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14-12-2005, 18:27
heavy armour
great weapon
talisman of protection


barded warhorse
heavy armour
enchanted shield


7 heavy cavalry
full command

192 pts

19 pikemen
full command
heavy armour


20 pikemen
full command
heavy armour


The marksmen of mirgliano (minimum unit)

180 pts

What do you think?
its not the most competitve list in the world, I know, but My fluff says that they arent mercenaries but from a small lesser known island nation (so small it isnt on the world map) so I decided to stick to more regimented units. That said amy ideas where I could find some points for a unit or two of duelists?

Thanks in advance.:D

Cpt. Drill
18-12-2005, 22:58
Drop two knights from your unit.. they are dead weight! You want 5 knights with the hero making them bad ass... also ditch the marksmen... they are a liability!

19-12-2005, 06:23
the marksmen really arn't worth it. Trade them out for twice as many crossbowmen.
Lower Bs I know, but more shots and you are just as likely to hit now, with the added advantage of having two units.

Or trade them out for one unit of crossbowmen and a unit of dullists.

Cpt. Drill
19-12-2005, 08:50
you will do far better with two units of 10 duelists with pistols than with any crossbow men at all!

Maybe try to squeaze in a MSU fast cav unit with a trumpet!

20-12-2005, 05:58
I use 18 Marksmen of Miragliano on a regular basis, and despite terrible luck (as in hitting 5 times out of 18 under half range on a regular basis) they usually do pretty good things for me.

They're a shooty unit, but since they have full command and a captain level character they can be a lot more effective than people think. Just ask Aaron, my Bretonnian friend who left his pimped out General open to a charge from these guys. He gladly accepted the charge only to be beaten back and the Marksmen end up overrunning into Mounted Yeoman, who also get crushed. The General rallied only to have the same thing happen again, broken again due to the rank, standard, outnumber and single wound inflicted by Max Damark.

Point is, they're good at shooting and good as an unexpected bit of combat prowess. They won't take on anything heavy, but they do much more damage than people expect from what should be a stand and shoot til the cows come home style unit.

But take more than 10. If I can't get at least 15 then I'd just take 20 regular Crossbowmen plus bulk out other units in the army.

Think about it. You can get 12 Crossbowmen and 8 Duellists with pistols (including musician) for 178 points. Probably worth it for the extra maneuverability.

If you can find the points, I also highly recommend the Halfling Hot Pot. Terribly easy to kill (T2 crew and T4 war machine) but for 50 points it can pay for itself in a heartbeat against any heavy infantry or cavalry.

<edit> I like the cheapass unit of fast cav too. Not a bad use of ~80 points there. </edit>