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02-04-2009, 08:12
Hey guys, just posting a battle report from a game I had this weekend. I played my buddy's Chrace themed HE army, which has been massacred several times now by my Dogs of War. The game displayed some of the important tactics used by the Dogs army, so I thought it would be a good thing to put it up.

Anyway, the lists! 2250 per side.

My list:
(TS) Truthsayer – 265 pts
-magic missile spell, unbreakable spell, terrible "voice of command" spell
(L4) L4 Wizard Lord w/ Talisman – 225 pts
-Lore of Life, Mistress, Master of Wood, Howler Wind, Rain Lord
(L2) L2 Hireling Wizard – 95 pts
-Lore of Fire, Fireball, Wall of Fire
(PM) Paymaster w/ Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield – 69 pts

24 Pikemen w/ Heavy Armor, Full Command – 294 pts
20 Ricco’s Republican Guard – 288 pts
2 units of 10 Crossbowmen – 160 pts
2 units of 8 Duelists w/ Pistol & Musician – 164 pts
6 Heavy Cavalry w/ Barding & Musician – 156 pts

(Purple on the map) 10 Mengil’s Manflayers – 363 pts
1 Ogre Maneater w/ Heavy Armor, Handguns – 90 pts

Cannon – 85 pts

His army list:
Prince w/ 2+ reroll armor and 4+ ward
BSB with d6 combat res banner
18 White Lions, Immune to fear & terror
20 White Lions, ITP
20 Spears w/ command
20 Spears w/ command
10 Archers
10 Archers
2x Lion Chariots
2x Bolt Throwers

There might be a few things more in there, I don't really know the book too well. Nothing much else came up to influence the game anyway, so a magic banner here or there isn't a huge deal.



I got the +1 for first turn, but 5 still beats a 1 and Elves get to go first :p


Top of Turn 1. High Elves march up a bit, and his ranged units pepper my artillery hill. The Crossbows take some nasty casualties but hold, and the cannon crew gets away unscathed after a few bolts impact the cannon itself.


Bottom of Turn 1. I move up, trying to make it difficult for that Lion Chariot to charge into my pikes. Have to nudge back the Maneater to make sure he's out of charge range as well. Can't be too careful. The Duelists move up to be a nuisance, and the Knights move up to challenge the Lions/Lion Chariot on the right. I made sure the chariots were the only thing capable of charging in his next turn, and on the right he would pursue into a forest if he broke the Knights.

In the magic phase, he dispelled Mistress of the Marsh which I cast on the leftmost Chariot. With no DD left, I was free to cast whatever I wanted. Wall of Fire was the big one, it did a handful of wounds and kept that block of Lions out of the game for several turns. Magic missiles were useless, but I raised Howler Wind to keep most of my line safe from his fire.

Shooting phase saw me return fire against his ranged units, and weaken his chariots. One dead bolt thrower crew, and a few wounds here or there. I guessed a bit short on my cannon, trying to snipe his Chariot and Lord in one shot, and only get a 2" bounce which falls just short of the Chariot. This is a rare blunder, usually I guess perfectly and it misfires!


Top of Turn 2. Things start to get interesting! The Chariots charge, the flaming Lions cry a little bit and try to stand as still as possible to avoid spreading the flames :p Both units of Spears try to charge and fail, the one unit eating some stand-and-shoot pistol fire in the process :)

Shooting is uneventful. I lose a couple of Duelists to RBT's. I was hoping he didn't know that warmachines are unaffected by Howler Wind. He knew better! Combat was pretty uneventful as well. Chariots kill a few models (2 Knights and 5 Republican Guard) but they cannot kill enough to win combat. Everybody holds.


Bottom of Turn 2. No charges or anything to declare, but I move up my support units a bit. Magic is a bit uneventful. I tried to cast Mistress of the Marsh on the big unit w/ his Lord, and he dispels it. I fail to recast Howler Wind rolling a 3 on two dice. Truthsayer makes the big pike unit Unbreakable just in case I horribly misjudge distances and he's able to charge me somehow.

Shooting is pretty decent this time. My cannon starts poorly, by rolling a misfire #2. I can't remember the last time my cannon got more than 1 shot off in a game. Honestly I can't! The Crossbows/Manflayers/Duelists all pepper their targets quite effectively. One unit of Bowmen actually flees off the board.

