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Spamus Eatus
03-05-2005, 23:48
So I've really getting into BFG recently, and been madly painting up an Imperial and Chaos Fleet. I made up a few names so far, but I need to think of some more. Does anybody have any cool names or a website with names on it?

Here's what I've got so far:

Eternal Faith
Singular Will (Reserved for an Oberon Battleship)
Pride of Phobos
His Fist
Triumph of Man

Final Apocalypse
Blood Rayne
Flesh Weaver
False Prophecy (Reserved for Despoiler Battleship)
Soul Reaper
Pain Incarnate

The catch is that I want to avoid using "cliche" BFG names.

Some name help would be greatly appreciated.

As a side note, what are the contents of the Vengeance class grand cruiser box?
Are there the plastic sprues inside?

04-05-2005, 03:45
The flagship of my Chaos Fleet was the Helot's Shackle.

Somewhere in the fleet I also had the Prophet of Woe, and my personal favourite was a Heavy Cruiser named after the Royal Navy battleship Warspite

Imperial names can also be lifted from Royal Navy ships - most other navies only name their ships after people and places but the Royal Navy has a habit of picking all manner of cool names for it's ships (as well as people and places...)

How about...

Iron Duke
St Vincent

Those are just some of the Dreadnoughts of the Grand Fleet, all taken from Jane's Fighting Ships of WWI. There are plenty more examples in the Cruisers and Destroyers - names such as Swiftsure, Triumph, Majestic, Goliath, Formidable, Glorious, Defence, Warrior, Black Prince, Leviathan...

I could go on but there isn't much point. Try doing a google search on Royal Navy ships

Oh, and just so you know, you spelt Indefatigable wrong - I'd hate for you to paint it onto the base and only then discover you'd got it wrong...

Spamus Eatus
04-05-2005, 04:53
Thanks, Getz!

Those are pretty cool names, I'll check those Royal Navy names out.

Props on the "Indefatigable" thing. I wasn't really sure how to spell that one. :p

05-05-2005, 00:04
Well my chaos fleet is a nurgle one, so I've got;

Herald of Nurgle
Portent of Contagion
Malignant Canker
Maw Beast
Bearer of the Swarm
Foetid Entropy
Rot Fiend
Plague Sword

05-05-2005, 00:05
Royal Navy names are pretty good. US navy ones....probably not as good, as they tend to be named after US cities and states...

The Mars Class Heavy Crusier New Jersey...

I personaly have named mine after Geek plays..

Medea, Agamemnon, Hippolytus, ALcestis, The Libation Bearer....

Though friends of mine have their fleets named after Ships from jutland...chaos are german high seas fleet, imperial are the RN ships.

Isn't gothic based on older Wooden Ships, Iron men games?

05-05-2005, 02:58
Nah, Gothic is if anything taken straight form the golden age of the big gun battleship - the Dreadnought era.

That said, the Imperial fleet is a bit more 19th century in it's tactics, but Chaos is all about positioning your battlefleet for the ideal massed barrage at extreme range...

Easy E
06-05-2005, 01:59
Is your Chaos fleet aligned with any particular powers?

For Nurgle:

Scarlet's Fever
Pox Imperialis
Corpse Emperor
Carrion Lord

Heretic's Kiss

Emperor Horus
Fall of Man
End of Days
Apocalypse Watch

Twisted Path
The All Seeing

Brazen Rage

Peace Maker
Humanis Rex
Light Bringer
Torch Bearer
Strength of His Word

Just a few ideas. Some lame and some not so lame.

06-05-2005, 02:40
This of any use?

The following gives a base level appraisal of Battlefleet AnagroÕs major fleet assets as of 2753439.M41. Clearance level Ochre.

ShipÕs class: ShipÕs name (Date of Commission) [Captain]

* Ship in drydock
** Ship in war reserve or otherwise out of use

Battleships (3)
Retribution: Legatum Anargo (3023894.M37) [Commodore Maximilian Grovsner]
Emperor: Xenocide (2001001.M38) [Commodore Quentin McAbe]
Apocalypse: Deathwalker (1958603.M40) **

Heavy Cruisers (1)
Cardinal: Faithhammer (32223101.M35) [Captain Michael Greenwood]

Battlecruisers (5)
Overlord: Magos (1439379.M41) **
Mars: Necromancer (2001001.M40) [Captain Lucian Davros] *
Armageddon: Maximus (2561334.M40) [Captain Julian Roshenko]
Overlord: Powerful (3398102.M38) **
Coruscation: Ultimate Faith (0001028.M31) **

