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01-04-2009, 23:11
Hi. I like the idea of the army with the diversionary cohorts, saurus CR, and character hammers.

Is this a decent army to play against? What modifications would you make to have it more competitive?

I'm considering swapping a unit of saurus for some Cold One Cavalry.

Models are available.

Core - 708 points

10 cohorts - 50
10 Cohorts - 50
18 Saurus - spears - Standard, muscician - 234
18 Saurus - spears - Standard, muscician - 234
10 skirmishing skinks - blowdarts - 70
10 skirmishing skinks - blowdarts - 70

Special - 222 points

3 teradons - 90
6 chameleon skinks - 72
5 chameleon skinks - 60

Characters - 1068 points (ugh, I know!:rolleyes: )

Oldblood - Carnasour, +2 attacks, 5+ wards, light armour, Enchanted shield - 460

Skink Priest - Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the gods, dispel scroll, diadem of power, level 2 - 440

Skink Chief - Battle Standard, Terradon, Light Armour, shield, spear, Venom of the Firefly frog, Staff of the Lost Sun - 168

Army Total: 1999

Necromancy Black
01-04-2009, 23:29
Skink priest on an EotG and put your chief on a terradon, with or without the BSB.

I think it'll be a much better if you do that.

Those skinks are going to be good redirecters and bait to get that the monsters into some flanks.

01-04-2009, 23:56

I took an EotG. I think that you are correct in it will be more helpful.

What about the new BSB? I thought a Saurus Scar vet would be good and tough.

01-04-2009, 23:57
EotG is definitely good. I like the Chief with Warspear a lot (no, a lot), probably more than I like the EotG for support, but running an Oldblood means you need magic defense.

I'd drop the skink ancient and put the priest on an Engine. We're seeing a lot of them but it's a good move -- make the priest level 2 and give him the Diadem, and you've got 6 DD and a scroll, just like that. And even if your 5(3) PD never get a spell off, the effects of the Engine plus the Ancient Stegadon will prove invaluable.

With the oldblood, I've never been a huge fan of the extra attacks, but that's just me. More importantly, you may want to try really hard to get him an Enchanted Shield, as you can bet he's going to catch fire on that Carnie (non-large or whatever).

Put the Skink Chief liberated on a Terradon. (You could actually clear out some space elsewhere and keep him on the ancient -- oldblood on carnie, priest on engine, and warspear chief on ancient are a brutal triumvirate capable of taking out whole armies, which barely makes their points back :D ) Join him up with that unit of terradons -- 4 is better than 3, and if one of them is a chief you've got a unit that can still cause significant destruction (not just harassment) after the rocks are dropped. I like staff of the lost sun, venom of the firefly frog, spear, and shield on mine, although I'd give him the enchanted shield if you don't give it to the oldblood. And I'd consider -- just consider -- blowing those last 30 points on a fifth terradon. Also, having a flying BSB, esp with the new US, is a pretty big deal, as you can support a combat with an instant two or three CR. (Careful with that.)

Other than that, I like it a lot. Dinos and fat, dangerous core -- that's our new army, and it's refreshing to see a list that's not Slann+EotG. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, I run it a lot, but it's definitely SOP right now.)

[Edit: Beat to the punch a bit. Scar-vet BSBs can be very tough, but I'd leave it on the Chief unless you just want to drop him entirely for a Scar-vet -- but if you do that it's going to weaken those terradons a lot. But a Scar-Vet BSB with some fun banner, light armor, shield, and greatweapon is a pretty big threat on his own.]

02-04-2009, 00:03
Both of you guys like that flying Chief. The two saurus blocks worry me if they don't have a bsb. I suppose a skink on a terradon with a battle standard would be able to act as rear guard. I like the combo with the staff + venom.

Updating list

04-04-2009, 01:48
what are cohorts? im looking at my book right now and dont see anything about them

Necromancy Black
04-04-2009, 01:51
what are cohorts? im looking at my book right now and dont see anything about them

The old name for ranked up skinks, from the sothern land list in the old book.

Cohorts = skinks.

04-04-2009, 10:03
I think that army list is really great although I would make both units of saurus 18 = 6 wide, 3 deep. That will give more points for chameleon skinks etc...