In combat, the one chariot on the left is killed by Ricco's unit and the Knights break/pursue the other chariot on the opposite flank. It flees 17" and I pursue 5" ... yeah the Venators were out drinking last night I guess.


Top of Turn 3. The diminished unit of Spearmen charge into the Duelists. They have range, but take more casualties on the way in. The other units, either marchblocked or out of charge range, just move up into position. The wounded Chariot rallies.

Shooting does okay, stripping a rank off the Republican Guard.

Combat goes reasonably well. The Duelists are chased off, but those Spearmen are left in a very unfavorable position right in front of my entire army of bloodthirsty mercenaries.


Bottom of Turn 3. Charge! The Pikes + Duelists charge the Spearmen, who elect to flee. The Duelists easily catch them and move up their full 8". The Knights charge into the Lion Chariot, eager to inflict that final wound on it and get into the archers. The Manflayers move up to get in the way of the Lions. He can no longer charge the Pikes, since they would move within 1" of Flayers. Charging them wouldn't do much good either since they would simply flee and draw his Lions further out of position.

Magic, I don't really remember how this phase went. I know I recast Unbreakable on my Pikes, just in case they somehow get charged. I think I cast Master of Wood on the Lions, doing no damage. IIRC I then cast Howler Wind, which he allowed because it was RIP and I still had power dice left unused on that L4. Oops! My bad, now I can't cast Mistress of the Marsh or I'll be vulnerable to more missile fire. Whatever, none of it mattered! He once again tried to dispel Wall of Fire, to no avail. Seriously getting rid of a L12 RIP spell with 2 dice is pretty hopeless.

Shooting kind of sucked, he finally rolled up some armor saves and limited the damage done to his Lions. The previous turn he failed 5/6 3+ saves, but this time around I wasn't quite as lucky. Combat was brief! The Chariot evaporates.


Top of Turn 4. He tries to inflict some damage, because at this point the game's going to be over pretty quickly if he doesn't. The Lions finally work up the nerve to charge through the Wall of Fire and into my waiting Duelists. Between the flames and the pistols, they took yet another beating. I wounded the BSB and another 5 Lions dropped. The Duelists were beaten quite badly in combat, but the lone survivor fled far enough to escape (popping out of the far side of the Pike regiment actually).

The shooting phase was uneventful. I think he may have killed a couple of pikes from one regiment or the other. Not nearly enough to make a difference. He called the game here, because he knew that the unit int he center was due to get charged by everything and die horribly. Remember at this point it was the BSB and Lion Command, versus 30 or so Pikemen with accompanying characters. Pretty severe odds for the Elves.

The other unit was in trouble as well. In all likelihood I would be able to avoid them/pepper them with magic missiles and other ranged attacks. They couldn't catch the Pikes if they charged and overran through the other Lions. And they would never get to march again with Manflayers on their ****. If I felt ballsy, I could've charged the Lions in the flank or rear eventually, but again none of it mattered.

So I believe I mentioned somethingerather about tactics! Obviously the various skirmished units played a big role in this game. The Duelists inflicted some heavy casualties on the Spears/Lions, and drew them into unfavorable positions. Being able to stand and shoot regardless of range you are being charged from is very useful. Causing 2-3 extra wounds before combat starts is never a bad thing. Overall the sacrifice of 100ish points of troops (one unit rallied below 50%, and the other could have been rallied with magic if I really felt like VP denial) really helped to eliminate several hundred points worth of Spearmen and Lions. I simply love these guys. You should be looking at 2x8 of these in every DoW army if you can manage it, just like every Wood Elf player should consider investing in 2+ units of Dryads. They are just so versatile, and for the small points cost they bring a lot to the table.

The Truthsayer is another interesting thing I should comment on. He's a very cool, very well rounded character to lead an army. He's got decent stats, including Ld9, with 2 S5 magical attacks and a 4+ ward save to boot. Having a L3 wizard with good leadership and solid combat presence is simply priceless. Who cares if he takes up a rare slot, he's golden. Taking a cheap L4 and L2 makes a damn solid magic phase, without sacrificing your Leadership or combat ability much at all.