Line Cruisers (14)
Autocrat: Admiral Trongast (2001142.M41) [Captain Michael Tanenbauer]
Dictator: Ryoko (2007001.M41) [Captain Junior Grade Paul Daradae]
Dominator: Intolerant (2486498.M40) [Captain Junior Grade Ian Constantine]
Dominator: Relentless (4587397.M41) [Captain Junior Grade Andrew Grovsner] *
Dominator: Saint Sistina (4987357.M41) *
Gothic: Divinity (1911152.M41) **
Lunar: Abyss (1654165.M39) **
Lunar: Necropolis (4983998.M39) [Captain Junior Grade Nicholas Grovsner]
Lunar: Paladin (2089199.M39) **
Lunar: The Black Dragon (1001001.M38) [Captain Junior Grade Nathan Quint] *
Murder: Constantine (2564645.M34) [Captain Junior Grade Adam Kertman]
Pontifex: Lex Vindicta (1451222.M41) [Captain Ordman Carding]
Tyrant: Lamentation of Haderren (3874998.M39) [Captain Lostranken Grovsner]
Tyrant: Widewake (3043459.M41) [Captain Junior Grade Elisabeth Grovsner]

Light Cruisers (5)
Dauntless: Death of Liberty (3199240.M38)[Commander Julius Eaton]
Dauntless: Red River (1001001.M41) [Captain Junior Grade Golwat Sulivan] *
Dauntless: Shakira (1001001.M41) [Captain Junior Grade Alexander Zedrex]
Enforcer: Xenoscourge (3199240.M38)*
Stalwart: Sentinel (3199240.M38) [Captain Junior Grade Paul Grahams]

Frigates (31)
Claymore: Dralax (3248374.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Orfil Quinteros]
Claymore: Harassment (3081838.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Edward Grovsner]
Claymore: Higlander (3387421.M41) [Commander Markus Xhosha]
Claymore: Trandar (3072338.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Nathan Quint]
Claymore: Xavier (3656865.M40) *
Firestorm: Ceylon (2165424.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Kermano Torez]
Firestorm: Collingwood (1298417.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade David Langley]
Firestorm: Exeter (4151091.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Hiram VonGales]
Firestorm: Gonzales (1159287.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Julian Wykoff] *
Firestorm: Mohawk (3199240.M41) [Commander Cornelious Isembard XVI]
Flachion: Munro (3447344.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Hibiscus Carling]
Flachion: Sanctuary (3321254.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Elias Giger] *
Sword: Calysto (3242201.M41) **
Sword: Carmine (3332410.M41) [Commander Minesta Kerven]
Sword: Coda (3458221.M39) [Commander Michael Eddington]
Sword: Dominica (3846214.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Mirkian RÕCho] *
Sword: Horst (3411432.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Maximilian Kord] *
Sword: Lady of Light (3586372.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Ian Feldrich] *
Sword: Lenshier (4001001.M39) **
Sword: Leoric (1487244.M41) **
Sword: Lux Regalls (1032149.M41) **
Sword: Madrox (3024111.M41) *
Sword: Pallidus (2845160.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Hebiscus Dunelm] *
Sword: Perolon Field (4567018.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Junior Grade Amaro Stolzoff]
Sword: Quentin(1227813.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Nerun DÕVor]
Sword: Razorback (1982897.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Gregor Decover] *
Sword: Saint Malachi (3181284.M41) **
Sword: Silencer (1001001.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Juliano Grovsner]
Sword: Sword of Almusar (1589332.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Richard Wykoff]
Sword: Trask (6894086.M41) **
Sword: Tsunami (2589422.M41) **

Destroyers (22)
Anaconda: Temenos (2247321.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Cortin Zweller]
Anaconda: Electrum (2251221.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Robert Benet] *
Anaconda: Marshal Zedrex (2262721.M41) [Commander Pardan Ishars]
Anaconda: Saint Adams (2273221.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Alexander Neeley]
Anaconda: Venom (2258721.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Leonard McConnell]
Cobra: Cornelius (3186489.M40) [Lieutenant Commander David Bailey]
Cobra: Ceberon (1004782.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Robert April]
Cobra: Stryke (2487984.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Nel Apgar] *
Cobra: Kutch (3458972.M40) **
Cobra: Leonine (3164441.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Leonard Akar]
Cobra: Lucius (3784982.M40) **
Cobra: Marcus (1621165.M39) **
Cobra: Mikanos (3259315.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Veles Alkar]
Cobra: Tarquin (4668215.M41) **
Cobra: Wyrm (2548264.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Irdan Akoren]*
Cobra: Aegis Imperialis (3186379.M41) [Commander Damien Pazlar Jr]
Python: Kinkarden (4251036.M41) [Lieutenant Commander David Chrystal]
Python: Patragian (2548027.M41) **
Python: Warden (4251236.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Matthew Dougherty]
Viper: AncestorsÕ Wrath (31548148.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Nagurath] *
Viper: Hyperios (3868012.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Nilz Bartholomew]
Viper: Predator (3458432.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Markus Barrows]

