I'll pick it up as we go.
And so far Freya has been highly lucky to be up and walking let alone being able to fight anyone. I'm ruthless with my characters /OOC

20-05-2005, 03:28
Angrus saw Freya and Gyr enter the supply room and decided not to follow. He'd talk to Freya some other time. As he turned to head to his own quarters, he saw the psyker known as Helos coming towards him. "Greetings, Helos. How goes it?" He grinned.

Grand Warlord
20-05-2005, 03:34
+He bowed to Freya feeling the psychic taint pouring out of her and he tried to hide the pain as best he could, it had been a long time since he had felt such raw psychic power... he should do his job and kill her now but he had to remain quiet until he time was called upon.+

"Well I can wait if you would like to duel eath other... in the name of the emperor i pray thee safety and protection. Should either of you... noble... warriors break this bond of trust and honor may your souls be purged and returned to the emperor..."

+Looking at Freya as he finished he bowed and sheathed his power sword his cyber mastiff (keep forgetting about that) looking on doing what it normally did+

20-05-2005, 03:40
Freya shot the Preacher a look. How dare he insinuation such a thing about her. She knew she could go off into a bezerker blood-crazed fury, but at times like that her pyschic powers were lost and forgotten. Choosing brute strength to see off her foes.

'The Emperor Protects!' she added with a slight nodd to the Preacher. She had to try and be civil to a degree to him. He was after all her charge on this mission and it wouldn't do well to be nasty to him so openly. If anything happened to him she'd be in enough trouble. And as insufferable as he already was, getting on his bad side would only make him worse to bear.

She turned her attention back to the Crusader.

Grand Warlord
20-05-2005, 04:28
((oops.. for some reason i had though you had left the room.. my bads... sorry lol))

20-05-2005, 07:00
Y'nal entered the room, and whistled at the two combatants. He flopped down leaning against the wall, preparing to take in the spectacle.

20-05-2005, 10:56
Inquisitor Incendium entered the room where the commotion was coming from and immeadiately saw Freya, Gyr and Gerrard there standing round, obviously a duel was going to happen as Incendium realised that the Eldar was also there.

'Enough, you can duel after the Briefing I am about to call. I will now tell all, well most of it,' Incendium said as an afterthought. Everyone followed him as they gathered the other members of the entourage. Yorah was still slightly drunk, but the detox pills handed round sombred everyone up to a normal state. (OoC/Got to love reading Eisenhorn ;)/OoC)

As everyone sat round the massive Oak table, Incendium called it to attention.

'Right, I am sorry that it has taken me longer than three days to finally call this briefing, but the newly formed Daemonhost, Kera, has taken a lot of my time. However, the Daemonhost has been a key tool to the information I desperately needed.

'I currently hold in my poessession a unique artifact. It was meant to be delivered to the contacts on Grantis Prime, but as you can tell, it will never make it,' Incendium said holding the long and box shape artifact in his hand. It was covered in runes and seemed to glow with power. 'As to its nature, I am left clueless. I have asked for the aide of the Tech Priesthood when we land, hopefully they'll be able to figure it out.

'Now for the big part. From what I understand, this artifact, is apart of something big that has taken centuries to plan and we have thwarted it by destroying Barthemello and his cronies. However, we are still going to Grantis Prime. There is a Heretic there that needs killing. Now then, that is all. You all have passed the test. By suiriving, you have proven yourselves worthy of following me into the dark abyss that is the life of an Inquisitor,' Incendium said as he then got up and left the Briefing room.

Not caring about the shouts that followed him, he sent Freya a dataslate message stating to keep her trap shut about her psychic powers as it was unnerving people. With that Incendium reached his room and fell into a chair. He was still bone weary and poured a drink of whiskey, a triple by the looks of it and downed it in one. He poured three more, drinking them straight as quickly as he could fill the glass.

20-05-2005, 12:00
"As you wish, Lord." Gyr sheathed his blade, casting a glance at the Fenrisian woman, and seated himself.

The briefing told him very little, though at least he now had a name for the place they were going to. He realised he was fingering the small pendant, which he had taken to wearing around his neck. he had meant to mention it to the Inquisitor or the Preacher...but not now. Besides, it was surely nothing to worry about, just a religious token. He drew his sword once more and stood up, casually twirling it in his hand.

