View Full Version : Bone Giant and the unstoppable charge

03-05-2005, 23:51
I was playing a friend lately and we got into an argument about a rule/tactic that was a major difference in the battle. He didn't have his army book with him so we had to 4+ the rule, which went in his favor.

The rule was that the Bone giants (tomb Kings) unstoppable charge continues to roll even if his opponents make ward saves and armor saves. I thought that this wasn't true, he thought it was and there was no book. I have yet to check this but was hoping someone out there in cyberspace may know what the right read on this is.

The particular even was that his bone giant charged my demonettes of slannesh. He rolled 3 hits and 2 wounds. I saved them both. But he said that he could re-roll the two wounds that he made. So we played that way, but he got off another 4 wounds until he stopped. This caused me to fail my instability and open up a flank, otherwise I would have won combat and been able to lap around.

Any help here?

04-05-2005, 02:03
He gets to make an additional Attack for every succesful roll to wound. Since this is before saves, your friend is right. Also, it works for any additional Attacks as well.