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01-04-2009, 10:02
Alrighty I finally got to play a actual game with my fallen realms army. I was up against a "Southern Fiefdoms" Gondor army. Sorry no pictures, maybe tomorrow if I can get a game in.

My list was as follows:

1x Khamul
1x Dalamyr

Easterling Cohort
5 companies
Banner Bearer

Easterling Cohort
3 companies

Khandish Riders
5 companies

Khandish Charioteer

Watchers of Karna
2 companies

Corsair Arbalesters
3 companies

Total: 995pts

His was Roughly:

Prince Imrahil

4 companies of Knights of Dol Amoroth w/ captain

3 companies of warriors of minas tirith w/ captain

3 companies of Blackroot vale archers w/Captain

3 companies of Clansman of Lamedon w/ Angbor

3 companies of Men-at-Arms of Dol Amoroth w/Captain

3 companies of axemen of Lossarnach w/ Forlong

The scenario was field of swords (win for most companies/commanders/banners killed) and shield wall deployment. The terrain consisted of 2 buildings in the middle on the board, on in the center and one on the left. Their was also a building in his deployment zone on the left flank. There were woods in my depolyment zone and on the far left and right sides in the middle.

He won priority for the first turn and set his archers up on the left flank in a building and the rest of his units spread out across the field, WoMT on the left, axemen in the middle and clansmen on the right. Imrahil was in the Knight formation which was on the right flank.

I deployed my pikemen on the far right in a line ---, my arbalesters in the middle on a hill, my Easterlings on the left, the khand far left and the chariot next to the arbalesters. I put dalamyr in my pikemen (stupidly forgot his special ability) and khamul in the Riders. My Watchers Ambushed in the left center building.

First turn:

He moved his WoMT into a building, axemen into a building and clansmen into a wood (All forward). His men at arms moved up between the woods on the right and the center building. His knights moved laterally for the right to the middle of his deployment zone. Dalamyr hopped over to the corsairs I moved my riders 10 inches forward and just slighty shifted the position of my pikemen, chariot and easterlings. Khamul cast 3 spells but all were resisted with might (one required 2 points)

In the shoot phase he shot his archers at my riders. He took out a company however khamul's essense leach rerouted 3 incoming hits to his MoMT. I shot at his MoMT with my riders killing 1. My arbalesters shot at his clansmen killing a few.

Turn 2:

He won the roll but gave me priority. I revealed my watchers of karna on my side of the building on the left-middle. Dalamyr jumped again to the easterlings. Khamul jumped to the watchers. The riders retreated (however were still vulnerable to his archers which was a large mistake) the easterlings moved at the double to get in a position to help assault the WoMT (the captain was forced to use his 2 might). The chariot repositioned itself behind my watchers. Khamul got off 3 spells again 2 of which were resisted with might. Pall of Night got through on his knights so they were unable to charge this turn.

He suprised me here and moved his WoMT out of the building on the right side. His axemen got out of the centraal building on the left side and mis oved towards my watchers. His men-at-arms and clansmen moved forward. His knights continued to move towards the left side of the board.

Shooting wise my arbalesters shot his men at arms wiping them to 5 men. He shot up my riders using might and killing another 2 companies. I charged his WoMT with my Watchers and called epic strike with khamul. He rolled a 1 with his axemen trying to flank charge my watchers. I won the combat vs the warriors and he was reduced to 1 1/2 companies, but was steadfast.

Third Turn:

I won the priority roll and took it for myself. The riders continued to move towards the axemen. The watchers moved into the building The easterlings reformed and moved towards the warriors. Khamul continued to cast, getting off two spells. His knights were hit with sunder spirit but detroyed the visions of woe with a might point. He moved his warriors and axemen into position out of arc of my arbalesters in the middle and faced my chariot and riders. His clansmen and men-at-arms continued to advance. His kinghts moved all the way the left flank into positon on my eaterlings flank

In the shooting phase my arbalesters wiped out the rest of his men-at arms and my watchers removed his WoMT down to a company. For his shooting, his archers took out my chariot using the rest of their might.

I charged his warriors with my easterlings, his clansmen with my pikes, and his axemen with my riders. Dalamyr used epic poison and my easterlings wiped his warriors, losing a few in return. my riders took out 1 axemen and lost 1 in return. My Easterling Pikemen captain challeged Angbor and won, killing him 2 times over. My pikemen destroyed the clansmen in combat.