20-05-2005, 12:04
angrus walked out of the briefing room and signalled Freya to follow. She hesitated for a moment but when she realised everyone was looking at her with either smiles or looks of confusion, she soon followed. When they were both out of the room, Angrus leaned against a nearby wal with his arms folded. "I just want to say thanks for helping me out back on The Bleeding Chalice." He said. Freya just raised an eyebrow confused and Angrus waited for her to say something.

21-05-2005, 21:35
Freya finally shrugged. 'Well I guess you might have done the same for me if I had have been stupid enough to almost get my throat ripped out.'

But before he could reply, Freya had stalked off. First the Inquisitor tells her to expand her powers, the next he tells her to keep them hidden. He may as well told her just to disappear of the face of the galaxy for her powers and herself were one and the same. She had grown to accept them, so why wouldn't other people.
After all, weren't her powers a gift from the Emperor......or maybe a sliver of Chaos.

Freya shuddered at the thought and made the symbol of the Wolf to protect her. It didn't bear thinking about.

21-05-2005, 22:26
Satisfied that he had got that off of his chest, Angrus turned and walked the opposite way, heading to his quarters onboard the ship. When he got there, he stripped down to his shorts and climbed into bed for a well earned rest.

21-05-2005, 23:07
Thankfully the smell of incense had gone from her room as Freya entered it. She paced the floor for a while after the briefing and the little escapade with the Crusader, too hyped up to sleep.
Especially with the Inquisitor's message still burning in her mind. But her general fatigue won out and she slumped down on the big soft bed that occupied her quaters. But she did not sleep well.

Grand Warlord
22-05-2005, 01:15
"Crusader, I am still hoping for some swordmanship practice if your still willing to spar with me?"

+Bowing to those remaining in the room, speaking to Sol about some future engagements. He left and headed side stepping Freya with a half salute heading towards the Sparring room where he waited for either Gyr the servitors to activate or anyone to spar for that matter.+

22-05-2005, 01:42
The Bleeding Chalice exited the warp, with nothing exciting happening. It had been two long weeks in the Warp and the once fashioned Nobel linfer was no longer what it was. The Inquisitorial Task Force had stripped as Incendium had ordered and nothing expect the Bar and a few other pleasentries existed.

As the Bleeding Chalice took up orbit, an extractor team was deployed, removing all traces of all human suirvial. Nothing was left as in the ship was stripped bare, fires still burning in corridors. Nothing had suirived the Warp travel, or so the official report had said. The Bleeding Chalice was then taken to a scrap yard to be scrapped.

As the extractor team delivered Incendium and his entourage onto another Cruiser, where they were taken in aboard a military Troop Transport. They made planetfall after 36 hours of just waiting around, doing nothing.

Inquisitor Incendium and his entourage exited the private shuttle and made their way to a hotel Incendium had already booked. An entire floor was dedicated to them, with Incendium having the pent house sweet. Immediately contact was made with the local Abrites, a liason was being sent over right away and then the Tech Priests were called, a young Tech Adept was due to arrive to help with the artifact.

Incendium then called his team around him.

'Right Freya, I want you to take Angrus, Serj, Gerrard, Yorah and Helos and head towards the Lower Hive areas. There is a pub there, the Eagle's Wing, full of the usual assorted scum. Find information relating to any cult activities, you know the drill,' Incendium said looking at Angrus and Serj. 'Y'nal and Gyr, I want you two to hang around here. Poke your noses around the Priesthood, Y'nal wear that cloak I gave you and keep the Inquisitorial seal close by. I am to meet the Governor and HIs Daughter.' Incendium sighed. He hated politics.

OoC/Right here is something interesting. Okay, just head to that pub and look round. You cna flesh any character you want, but I do not want to read talks of conspiracy, dirty dealings or anything Chaos. I mainly want some one to generate the usual scum, just find out the state of the Hive etc. Which you can pretty guess ok?

Nid and Ant: You will find nothing in the Priesthood. However a nice sub-plot could expand if Y'nal does something stupid ;).

