View Full Version : Any opinions about the more fun rats?

30-03-2009, 02:44
Just wanted to see what people's opinions/tactics are concerning the more specialised skaven troops. Rat ogres get a bad reception from everyone I've asked but specifically the ones I'm after are:

1) Night runners
2) Gutter runners
3) Globadiers
4) Rat swarms/plague rats
5) Stormvermin
6) The cannon

Should be interesting to see what people have to say :)

30-03-2009, 04:30
Well rat swarms were good until the "Unbreakable (swarm)" rule came into force. Now, much like most other swarms they suck more than something sucky sucking a lemon on suck Tuesday. (Dirty minds, stay clear, i don't want you here!)

The cannon is amazing when used right. march it right down a flank turn 1 and watch the enemy squirm.

While I like storm vermin, S4 and sv5+ or s3 and sv 3+ is barely even above average. A saurus is better in almost all respects, 3+ save, s4, 2 attacks, cold blooded, awsome spears for a point, a core unit and are CHEAPER!

Much of the book is really starting to feel a bit dated now. Thats not to say i don't like the army, i regularly play against a skaven player and the games are always a laugh. But more and more it's starting to feel like an uphill struggle for him, mainly because he refuses to play a SAD list.

30-03-2009, 10:19
I run 2 Squads of Night Runners, usually to black a flank. I just charge the 2 squads down the side. If they make it to the enemy, good for them, if not, not much skin (or rather, fur) off my back, as they arent too many points and they draw fire away from something else.

I find using 2 squads of 3 tunnelling Gutter Runners with poisoned weapons are great war machine hunters, even if they dont make it onto the table. I find that, usually, an opponent will take time protecting his cannons and such, which, again, allows for my units to get closer. Even if they're are no war machines on the table, they are still useful as most mages are great targets as well.

Most people run Globadiers in (very) cheap squads of 2, and more or less use them as a 'weapon team' of sorts. I find that 2 rarely does noticable damage, and I run them in squads of 4. That makes them effective, still cheap and wont cause panic checks if killed.

Rat Swarms are useless, as they cant be used for anything of use. Plague rats can be useful against giants, but thats about it and they just aren't worth the points, end of story.

Stormvermin are good on paper and in the Skaven book, but the main problem with them is the fact there are so many S4 T4 models out there that are just as much as a Stormvermin. Even if they are more expensive, the other model tends to have a great bonus that easily makes it worth it. In other words, while they are good in the Skaven book, they are outclassed by the other elite models of other armies. We'll have to see in the next book if they really are worth taking, or if you'd be better taking a squad of Clan Rats and a Slave support squad along side it.

Ah, the Warp-Lightning Cannon. My favorite weapon in the book. Yes, I like it more than the Rattling Guns. I've killed a number of things with a single shot down the middle of the table at times, second turn (after moving it up the table a bit). Once a Karl Franz, his mount, half dozen greatswordsmen and a few Kights fell to a misfire from the cannon. In other words, I love this machine. Others, however, hate it, and I understand that. Ive had times when I need it to shoot decent S, and I roll 2. Heck, I perfer rolling a misfire than a 2. All up, the WLC is an intimidating machine for the enemy to go against, as most armies wont be able to deal with the shooting through terrain rule it has. Mind you, abilities to deal with this are getting more common.

metal midget
18-04-2009, 18:07
this is how i see it

1 night runners make a great skirmish screen plus movement 6 is'nt bad i usualy just take them on the flanks and either try to cause some havoc stoping marching hunting warmachine's or just getting in the way of people charging my flank suuport

2 gutter runner's are realy good units of 4 withtunneling team work a treat on enemy warmahine's however that i realy all they can do (apart from what i've said about night runners)

3 perfect heavy infantry killers i don't use them but if you do decide to i would charge some slaves in and throw into the combat using life is cheap rule.

4 again i don't use these but they are unbreakable which is realy good in a low ld army however they are seriosly overpriced

5 prety much as havoc said however they make for a good 3+ save in combat with shields a good body gaurd unit for your lord

6 my favourite toy capable of destroying anything this warmachine no skaven army should be without