Fourth Turn:

I won the roll again and chose to move first. My arbalesters had nothing to shoot so they reformed and moved towards the axemen. My pikemen started wheeling back towards the battle. My easterlings turned and marched towards the knights. My riders got close to his axemen. Khamul cast transfix on the archers who were out of might and they were unable to move/shoot/charge that turn. He positioned his knights and axemen around.

Only my watchers shot that turn killing a knight.

He called a heroic charge with forlong and his axemen, killing my riders. He then was allowed to charge again but rolled a 1 failing to. His knight also failed to charge far enough.

Turn 5:

He won priority and moved his axemen towards my arbalesters using at the double. He also repositioned his knights once again. My easterlings moved forward and reformed so that I had his knights trapped in the corner between the board edge and woods. My arbalesters moved towards his axemen and my pikes used a heroic move to move 3 times their move to get close to the axemen. Khamul managed to get pall of night off on his axmen so they were unable to charge, he also cast sunder spirit then transfix on his knights.

Shooting wise his archers nailed 7 of my pikemen and my watchers killed another knight.

I charged his axemen with my arbalesters, lost combat and became disordered.

Turn 6:

I won priority and rallied my arbalesters. Movement wise I continued to close in on his knights getting within 2 inches. My pikemen turned to face his archers. He moved his knights all the way to the table edge hoping I would miss my charge.

My arbalesters shot killing his axemen and my watchers shot his archers killing one. He shot at my pikes killing another stand.

Interestingly enough at this point the game was still tied. However I charged his knights using epic poison with Dalamyr and wiped his knights. At this point he conceded me the victory.

It was a great game, and was very close. Had some dice rolls changed he would of had a much better chance of victory. However, I also handled my 5 companies of riders horribly, as well as my chariot. Also placing dalamyr in the pikemen could of been a big problem.

If he had stayed in the buildings it might of also given him the edge.

I learned how amazing dalamyr and khamul are. As well as the 75 point arbalesters, which not only killed heaps of men, but forced him to commit a lot of forces towards them. at a measly 75 points for 3 companies, they are a steal. The only issue is the horrible $ you have to pay for them. Easterlings are definitely great troops, relatively cheap and tough as hell. Magic really came through for me this game, in bigger battles I will be definitely trying to fit in my shadow lord as well.

Overall I have to say WotR really really impressed me. The demo games I played were great, however the tactical depth of the game in a larger battle really was enjoyable for me, and it was still streamlined and easy to pick up.

01-04-2009, 10:21
Sounds great fun, can't wait until I get my book!

Do you really think the Watchers of Karna are worth it, overall? It seems to me they're just Warriors of Harad with ambush, so not really worth the money buying them, let alone fielding them.

Why would putting Dalamyr in with the Pikes be a problem? He essentially makes a unit a unit of pikes anyway.

Did the Chariot do enough so that you can make an opinion?

I have a Harad army, sorry for all the questions. :)

01-04-2009, 10:30
Sounds great fun, can't wait until I get my book!

Do you really think the Watchers of Karna are worth it, overall? It seems to me they're just Warriors of Harad with ambush, so not really worth the money buying them, let alone fielding them.

Why would putting Dalamyr in with the Pikes be a problem? He essentially makes a unit a unit of pikes anyway.

Did the Chariot do enough so that you can make an opinion?

I have a Harad army, sorry for all the questions. :)

I like the watchers for their increased shoot value and fight value ( At least I think the fight value is higher) and of course ambush. If they arent ambushing, then no, I'd say leave them home. However while yes they are 40 points a company, they can pop up in a building turn two and snipe your opponents army with 365 degree line of sight, increased defense (7 from 4) and be very hard to dislodge. Not to mention they can negate shieldwall bonuses if they fire into the rear of a unit and force your opponent to either take fire every turn or commit forces to killing them. As to worth the $$? Well...probably not...but then again I spent more on my arbalesters and they are even cheaper points wise.

It would of been a waste. He negates charge bonuses, which is pretty redundant with pikes. Had I not neutralized his knights and got lucky with his axemen, I would of been relying on dalamyr to keep my Easterling cohort alive. Which if he didnt hop over, wouldnt of been possible.