Now that the orders are out of the way, Commander_X and Chaos_Lord are back. So they are on their ways into this RPG. Also rumours of Tanith are floating around ;). Now onto my own post/OoC

Incendium walked into the Governor's Chamber. He was a weak fellow, he looked old and as if he was about to die with every breathe.

'I am Governor Tisan, Lord of Grantis Primary and Grantis Grand Hive,' Tisan said with a smile and extended his right arm. Incendium took it and nodded.

'I am Inquisitor Incendium. I am here to research into a possiable off-world illegal artifact trade base that mgiht be here. Nothing to worry about, my Lord,' Incendium said with another bow.

The Governor laughed and seemed to relax. 'Anything you need, jsut ask, Inquisitor,' Tisan said with a friednly smile. Incendium knew he could get anything he desired, but alas, it was always good to be offered instead of using force.

A girl then emerged. Incendium stopped and felt something he had never felt before. She walked into the light, her long brown hair bruushed back into a perfect pony tail. Incendium felt breathless as she apporached him. Her brown eyes catching his and he felt his heart lift.

What was happening to him? He had seen beatiful women before, but she was something else. He shaked the thoughts off and used all of his training to act civil and not like a drooling poodle.

'Inquisitor Incendium, this is my daughter, Lady Tatianna,' Tisan said holding his daughter's frail looking hand.

'How do you do, my lord?' she said with a cute curtsey and a smile that would melt any Cadian heart.

'I am fine, my Lady. Governor, I need to make my leave, I have meetings and such to attend to,' Incendium said fumbling over the words trying not to make eye contact with Tatianna.

'Please attend our dinner party tonight,' Lady Tatianna said with a hint of a demand in the sentence.

'Of course, shall I bring guests?' he asked looking at her left ear.

'Only the Priest, that cute Crusader and the Interrogator,' she said with a smile. Incendium made his leave giving her his word they would show up.

Incendium bretahed out and went to his room. Kera was there, bound and he needed her talents.

OoC/What Incendium is a man is he not?/OoC

Grand Warlord
22-05-2005, 01:51
+Loading up his gear he waiting for Freya to head out, sighing softly. Obviously something was bothering him but he kept unsually quiet as he met up with the group meeting each with a simple hello, his cyber mastiff showing no emotion as usual he pulled his hood over his face to conceal his issues and forced a genuine smile.+

+He was ready for war as usual but the guard on his sword was closed and his
guns properly holstered instead he grabbed his book and held it beside him ready to preach the gospel of the Imperial Cult bending the masses to his will in order to get his information...+

"Shall we?"

22-05-2005, 02:05
When Angrus and the others arrived at the Eagles wing, he immediately ordered a pitcher of ale and an all day breakfast. He sat at a table with Serj and Yorah, laughing and joking in order to blend in with the locals.

22-05-2005, 02:06
After finding out that the Inquisitor was going to see the governor, Freya felt sure that she'd got the best end of the deal. Even though she'd been dumped with excess baggage in the shape of her team.
She could work the under hive faster alone. In fact she seriously gave credience to the thought of dumping them the first chance she got. But Freya knew it would be more trouble that it was worth.

She wasn't exactly dressed for the under hive. In all dark colours, but anything was better than what was left of that dress! And that wasn't a lot.
She looked at her team with undisguided disgust and shrugged, glad to be feeling her chain axe strapped in it's back holster. At least there wouldn't be many raised eyebrows to the weapons they were packing. Plus, Freya had been glad to have secreted a spare bolt pistol she had rescued from the armour about her person.

Freya disliked las weapons, not powerful enough and the Inquisitor had made it clear that she was to stay well away from the heavy weapons. Which was a shame as they looked lovely and powerful.

She sighed slightly and turned on her heel and strode away to the opposite end of the bar. The Inquisitor had suggested being another mistress, but Freya had almost taken a swing at him for that. So she was going to just be scum. After all she was good at being hard-**** scum. That's how she'd survived.

Grand Warlord
22-05-2005, 02:09
"Yes m'lady...."

+Chuckling to himself he left shortly after her and once he arrived he began preaching but on a lower tone enforcing his words to charm the locals to win their trust...+

Commander X
22-05-2005, 15:19
OOC:I take it you meant yourself with 'the Inquisitor'?

