View Full Version : 2250 Vamps. New player

31-03-2009, 23:09
A friend of mine is debating starting Vampire Counts and so has asked me to post the list he made up for all you lovely warseer people to tear apart.
Note he has yet to buy any models but wants to work towards a specific list.

Vampire Lord- bloody hauberk ,sword of might, master of black arts, master of dead, extra level=385
Thrall-dark acolyte, nightmare, book arkham=173
Thrall-avatar of death, walking death , hand of dust= 195
19 skeleton warriors-light armour, shield, full command- warbanner = 197
19 skeleton warriors-light armour, shield, standard, musician= 172
19 grave guard-full command-banner of dead legion=283
27 zombies=108
Corpse cart-balefire= 100
4 spirit hosts=260
6 black Knights- musician, standard- standard of hellish vigour=193

Isnt the most competitive from the look of it but he insisted he's not looking to make the most broken list with deathstar units and unkilllable units.
C&C very much welcome