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01-04-2009, 20:24
i am planning on adding 2 units of warriors to my ever growing hive fleet.
1 unit on foot and 1 winged.

but what to give them? all CC? all ranged? which bios?

hope someone can help

01-04-2009, 20:37
Depends on what you're a fan of. I love cheap warriors and ranged seems to be cheaper than CC. 26pt foot warriors with spitter and talons is awesome. Or 31 with strength upgrade, also quite nice, S5 in melee is quite a threat to most vehicles rear AV. There's also the TL devs option!

For ranged foot warriors maybe the strength biomorph, the ballistic skill biomorph for the devs (i don't bother with the +1 BS for blast weapons). If you have lots of gaunts to hide behind i wouldn't take carapace either.

I used to run winged back in the 3rd/4th transition, and i always had rending claws and talons on them. They always died miserable deaths, with no fleet and the inability to take extended carapace they got shot to nothing. However, now that you can get a 4+ cover save with remarkable ease they could be viable.

If you run them ranged i would definitely say devourers since you won't need the extra range of the deathspitters, maybe 1 VC since you could get around to rear armor, makes glancing really easy. For CC flying warriors ... sadly you'll be giving them most the biomorphs. WS, S, I, probably bioplasma as you need everything you can get for CC.

My 2 cents.

01-04-2009, 23:04
Can't be answered without having a concept for your army.
Is answered in the Tactica threads on Tyranids (Tactics subforum).