A dark cloaked man was walking through the corridors of the hotel, looking for Incendium. He had been told to report to him and await further instructions.

"You must be Oblidion." came from behind him. As he turned around he found the Inquisitor to be standing there.

"Indeed my Lord, Abrites Oblidion reporting for duty."

"Very well, proceed to room 45 at the end of the hallway and await further instructions."

Oblidion went to room 45 and took off his cloak. After unpacking and sitting down, he started to wonder why the Inquisition needed his 'talents' here.

22-05-2005, 15:20
Gyr Corvus was disgruntled. Nothing. Nothing at all. He and the Eldar had searched the place high and low, observing the activities of the priests-nothing out of the ordinary, suspicious or otherwise worrying. He had not spoken to the alien-and would not-simply going about his business alone. His hooded cloak shadowed his face as his eyes scanned the priests that went about theit business.

((Slaz, what kind of priests? Techpriests or Ecclesiarchal priests?))

22-05-2005, 15:31
OOC/ Commander X...any chance of a character profile?
Thanks /OOC

Commander X
22-05-2005, 15:40
OOC:You'll get it when I have imagined how he would have looked before the other 2 episodes. In ways of things he already had and didn't have before the 'first' episode:OOC

22-05-2005, 19:03
As Angrus sat at the table drinking and talking with Serj and Yorah, he tossed the two of them a capsule each. "De-tox pills." He explained, quietly. "Don't take them just yet, but if the **** hits the fan we're gonna need to sober up sharpish." After that he got up and handed out capsules to Freya, Gerrard and Helos. "See anyone that could be a lead?" He asked both Freya and Gerrard.

Grand Warlord
22-05-2005, 19:34
"Well not much of any use."

+Sitting down with Angrus, Serj, and Yorah. he sat his book down at his side since it was chained to him he didn't worry about losing it. He sighed and took another drink of his amnasec.+

"This hive is much like any other hive in the Imperium. It built upon layers of ruins that somehow have kept this city and its people alive. For the most part the general populace are angry with the local govenor who they say neglect the people on the lower hive. I can see that as well. The people here need basic medical supplies and are not getting them."

+Opening a dataslate he hit a few buttons before sliding it back in his coat.+

"I am sending what little info I can gather to Incendium."

+Taking another drink Gerrard cleared his throat softly, looking around as he spoke.+

"So tell me about yourselves.... what brought you into the services of our current master? I must apologize but I have not had the proper time to get to know most of our team. It is a fact that I regret."

22-05-2005, 19:44
Freya cocked a quizzical eyebrow at the pills Angrus had given her. She could hold her ale well enough when it was needed. But she planned on not drinking too much at work. That way only lead to her getting into trouble. But she pocketed the pill all the same. They could come in handy.

'Not as yet!' she growled lowly at him. 'But I have a few ideas up my sleeve.'
She looked around warily. This wasn't going to be east, she could feel it. She wasn't even sure exactly what she wa supposed to be looking for. Failing all else, she could probably beat something out of someone so she had something to report back.

OOC/ Heeeeeeeeelp Slaz! /OOC

22-05-2005, 20:34
Yorah put the pills in the jacket pocket for later use. He downed his pint and said to the group:

"Well, looks like we won't be goin' anywhere fast, who fancies a game of cards?"

His hand reached under his jacket, touched past his plasma gun which he had grown fond of in the past week having lovingly carved "Property of Scott Yorah, anyone who touches it gets their face blown off" along its barrel with a standard issue knife.

He brought his hand back out holding a pck of cards.


OOC/ Welcome back Commander_X, Slaz says the PvP fights might be getting brought back. Up for a little rumble? :D /OoC

23-05-2005, 00:45
As the bar filled up, a man caught Angrus's eye. He was the usual scum that roamed around these parts, but he was not the lacky, no, he was the hardcore buyer. The man who placed jobs out for his boss's boss.

Angrus got up and notioned to the group he was going to the bar. He grabbed a double whiskey and Angrus engaged the man.