The chariot did zilch in this game. However that was mostly because I had no idea how to use it and I was thinking 40k still when I moved it behind a building to shield it from his archers only to realize they were in an elevated building they had sight to it anyway. Ill get back to you once I play with them a bit more. I have three so it could be fun to put more into my list. They would be pretty great for flank charges and against cavalry it seems.

edit: However with the swordsmen, dalamyr is a beast. He makes them basically not worth killing in close combat except maybe with trolls or powerful monsters. He also can improve their offensive ability with epic poison which is great, and he himself is decent in a fight vs. other heros (although that is where he is weakest).

01-04-2009, 11:12
Hey, I can do the same thing, but other way around. I have couple of pictures of my second 1000 pts Mordor vs. Rohan game (though most of them are of my army rather than the game), but I'm too lazy to write a proper battle report.

Pictures are here (http://picasaweb.google.fi/SotuGaroth/WarOfTheRing#).

I played the moster heavy Mordor against cavalry heavy Rohan. Sieze the Price objectives (you can spot Gollum and the four hobbits from the pictures) with Shieldwall deployment.

I won it too easily for my taste. Most likely this was because we are still learning the game, and infanry and monsters are far more forgiving than cavalry when it comes to mistakes. Also we got couple of rules from, and those misinterpretations mostly favoured me.

One thing that might have had some effect too is that my opponent has mostly FB background where as mine is LOTR+40K. The turn sequence in WOTR resembles 40K more than FB, so that might have helped my game a bit.

01-04-2009, 11:34
Awesome man. Any win for the dark lord is a good win ;)

Do any of your formations have captains?

That seems like a pretty nasty 1000 point list. And against rohan I definitely see how he would have problems. A guy in my store has been complaining for days that his rohan cannot deal with trolls.

If I was playing that list with my army I would try force you to come to me as much as possible (using my khand to move 10 and shoot your trolls. Since you have little archery I would just pummel your trolls until they are dead or close to my lines. I'd use up your might casting sunder spirit and visions of woe with khamul on your orc formations. Hopefully a well timed pall of night would prevent your trolls from charging, however if they did charge I'd try to get them on my swordsman + dalamyr block or my pikemen.

However the mumak is a wild card it could either do nothing or run stuff down. It would definitely be an interesting fight though. Better than you vs rohan, he is going to be fighting hard to contain your monsters no matter what he brings.

01-04-2009, 11:57
The mumak is brutal, and horrendously underpriced - not, however, as much as Gothmog, who I refuse to ever use because he is Just. That. Bad.

Nicely painted army, by the way, can't wait for mine to be done. :) Almost done, but pretty bland, all browns and sandy colours for the Harad... :(

01-04-2009, 12:04
Luckily I get to avoid that somewhat. My harad are going to be painted up as easterling mercenaries. So they will probably be some mix of red, gold, and bleached bone. I have 2 mumaks and a few companies of haradrim and lots of raiders for higher point games.

01-04-2009, 12:10
The formations with banners also have captains.

I think that Rohan has some weapons against mosters. First thing that comes into my mind is Eomer with Epic Rage (possible combined with Epic Strike against a Mumak, but it wont help that much with trolls), also bowfire from Outriders might work. If that fails, bring some allies like Legolas to get the job done...

I have not used or played against a magic user yet, but with 8 Might points my magic defence is not that good, so it might ruin my day.

Mumak is more reliable in WOTR than what it is in SBG, but its effectivenes depends much on terrain on the table, and also if enemy magic keeps it from moving, it will not do much.


The mumak is brutal, and horrendously underpriced - not, however, as much as Gothmog, who I refuse to ever use because he is Just. That. Bad.

It seems that I accidentaly managed to pick up some really cheesy units for first army list. Never planned it that way though, I just picked up what infantry and cavalry I had painted and added some cool thingys on top.

01-04-2009, 12:21
Magic really did well for me in my game. Obviously I have to check whether it was luck or not. However the army I played had 17 might and yet I exhausted his supply and still got clutch spells off. I'm considering dropping the chariot and banner in my 1k list for the shadow lord. That would give me very powerful magic. I can see burning through my opponents might like crazy. Ill have to play test it more. But for example had I had the shadow lord in my khandish riders, khamul in my watchers, and dalamyr in my swordsmen? That would of been quite nasty.