Ground Force Transports (9)
Ajax: Andromeda (15784325.M30) **
Ajax: Conqueror (12154389.M30) **
Galleon: Invader (3548221.M41) **
Galleon: Jaffar (3254891.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Fel Yarim]
Galleon: Iaspis (3359115.M41) **
Galleon: Manwaring (3359715.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Iridan Yelgrun] *
Galleon: Pioneer (3985142.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Aldrin Shepherd]
Galleon: Terax (3976158.M41) **
Insurrection: Lex Fidelus (3248329.M38) [Captain David Ryan]
Titanicus: Morad Dum (1584366.M41) [Captain Intar Valess]*

Fleet Tenders and Support Transports (14)
Goliath: Aurora (0125864.M29) **
Hyberion: Parlo (4587263.M40) **
Hyberion: Treskargo (4582439.M41) [Lieutenant Senior Grade David Connelly]
Inderon: Lady Jade (3459076.M41) **
Inderon: Lantine (3598298.M41) **
Inderon: Orbeth (2458136.M41) [Lieutenant Senior Grade Magnus Hansen]
Inderon: Prince Edmund (2458136.M41) [Lieutenant Senior Grade Kedrin Meru]
Preservation: Hope (2001736.M39) [Commander Lucius Orkena]
Preservation: Fidelity (2001736.M39) [Commander Jhorandan Conran]
Tarask: Amael (3579242.M41) [Lieutenant Junior Grade Langstron Huges]
Tarask: Infardii (4589158.M41) [Lieutenant Junior Grade William Ross]
Tarask: Hetser (4235981.M41) [Lieutenant Junior Grade Nathan Huges]
Tarask: Lady Azura (3256287.M41) *
Tarask: Lusitania (0100254.M39) [Lieutenant Junior Grade Ralph Ellison]
Tarask: Richesse (5874139.M40) [Lieutenant Junior Grade Luc Perim]
Tarask: Vulpes (4589254.M41) [Lieutenant Junior Grade Martin Benbeck]

Mine Warfare vessels (7)
Hyberion: Leon (4875984.M40) [Lieutenant Commander Irshanen Koveth]
Hyberion: Huron (4874321.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Julian Meru]
Golontire: Arrakeen (3874329.M40) [Lieutenant Senior Grade Ortwald Shepherd]
Golontire: Cortez (3878235.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Cornelious Grovsner]
Golontire: Dacian (3878235.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Raston Giger]
Golontire: Kaga (3878235.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Kevin Montgomery]
Golontire: Aknah (3009001.M41) [Lieutenant Commander Darshan Portilo]

06-05-2005, 06:16
Minister, is that your ship names, or is that from something else?

if it is yours, i Salute you!

06-05-2005, 09:01
I like to find relationships between my ship names and the classes they belong to. For example, my Mars class battlecruiser is name "Olympus" while my Retribution class battleship is named "Nemesis" and my Lunar cruiser is named "Clavius".

In my Chaos fleet, my Styx class is named "Charon" (who was the ferryman across the river styx in greek mythology). Try looking up the origins of the class names. Then find associated words and use them as names for ships of that class. I find this creates a loose but consistent theme which helps tie the fleet together.

06-05-2005, 10:23
The ship names are from the Anargo project (plug for http://kagemat.proboards19.com/index.cgi ), an attempt to build an Imperial sector in full detail from which I am on an extended leave of not being there due to Uni and stuff. My own little fleet is drawn from that rather large list.

Space, the perpetually penultimate frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Xeoncide. It's ongoing misssion: to destroy strange, new worlds; to wipe out new life and new civilisations; to boldly go where no-one in their right mind would want to go!

06-05-2005, 17:36
In my Chaos fleet, my Styx class is named "Charon" (who was the ferryman across the river styx in greek mythology).

My Styx is called Charon too...

07-05-2005, 00:25
I named my Eldar Pirate cruisers after some Babylon 5 Minbari vessels such as the Trigati .

Unfortunatley I can't remember any of the others! :(

07-05-2005, 03:47
Dralafe (sp?)?

