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31-03-2009, 16:49
was looking for thoughts on a dragon mage in a 1k tourny coming up.
too much? too weak?

31-03-2009, 17:27
Well you weren't too specific with what you were talking about, but if you're talking about taking a mage on a dragon in 1k tournament, you're going to be horribly dissapointed with that outcome if your opponents have any experience with low-point tournaments. What army are you looking at using? I can give you advice from there if you want but I've always dealt with 2k+ tournaments, so I'm sure there are other experts out there who deal more with low-point tourny's.

31-03-2009, 17:45
i think things like a treeman, hydra, or engine of the gods will be pretty common can be pretty common in most 1000pt lists, so a dragon mage probably wont be too over the top.

31-03-2009, 17:49
I assume he's looking at using High elfs (Dragon mages are a High elf Character choice)

it might work out if your opponent isnt expecting anything like that.
but as you mention how its a tournament, im quite sure they will be (at least trying to be) prepared for any kind of cheesyness you could bring to such a battle, (any army with a few bolt throwers (wich arent that expensive and often a two for one choice) could shoot the dragon and/or mage to bits)
(and at a fraction of the points)

in short.
I Would go for a more rounded round force. then try to death star em.
And if they try to death star you. Bring those for mentioned Bolt throwers. Should do wonders.

31-03-2009, 18:13
sorry. yes i meant the high elf dragon mage.

it has weaknesses for sure but i thought it would be a nice all or nothing guy to bring to a local 1k tourny.

how should i equip him?
i want to use the battle banner bsb for the last hero slot to go w/some dragon knights so i will not have a scroll caddy.

31-03-2009, 18:22
I'd say for survival as many a opponent will be aiming at em.

But as far as magical offence goes, you cant go wrong with the Silver wand for a dragon mage only 10pts (+1 extra Spell) and you get extra free dice for each spell you cast, so then you can "easely" cast 3 spells per magic phase. (gives a nice equivelant of 7 (2mage,2army,+1 for each spell) casting dice in total. would go more magic heavy if you go this way and decimate em mage phase style, altough this is quite nice as is in 1k points)

But i still dont recommend the dragon mage ;) but if gamblin is your game and all or nothing is the way you like it. you who knows might pull it off.

Edit: Now that i think of it Ring of fury isnt to bad a choice either. if magicing em to death 40pts bound: 3 2d6 S4 magic missile. even more dispell dice they would need to stop you (either go like that or give him some ward save, beserker mage, or some defence, hm.. for the extra gamble i'd go beserker mage, zomg lotz o spells ^^ decimate/Destroy or die)

01-04-2009, 06:11
Another thing you might want to consider is how best to destroy enemy war machines/crew. These will be a major threat to you, so something like a Great Eagle or Shadow Warriors could come in very handy. I don't know how many points you have to play with (not a HE expert) but an Eagle at least should be doable.

01-04-2009, 12:42
thanks for the advice

01-04-2009, 12:46
or shoot it with them spells/DragonBreath ;) but indeed having a Great eagle or two hacking some warmachines never hurts(its not like its an expensive choice yay 50pts), considering your investment protect him with most if not all of the any other choices you pick for the army.

01-04-2009, 17:21
A dragon mage is fun to play with. Silver wand is a must. Then give your mage sacred incense or guardian phoenix, ward save is nice on an unarmoured mage. At this level magic may not be a problem but shooting will be.

Now the downside. a dragon mage does not get you the plus one to your dispell die. You are using up two hero choices. The dragon mage is not your ideal close combat guy. He has to flank units using magic and then letting the dragon breath. Against units that are not immune to phy this could work. Your unit will take up alot of your available points therefore he will have to do a bunch of damage.