View Full Version : Dogs of War Army Book

30-03-2009, 22:56
Does anyone know where I can find the Dogs of War online army book?

The rules for the regular Dogs of War and the Regiments of Renown used to be on the GW site, but I can't seem to find em anymore.

Lord Zarkov
30-03-2009, 23:04
On the Australian GW website, would get a link for you, but it appears to be down atm

30-03-2009, 23:27
Not on the oz site anymore as they've "revamped" it (read: crippled it to be like the US and UK ones). Try asking at dogsofwaronline.com

30-03-2009, 23:29
The OZ website was awesome :( I can't check if it's still up here at work, gotta do it at home. That trully sucks, awesome ideas on modeling and coverting, painting and gaming articles.

The new GW website plain blows.

31-03-2009, 20:16
The new GW website plain blows.

Indeed. I used to visit the UK site nearly daily. It was full of all cool stuff and gaming articles. The new one is just worse version of Online Store.

01-04-2009, 04:40
"if it aint broke fix it till it is" :D

I struggle with the new site too...pity