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01-04-2009, 13:32
Despite the timing, this is not a joke. We do this event every year. And, yes, there is a load of pie that is consumed.

AdeptiNon 2009 (AdeptiNom-Nom)
Be there, or be somewhere else!

It’s that time of year again, for the event no one is talking about: AdeptiNon 2009 (AdeptiNom-Nom)! Hobbyists across the county and immediate area are furiously not worried about finish up their armies for the "Can Miss" event of the year in the miniature wargaming hobby. May 2nd-2nd, 2009 will bring tens of gamers and hobbyists from across a convenient driving distance to Legions Hobbies and Games for a day of moderate fun and mild excitement.

AdeptiNon is proud to announce that this year can’t be any worse than last year (right?) We’re offering (kinda) FREE PIE to all attendees. It’s like getting cool and unique minis, tokens, templates, dice, etc… only instead of any of that stuff, you get some pie.
Winners of AdeptiNon events will also receive OTHER PRIZES!!! (maybe, but probably not)
Also, anyone bored enough to actually attend AdeptiNon 2009 will also be entered into a raffle as part of his admission fee. The size of the raffle will be dependant on how many people actually show up to this thing.

AdeptiNon “Person” Badge just $9.99
AdeptiNon “Player” Badge: $10.00
AdeptiNon “Super Awesome, All Access, V.I.P.” Badge: $10.31

If you haven't registered yet for AdeptiNon 2009, why the hell not? You think you’re better than us or something? You wanna fight about it? Registration for the many events is now open. Spots are not expected to fill up quickly so be sure to get registered at your leisure.

1130 Perry Hwy
Pittsburgh PA 15237

AdeptiNon 2009 Guests of Honor:
Gav Thorpe, Alessio Cavatore, Jervis Johnson, Phil Kelly, Jen Haley, Joe Ortega and many others have never heard of, nor would be caught dead at AdeptiNon 2009. Never fear - because Robert Cockington has just confirmed that he’ll be there to sign autographs, deny that that’s actually his name and tell you what he really thinks of you. Bob promises something special this year as he intends to remain sober and fully clothed “for a while” at the event.
Bob’s credits include having once worked for Games Workshop and speaking with a British accent.

So you didn’t (or even come close to) winning a Golden Demon? Then try your hand at:
The Wooden Snotling Painting Contest
Returning this year, despite lack of demand, is the Wooden Snotling painting contest. Come and submit your painting skills against OTHER ATTENDEES! AdeptiNon’s Wooden Snotling has become the wood standard of the miniatures wargaming hobby. A panel of celebrity judges will decide who takes home the trophy. Get those brushes working so you can brag to people who have no idea what you’re talking about when you tell them you won the WOODEN SNOTLING!
And as always, those submitting a model to the Wooden Snotling Painting Contest will have access to our vast pie reserves.
**Due to the Awesomeness of the Wooden Snotling, any mini may be submitted**

You’ve played in the best, now play in the rest:
The Warhammer 40k Sugar Bowl Tournament
AdeptiNon’s signature event returns this year with, pretty much the same deal as previous years. Players in this 1500pt tournament will enjoy access to delicious pie. It’s fun for everyone as participants twitch and speak in loud volumes reaching their sugar high, then attempt to finish the tournament before collapsing on the floor in a diabetic coma.
Previous winners of AdeptiNon's Warhammer 40K Sugar Bowl tournament has walked away with Congratulations, Resentment from other Attendees, Free Pie, and a small sense of satisfaction. This year, the champion of the AdeptiNon 40K Sugar Bowl will receive THE SAME! .

Do you enjoy a Clusterf@#*k of models on a huge table? Then here’s the event for you!
The Mega-poca-geddon Game
This hours long mess will pit the forces of mostly good, against the hordes of the evil for the most part. Players will fight in a battle of epic proportions against a foe also trying to achieve victory conditions. Players are to bring up to 2000pts of whatever conglomerate they would like to piece together. Participants will enjoy eating pie and reading Russian Novels while waiting for their next turn in this desperate battle to finish the game!

Had enough with all this Games Workshop crap? Amen to that!
The Warmachine/Hordes “Blunt Force Trauma” Tournament
AdeptiNon is nervous to once again welcome the Warmachine/Hordes players. Attendees will watch anxiously as socially maladjusted gamers carry around fist sized lumps of spikey metal. This 500pt Tournament will have “Gold Card Certificates” and players will be fed pie in an attempt to keep them happy; so that we don’t have to dislodge a Warjack from someone’s skull

Also, for losers who don’t want to participate in one of our horribly organized events:
Board Games and Card Games
To include Munchkin, Lunch Money, Chrononauts, Robo-rally, Shadows over Camelot and probably not much else unless you bring something with you, will be on hand.

Dr. Hellbeast
01-04-2009, 13:50
"Be there and be square..." :)

07-04-2009, 19:34
UPDATE!!! The local paramedics have volunteered their time to be on hand in case anyone falls into a sugar coma while gaming.

Let the milk flow like blood! Or is it the other way around?

07-04-2009, 19:48
I'll be there!!!!!!

No, wait, I have to work...