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14-12-2005, 13:24
Hi all.

Picked up a box of Knights just for painting (I'm a re-enactor as well as wargamer) in my groups colours, when the thought struck that we're all foot Knights (can'tafford a horse :( ).

Question is this; how interchangable are the various Brettonian plastic boxes?
Could passable foot Knights be made?

14-12-2005, 13:48
Not particularly - the knights, IIRC, are two piece - legs and body, and you get two champion swords in a box, so that's a start...

You could cut bowmen/men-at-arms in half at the waist and stick the knight bodies on top, but they'd look a little strange as the peasants are a little shabby in comparison.

I'd say a better option would be either DE infantry legs (but the skirt with chainmail over the top doesn't quite fit Brettonian couture), or HE archer legs (Long coats, with a little bit of resculpting/detailing on exposed legs to look like chainmail). Out of the two, I'd go with the HE Archers.
Empire troop legs would look too skinny. and not 'grand' enough for a knight.

Not quite sure whether it'd be worth the investment though - although you can have 1 Paladin on foot (The Penitent's virtue, I think it's called?), other than that you'd only really be able to use them as champions.
But hey, that's up to you and your gaming group.

Hope that info helps.

14-12-2005, 14:08
If you really want to have a unit of knights on foot resembling your re-enacting group, wouldn't the easiest choice be just going out and buying some historical 28mm figures instead - there is quite a good choice out there.

What period are you re-enacting? Barons Wars, Hundred Years War, War of the Roses or something else?

14-12-2005, 20:36
There is a range of knights on foot for brettonians. The mounted ones wouldn't look quite right.

14-12-2005, 22:58
I have all of the various foot knights made by Reaper. You should look at the Reapermini catalogue. It will take you forever to find what you're searching, but it will be worth the effort I believe.