07-05-2005, 04:39
Isn't everyones Styx class curiser called the charon?

And How about the Dark Star? thats the one Sherridin is famous for blowing up....

30-03-2009, 12:53
Mine is now!

I like Blackshard. When I buy a BB that's going to be it's name.

It's hard thinking of any mundane names for chaos line ships, I've got a Carnage that I want to call Havok, but it's difficult trying to think if a name for it's sister ship.

I have to call a ship Warspite, just to spite my English friend who is starting with the Imperials.

Edit: Well, not so much mundane, as less flamboyant.

Sredni Vashtar
30-03-2009, 18:45
Isn't everyones Styx class curiser called the charon?
negative. I do, however, have a heavy troop transport with that name. seemed somehow far more appropriate to me ;)

I think I got y'all beat in terms of ship-naming nerdery, though. not only have I named all of my own and their commanding and first officers, I've also devised my own names for all their kills and prizes (so I can list them without stealing other peoples' names, especially for ships they probably wanna use again :P)

30-03-2009, 19:01
I named my Eldar Pirate cruisers after some Babylon 5 Minbari vessels such as the Trigati .

Unfortunatley I can't remember any of the others! :(

you're a boss ;)

Good Hunting,

30-03-2009, 21:54
My names for my chaos fleet comes from greek mythology..

My all time favourite and is my warmasters ship is "Bringer of tears" in wich I pay homage to the pc game "epic 40k.. " where the emperor titan in that game is named bringer of tears.. god damn its a good name..

Greek mythology rocks when it comes to names.. =)

31-03-2009, 12:59
I name my imperial ships for faithful angels, my chaos for fallen angels. for both I consider angelic rankings for BB v BC v C v escorts name.

03-04-2009, 18:24
Mine're all given names like the common names for 'nids in the tyranid codex (critters for gaunts for example).

Biggest Hive Ship - Overlady

Smaller Hive Ship - Princess

Cruiser One - Lifetaker

Cruiser Two - Fire-eater (earned after taking two warp drive implosions, and a plasma drive implosion in one game against tau, all caused by this ship boarding and destroying the Protectors)

Kraken Squadron One - Hellsquids (they have feeder tendrils)

Kraken Squadron Two - Hullrenders (Massive Claws)

Kraken Squadron Three - Creepers (tendrils again)

Kraken Squadron Four - Jailbait (they always seem to die first)


03-04-2009, 18:41
My Chaos Fleet names are "German" (English):

1 Planetkiller
1 Terminus Est
1 Despoiler Battleship "Gnadenloser Tod" (Mercyless Death)
1 Desolator Battleship "Sternenschrei" (Starscream)

1 Repulsive Grand Cruiser "Schicksalsmörder" (Fateslayer)

1 Hades Heavy Cruisers "Fährmann" (Ferryman)
1 Archeron Heavy Cruisers "Chaos Eternus"
2 Styx Heavy Cruisers "Donnerkeil"(Thunderbolt) and "Blitzstrahl" (Lightningbolt)

2 Devastation Cruisers "Äthergleiter" (Etherglider)und "Warpriss" (Warprift)
6 Murder/Carnage Cruiser "Bluttrinker" (Blooddrinker), "Warpmade" (Warpmaggot), "Seelenfresser" (Souleater), "Mutantenpfuhl" (Mutantpit), "Discordia", "Kreischer" (Screamer)
3 Slaughter Cruisers "Schockwave", "Soundwave" and "Sonicboom"

04-04-2009, 23:31
Old RN ship names are a good source for Imperial ships.

I like Culture Ship names for my Eldar vessels:

Just Another Victim Of The Ambient Morality
What Is The Answer And Why?
Wisdom Like Silence
Use Psychology
The Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival
and the...
Poke It With A Stick :)

05-04-2009, 04:00
Lilith (Planet Killer)
Sammael (Despoiler)
Iblis (Styx)
Arioch, Focalor (Devastation)
Gamaliel, Kabael, Kushiel, Thausael (Carnage)
Beleth, Carnivean (Slaughter)
Mammon, Nergal (Iconoclasts)
Arakab, Marchosias, Xaphan (Idolators)

Uriel (Retribution)
Zaphkiel, Ophaniel, Sithriel (Mars)
Lauviah (Dictator)
Harbonah, Sabriel, Tarethel, Zophiel (Tyrant)
Haniel, Melchisedec, Raziel (Dauntless)
Belphegor, Nanael, Raguel (Firestorms)
Ithuriel, Phanuel, Raniel (Swords)