Yeah that is true allies can be brought in. Heroes can definitely take down monsters however it seems with 2 trolls and a Mumak plus wargs if he charges a monster, fine. flank/rear charge him with the rest of your stuff and take the hero out.

01-04-2009, 12:29
Would you like to break the Mumak?

Take Boromir.

Mighty blow. For every hit caused, regardless of resilience, a casualty is caused. A casualty. A single dead model. Like, say, a Mumak.

01-04-2009, 12:39
I'd want to take a second look at that. Because I can see how it could be taken either way. It could mean that for every hit caused it causes automatically however many hits are needed to overcome the resilience of the model. So that would mean for every hit caused boromir would get a roll on the hard/very/extremely/ridiculously hard to kill chart, as opposed to for every 2. As well as every hit against a hero it auto kills. Now thats still really really powerful. However if it actually is for each hit, a model is gone, that would be beyond powerful.

However I believe, and will look when i get to the store today, that it means every hit causes a casuality, which on a very hard to kill model with 2 resilience causes the equivalent of 2 hits which would allow a roll on the very hard to kill chart.

Certaintly thats the RAI, if its the RAW im not sure

01-04-2009, 12:48
We will another game next monday, we try to optimize the Rohan list as best as we can. His outriders are not yet painted but think we can get some performance out of the list.

If that fails, then I will bring the power level of my list down, as I will rather play tight battles than easy one with no challenge.

01-04-2009, 12:52
Except if it was intended just to give a roll, that would be stated - 'Every hit caused causes a casualty, regardless of resilience, or a roll on the creature's hard to kill table', for example. Its the word casualty that makes it nasty - a death. Not a roll, a death.

01-04-2009, 12:58
As the other man who fought this battle i must say the fight was every bit as brutal as dtjunkie makes it sound. And Dalamyr is indeed a total bastard as he can make any unit damn near cavalry proof, a fact I failed to realized until i was already hemmed in by a massive horde of Easterlings =)

01-04-2009, 13:04
I'm going to check that today just to make sure. I guess I'm going to have to black dart the hell out of boromir anytime I see him in larger point games :(


Haha Mike I was wondering if you'd see this. I think I got the battle pretty accurate I was trying to do it from memory. But yeah it was really close I can't believe how much I enjoyed that game

01-04-2009, 13:11
Lurtz too. :P

01-04-2009, 13:21
Its the word casualty that makes it nasty - a death. Not a roll, a death.

But rules logic for Hard to Kill (and its variations) is that damage that would normally make the model a casualty gives one roll on the table instead.

So I still think that intend of Mighty Blow is just to bypass the R value of the target.

01-04-2009, 13:59
Enjoyed the battle report, dtjunkie19.

Nice-looking army, Garoth.

01-04-2009, 16:00
Would you like to break the Mumak?

Take Boromir.

Mighty blow. For every hit caused, regardless of resilience, a casualty is caused. A casualty. A single dead model. Like, say, a Mumak.

Its a very poorly written rule. It also says that for every hit "he" makes (i.e. Boromir). The only way Boromir makes hits himself is in a heroic duel.

01-04-2009, 23:06
Keep in mind if you want to use that interpretation for Boromir (and, without a rulebook handy, I don't know if it's right or not), you're going to see a lot of allied Barrow Wights in your opponents list from Angmar, most likely.

And they are going to do some real bad things to your stuff as well, as they have the exact same rule.

This is the nice thing about rings, so far; each side seems to have a counter to pretty much anything. Rohan can deal with trolls just fine if they make sure they are charging the troll and not vice-versa, or if they just shoot the hell out of it. I've noticed that most lists I've seen, so far, are at least somewhat viable and the game is much more likely to come down to player skill, I think, in most cases.

02-04-2009, 15:17
Any Hero with Epic Shot will greatly help an army deal with units like Mamuks or Trolls. Your reduce their Resiliancy by 1, and suddenly you get twice the number of rolls on the Extreemly/Very/Hard to Kill! table. Even Mamuks are only R2. Anything with Spirit Grasp also makes a mockery of Mamuks.

Borimir is all around brutal, no two ways about it. I think I prefer him over Aragorn.