View Full Version : someone gave me empire... question about army list?

30-03-2009, 17:39
alright.. for starters.. having a few threads moved.. i didn't think this warranted being placed in the list section.. thats why i put it here.. move if you feel is needed.

anyway.. on with whats up.. a friend of mine is heading off to the marine corp. and he is letting me babysit all of his stuff for the next 4 years.. what it means is, i inherited a bunch of stuff for empire.. i've asked around what to do with the list and i've been told simply "war alter and steam tank" for a list that works.. also read and seen detachments are good.. so what i'm asking is help with tactica and making a list from stuff i have:
engineer with repeater handgun
box of knights
pistolier box
battalion box
-two wizards
-helcannon/rocket storm thing
30 more flagelants
steam tank

so with all that.. i was looking through the book and its so different from other armies i play that i'm just confused..
he wanted to put together an army with 90 flagelants.. but there is plenty other stuff to play with and not much for me to purchase to make a bigger army
what do you guys think?

30-03-2009, 19:51
I'd buy or scratchbuild a War Altar, so it can be well themed with your Flagellants.

The army also sounds like it needs some State Troops and Knights to bulk out its core.

What kind of games will you be playing? Tournament? Casual? 2.25k? 2k? 1.5k? 1?

What armies will you typically face? Everything? Elves? Chaos? Vamps?

30-03-2009, 21:02
i'm going to check out the war alter thing...
as far as what i face and other armies i have:
i have -
dark elves
in the rest of the group -
wood elves
dark elves
warriors of chaos
vampires (rare)
high elves

so its a pretty good mix.. i don't think i'll get to this army any time soon as i have two other dark elf lists to do and continue onto lizards and dwarfs... but if all i need is a model or two, why not put the army together to just play with it, ya know?