His spells can be hit or miss some of the time, the default spell (24" Magic Missile, 2d6 S2 hits) is terribly frustrating to use (although it did help kill some RBT crew this game) but the others are pretty great. Spells 2-6 can target any unit on the board which is fantastic. 5+ ward save, every unit heals one model, +1 to hit (RIP), make a unit Unbreakable for a turn, or make an enemy unit effectively Stupid. Some spells are more situational than others, but spells 2-5 are really quite good and they are all very easy to cast. Voice of Command is pretty underwhelming for a number 6 spell, especially since anyone ITP or subject to compulsory movement can ignore it.

What else... I guess just try to dominate the movement phase as much as possible and you're good to go. Spells that limit enemy movement do wonders, and Wall of Fire/Mistress of the Marsh soaked up all his dispel attempts. On a board with lots of scenery it's not a bad idea trying Life.

In many cases though, going pure damage against a low magic defense enemy is tempting. I've been burned many times by trying to go pure damage (in a recent tourney my L4 never once rolled the #6 spell on any of his Lores, which limited his effectiveness considerably) so this time I tried to take the safest Lore, where every spell would have a chance to come into play in the game. Seriously, not having any Arcane Items to assist in spell generation or whatever sucks. The DoW can bring a lot of PD/DD to the table but they are usually very unreliable due to the lack of Arcane items to stabilize their dice rolls. I would kill for a Spell Familiar or similar abilities that my other armies have :p

02-04-2009, 09:34
Thanks for the BR, good to see people still playing DoW. The truthsayer seems to have pretty good stats :) Did he give up on turn 4?

02-04-2009, 12:51
I just found this through the link in DoW Tactica. Its been a great read!

Nice report with great pictures!

02-04-2009, 13:16
You passed alot of leadership test vs his Lion chariots. Also I what did he roll for impact hit and lion attacks. He must have rolled very poor vs. your knights. Also he doesn't realize that elf chariot must charge together the same unit.

Remember the Truthsayer is a character and cannot be your general.


All named models in a Regiments of Renown count as
characters in the game. These characters cannot leave
their unit (unless specified), but they do not use up any
of the character slots from the army lists (unless

If the characters have different equipment than the
rest of the rank and file, this is clearly listed in the
Equipment list. Note that, regardless of their
Leadership value, these characters can never
be an army’s General.

Good Job on the victory

02-04-2009, 19:18
A Truthsayer isn't a RoR, if I remember correctly. The only character in the RoR is the dragon guy.

Good job on the victory though. I also agree with going for less damage lores. I love Metal, and don't get fussy if I am unable to get the Forge, as Law of Gold and Transmutation of Lead are just as angry, in a much more subtle fashion.


02-04-2009, 19:50
I think the Truthsayer is closer to being a Special Character rather than a Regiment of Renown. The rules however are ancient and not very clear compared to the new ones. I know that the characters who lead RoR are not Heroes per se, but this guy is and I just can't find anything regarding him being General.

Re: lion chariots, yeah I finally passed some Ld tests with this damn army. Usually I have all kinds of wonderful stories like multiple units failing Ld8 with a re-roll in the same phase. I passed fear on Ld8/9 when those Lions charged, and once again to charge the wounded chariot. He rolled fairly average for attacks/impact hits. I think the Knights took 6 wounds, and got a bit lucky on their 4+ saves to only lose 2 guys. It was a gamble exposing those Knights to a chariot charge, but luckily it worked :) Actually I was really hoping my cannons/Manflayers would be able to kill at least one of the chariots... but that was one of the rare times in the game where my dice were a bit disappointing.

I think you have a good point though, I might advise him to combo charge with chariots since they are so dependent on their impact hits to break units. Either 2 chariots or a chariot + an infantry regiment will beat the tar out of most units.

Oh and yes, he conceded after the top of turn 4. He didn't do enough damage to really put the pressure on me and it was just going to be cleanup for the rest of the game.

03-04-2009, 15:09
Superb diagrams, high quality stuff. Enjoyed the report, certainly an interesting army. Part of me still wonders at the legality of truth sayers (level 3 hero slot? wugguh?), but they are totally cool in DoW armies no matter ;)

Hoping for more reports, with such pretty diagrams!

- Salvage