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14-12-2005, 06:41
The Emperor:

WS BS S T W I A Ld. Sv. Pts.
Emperor 10 5 6 6 5 8 5 10 3+* A **** load
Only an Imperial Army (Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Daemon hunters, Witch hunters, Alien hunters Etc.) with 3000 points or more may include the Emperor.

Equipment: Armour of Light, Sword of Purity (two handed weapon), Gauntlet of Fury, Psychic Hood.
Psychic Powers: Minor – Glory, Read Minds, Battle Fury and Relentless

Special Rules:
Armour of Light: An ancient relic of the Dark Age of Technology. Made of the strongest Adamantium and with built in Power Field generators it is one of the most durable suits of Armour in the Galaxy. It grants the Emperor a re-rollable 3+ Invulnerable Save. The second roll stands even if it is unsuccessful; you may not re-roll a re-roll.

Gauntlet of Power: Placed on the Emperors left arm this Gauntlet allowed the Emperor to wield his potent psychic power in a destructive force of energy and its claws capable of rending horrendous wounds on the enemy. The Gauntlet is a single Lightning Claw; it also has the Rending special rule.

Sword of Purity: This Sword is made of a special material capable of conducting the massive psychic energies of the Emperor into a wrathful strike. In the close combat phase one of the Emperor’s attacks may be made with the Sword of Purity on any model in base contact (Emperor’s players choice) , roll to hit as normal, a successful hit automatically wounds and ignores armour saves (invulnerable saves are taken as normal). If the to hit roll was a 5+ the wounded model is killed outright no matter how many wounds it may have. Any vehicle stuck with the Sword suffers an automatic penetrating hit.

Master Psyker: The Emperor is the universes most powerful psychic entity and as such he has mastery over his own abilities. The Emperor never suffers ‘Perils of the Warp’ attacks, all psychic power tests are passed automatically and the Emperor may use two (maximum) Minor Psychic powers per turn. Any innate powers or equipment possessed by Cullexus Assassins or Necron Pariah’s do still affect the Emperor as normal.

Defend the Emperor: The presence of the Emperor on the battlefield is a great boost to morale for all the troops in the army and they will fight to the death to defend their lord. Every friendly Human (not mindless automatons e.g. servitors etc. or daemons of any type) model on the table counts as Stubborn.

Emperor’s Wisdom: The Emperor is very old and is a consummate general having fighting against his enemies for millennia. Aided by his prescient sight the Emperor is able to judge his enemies moves and adjusts his plans accordingly. To represent this when the board edge the player uses is randomly selected the player may choose the board edge instead of rolling for it. In addition the player may choose to have the first turn if so desired. If Traitor Warmaster Horus is being used by your opponent, this power is not used as the Gods of Chaos are blocking his prescient sight and The Emperor’s despair at his favoured son’s betrayal causes him to loose his mental faculties.

Fearless: The Emperor will fight to the death to defend humanity as part of the mantle he took upon himself to be the protector of the human race. The Emperor is Fearless and passes all Morale and Pinning tests.

Chaos Bane: The Emperor is Anathema to the daemons of the Warp. Therefore any Daemon (and Daemonvessels) within 12” of The Emperor suffers -1 modifier to its Leadership. In addition all Daemons half their WS when in base contact with the Emperor.
Note this does not include Eldar Avatars as written in Codex: Daemonhunters.

Iron Constitution: The Emperor has the power of being quite resilient against most weaponry. When his last wound is removed roll a D6, if a 4+ is rolled he passes and he stands back up with one wound remaining.

Independent Character: The Emperor always counts as an Independent Character and may join/leave units at the players will as normal.

17-12-2005, 18:15
Cool. Makes me want to do a model of Him.
In the Bill King story the Emperors sword is described as a 'Runesword', in case you wanted to incorporate something 'runey'? ...though I don't know what that really is... :eyebrows:

Lady's Champion
17-12-2005, 19:11
Those rules and really cool and very nicely worked out. I reckon 350-400points. Very clever have the Lady's Champion award for amazing-ness!

17-12-2005, 19:38
350-400 points? FOR THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND!?

Even the Tau playing part of me is disgusted!

350-400 points INDEED!