OoC/Think country western style bar, with guns and stuff on everyone. Tarts serving drinks and men upstairs. For the ladies, the tarts go both ways ;). Alright, Darc I need you to pretend as if youwant a job. He'll offer you a contract that deals in delivering artifacts from a near by system. Make the conversation interesting, permission to do as please. Heck, make up his name as well.

The rest of you lot, engage with the scum round the place and leanr about the Hive. Its run down, falling apart. Rumours of dark scary things, flesh eating zombies and cute rabbits feasting on eyeballs, you know the such. Basically useless stuff, but I want to see this as its all apart of an Inquisitorial investigation./OoC

Gyr and Y'nal hung around the monastary and talked with the Priesthood. A cardinal apporached them and began to speak of disgruntled workers and the such causing acts of violence, claiming the Emperor will be reborn. Such acts were put to death by the Sisters of Battle of the Burning Fury of Purity Sisterhood. Nothing else was mentioned. The process was wasted. The two men began to head back when Y'nal fell to the floor, his chest heaving.

Some power psyker had just assaulted him and Gyr felt his wards burn. A dark shadow broke from the wall and began to run.

Gyr ran in pursuit with Y'nal at his tracks.

OoC/Good ole chase scene ok? Capture do not kill./OoC

Incendium collasped into a sofa wearing a robe. He had just showered for the fifth time and now he remembered he had the Abrite liason officer to deal with. He ahd no clue who he was or anything, so he assigned the Abrite to his quarters. Hopefully the Abrite would relax for now, allowing Incendium time to think and clear his head.

23-05-2005, 01:03
Freya cursed the Inquisitor for sending her here to this place. Full of tarts and whores and her being a woman, she knew it wouldn't be long before she ended up being propositioned by some deadbeat to do unspeakable acts for a pitence of credits.

In truth such a guise would be useful. A way of extracting information. But she was an Interrogator with the Inquisition, surely there had to be a better way. Though this was why she hated undercover work. All that sneaking around. They had the power to demand the anwsers from these wretches and make them give up the answer.

'Can I get you anything sweetheart?' a voice drifted into Freya's ear. She looked up into the face of a girl not much older than she was. Her voice had a sing-song tone and she was heavily made up. Freya guessed that was the sort of thing they liked here. Though Freya wasn't convinced.

She managed to remove the scowl from her face as she addressed the girl.
'Nothing, I'm alright for now.'

The girl shrugged. 'Ok, but if you need anything, just let me know.' She gave Freya a wink and swaggered away. Freya grimaced.

23-05-2005, 01:28
Sol sat back in the bar, drinking by himself in a corner, when a man came and sat beside him. He couldnt see the face of the man, because it was hidden behind a hood, but the sound of the voice was unique, he'd heard it somewhere before. "You look like you could do with some work, are you currently employed?"

"My master just passed away recently, so no im no longer employed you could say." Sol was watching his words, but he knew he had had to much to drink and so was wary of what he said. he reached for a detox pill, but none were there. damn.

"Well i can give ya a job, if you have a ship i want you to do some in system delivers."

"Yeh i got a ship, The elutian Wave Runner, what sort of deliverys." Sol realised right away that he had let slip to much already, he was gonna have to fix this up straight away, but before he had the change, the hooded figuire leaned right in.
"I know that ship, a client of mine use to own that, his name was keats, howd you get it from him?" Sol wasnt sure how to react to this, so he told him the truth, Keats never wouldve done anything that wasnt right.
"Im his acolyte, he passed away a few days ago actually."
"Sad to hear that, he was a good man, the best in the business. What i want you to do is to deliver some items without anyone knowing what your doing, these items are, lets say not the legalest of things around, nothign serious though, just some stuff that would land me a fine that i could do without."Sol had gained most of his composure back by now, and started to negotiate the deal, he couldnt afford to get caught with something like this.
"Something like that will cost you around 1 million credits, heres my com link, send me the details in 6hours time, i want the coordinates from where i can teleport them into my ship, and i want the drop off point, wire the credits through now."
"1 million credits, seems reasonable, talk to you in 6hours time."Sol slide the man a com frequency, before he got up and walked away from the table. The rogue trader finished his drink before he returned to his room.