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31-03-2009, 00:13
Lord Stanis Von Drak(vampirelord)
dark acoylte
forbidden lore
walking death
sword of might
walach's bloody haubrek

dark acoylte
lord of the dead
sword of battle
flayed haubrek

Credo Corpse-Monger(necromancer)
corpse cartw/unholyload stone

20-Zombies w/fullcommand
20-Zombies w/fullcommand
19-skeleton warriors w/fullcommand and spears

19-Grave Gaurd w/fullcommand
banner of the barrows

5-BloodKnights w/fullcommand
flag of blood keep

vamp lord goes with gravegaurd and is the casting king at lvl 4 with all the vamp lore spells he can do whats needed,move/heal units or rain death apon the foes. vamp goes with skeletons and raises them past starting value and depend on spells rolled other things as well as heal other units. necromaner is soley invokation b*tch. against non missle/magic heavy armies drop the flag of blood keep for royal banner of strigos and some extra nasty on vamp lord

Your armies have two choices serve me in life or serve me in death

31-03-2009, 05:38
Take the banners away from the zombies. They'll just lose them on you as they shamble forward looking for brains.

Mmmm... braiiiiiins...

Also, Master of the Black Arts and Forbidden Lore is a stronger combo, considering you don't -need- the extra known spell that Dark Acolyte gives you. Yes, the extra power die is good, but two are better.

Also, you might want to consider giving the Lord a mount. For just twenty points, too! Drop that armor save from a 4+ to a 3+... fairly good deal.

Plus, if you do that, you can drop a Grave Guard because your Lord's US goes up to 2.