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02-04-2009, 09:41
Hello all. Have been thinking of getting back into warhammer for a while now ( played Elder and Brets back in the day) and can't really make a decision on army(rune of procrastination an all that).

There's some great models/armies about since I last played, but, cash is a bit of an issue (doesn't get any cheaper, ever, does it?). other things of major concern:

Something slightly different.
Many a conversion opportunity.
A more fluffy approach.

I aim to play some competitive games but, it's more about building an interesting army and trying to device some tactics which might help me to loose heavily rather than get slaughtered:).

Any comments ideas in general or on my initial ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Bretonnians questing force:
Force of nights setting out to search for:
Based around questing knights, maybe 1 knights Errant unit and the obligatory NotR. No Grail knights/Grail reliquae(sp?) or trebuchet.

Quite a few peasants (they follow th nights, drinking and whoring and generally looking for some easy cash/plunder.

Has this been done, or more importanty been done often?

Empire - some sort of crusade against Chaos/Sylvania. Basically another army of nights 3/4 mounted one foot unit maybe one foot regiment and some flagellants (you can't really stop them going on a crusade, right?). One war engine, basically because I think the grand master would distrust the things but, might allow one. No light cavalry,steam tank or magic and max out the warrior priests! There's some great fluff for nightly orders around and allows huge/varied scope for conversions, plus they come in boxed sets!!

Again, thoughts/comments appreciated.

My other ideas are less fomulated but here we go.

Dwarfs: love the models, but, most dwarf armies seem to fall into two categories of gunline or not and all look pretty similar. Any ideas? All slayer armies still possible?

High elves. Have long considered doing an all infantry army of the King. Based on seaguard and white lions and a general infantry army. These however seem to be pretty popular in 7th?? A chariot army looks a riot, yet seems to cost the earth??

Wood elf winter guard - all elf and fairly magic heavy. Hardly original but, I love the idea and the models!!

Would love to hear suggestions for unusual/weird, yet fluffy armies that people have and comments on possible lists for the above! I don't want to buy an army book till I've made a choice. Too damn expensive to buy more than 1 atm!

Cheers, Woody.

Sir Jimmison
04-04-2009, 23:30
Hi Woody
I know what you mean when it comes to ideas for an army
My brain always swarms with ideas lol

But I like your idea on the Empire army, i play Empire and they are very rewarding, also basing your army on a state such as Nuln or Altdorf is a good thing to do.

I hope you can choose what to do and not be like me and not do it for any reason.

That's my two cents anyway