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Math Mathonwy
02-04-2009, 07:45
My original small force for LotR was Haradrim of the tribe of White Spider so basically just Harad Warriors and spiders. I also liked Morannon Orcs and Warg Riders.

Now, a friend of mine is trying to get me to play WotR and the system does sound extremely good. Is it at all possible to make something like a force out of these components? How restrictive are the WotR ally rules?

- two boxes of Haradrim
- two boxes of Morannon orcs
- six Giant spiders
- six Warg Riders
- Ringwraith and some command groups for Haradrim and Morannon orcs

02-04-2009, 09:23
Haradrim are Fallen Realms

Giant Spiders are Misty Mountains

Warg Riders and Morannon Orcs are Mordor, as are generic and named Nazgul.

In WotR you pick one list, and can have allies from the other four lists up to 25% of your total army value. eg 250 points of allies in a 1000 point force.

From what you have I would say go Mordor, and include the others as allies, which should work out. Using morannon orcs, warg riders, and giuant spiders together should be quite powerful with Nazgul leading, and haradrim poison bows and spears (all their attacks are poison in WotR) are a useful edge.

Your Mordor would add up to roughly 500 points depending on command options. Six Giant spiders is a bit over 100 points but you'd probably need to expand the Mordor force slightly before being able to include your Harad.

Math Mathonwy
02-04-2009, 13:27
Thank you, lorelorn, that was extremely helpful :)

03-04-2009, 11:10
No probs, I look forward to the army pics ;)

03-04-2009, 11:26
My copy of the WOTR rulebook arrived this morning (complete with new book smell, ahh nothing like it) so i took a look for you to give you some point values for your stuff:

The two boxes of haradrim give you 160 points
Morannon Orcs = 120 without shields, 140 with them
Spiders= 105
Wargs = 60

At the moment you have forces from 3 seperate armies, Fallen Realms, Mordor and Moria, with the Mordor forces giving you the greatest amount of points. As Lovelorn said only 25% of your force can be allies, So its pretty much a case of pick which one of those factions you like the most and expand it.
The other thing to consider is which Ringwraith you want your Ringwraith to be as it can represent any of the named Ringwraiths you want it to, and each have different abilities.

Mordor would be easiest to expand, and has a terrific amount of options, but really just choose the faction you like most.From what ive seen every faction within the game is competitive so you arent going to handicap yourself by picking the wrong one.

At the moment a lot of people are reworking their SBG collections to fit WOTR, so if you want to play games now im sure most wont mind if your ally ratio is too hard. Indeed from what ive experienced most are just glad to be playing the game.

Edited to add the following:
Some of your haradrim can also be used as a legendary formation called Abrakhan Guard at 100 points + 30 per company. The rules for this formation are quite interesting, you place a marker on the table to represent a particular treasure and when the formation is within 3" they have +1 fight and +1 strength. Very useful if you are defending an area.