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02-04-2009, 15:06
Hey guys, there is a LOTR:SBG tourney near where I live on the 25th - exactly 22 days from now. So time is of the essence and I've agonised over who to take.

For some reason I just have the urge to have Galadriel in this army - I'm not really sure why, but I realise from the last tourney I really needed protection from stray arrows, and thats where Galadriel comes in with her Blinding Light. It can be used in a variety of situations, and while I haven't really used her at all, I'm interested to see what she can do.

Before I go into the lists, I'm going to say which LoME scenario's are being used in the tourney. They are:

The High Ground
Seize the Prize

Now here is my original army list. I spent forever balancing the pro's and cons of this force, and it took me a while to balance the points for it too ><

Haldir w.ElfBow, Armour
7 x Galadhrim w.Elf Blade
7 x Galadhrim w. Elf Bow
11 x Woodelf Warrior w. Spear
1 x Woodelf Warrior(no equipment)
4 x Woodelf Warrior w. Ebow
3 x Woodelf Warrior w.Eblade

Theoden's Host
Gamling Cpt. Of Rohan w. Horse
2 x Riders of Rohan
8 x Riders of Rohan w. Bow
7 x Warriors of Rohan w. Shield
7 x Warriors of Rohan w. Shield, Spear

# of Models:60
# of Bows: 11 Elf Bows, 8 Bows -------- This is ignoring Haldir's Deadly Shot rule
# of Might: 8

So, my thoughts: Pretty good might-to-point ratio, with 2 Might Heavy heroes. Galadriel is on the rather weak side, with only D3, but Blinding Light should make up for that. I'm not sure whether I should just take the War-Aspect version, a loss of W for Armour, and extra attacks and the loss of 2 spells - what do you guys think?

In any case, for Take the High Ground/Seize the Prize, I can make Galadriel a passenger on Gamling's horse, move my horses to the objective and sit there under blinding light while I have 8 bows shooting at the incoming enemy/getting the heck out of there while my reinforcements(i.e. foot-sloggers) arrive. Once I'm on the Hill, high fight values can pretty much carry the day from there on, with Galadriel in support Immobilising/Commanding big threats to my line with her free will points.

Domination could always be a problem, but I think I can basically use my Cavalry to mount passengers and take one objective while the elves get ready to contest others.

Ok here comes the second list:

Haldir w. ElfBow, Armour
10 x Galadhrim w. Elf Blade
8 x Galadhrim w. Elf Bow
1 x Galadhrim w. Banner
13 x Wood elf Warrior w. Spear
12 x Wood Elf Warrior w.Swords, TD
8 x Wood Elf Warrior w. Bows


# of Models: 55
# of Bows: 16 (not including the 5 shots from Haldir&Legolas)
# of Might: 9

Again, not sure about Galadriel here. If I use the War-Aspect version, I could always give Legolas armour. As you can tell, here I've traded mobility for bodies - sort of. More so lots of elf shootiness - CBL with Galadriel, and then slowly move up with bows shooting with 21 shots per turn. Nasty but theres the chance I might get carried away with that. Again I can use Legolas and Haldir as leaders for their own little cohorts - however making the split also means that Galadriel can only protect 1 group of Elves at a time. This army is at a disadvantage in both Domination and Seize the prize due to the fact that my max move per turn is only 6". Oh, and I've got nowhere near all these guys(plus I doubt I can paint all of them on time) painted which is bound to lose me points ><

Anyways, I dearly, dearly need some feedback and criticism on these lists as I'd like to take out the crown this time. I'm by no means the greatest player, but you never know! If that fails I could always just try and win Best Painter :P

Once again, C&C GREATLY appreciated, thanks for looking guys!


Dragon Prince of Caledor
02-04-2009, 19:29
I dont think you will get many hits for SBG with WotR out. :) I think its a solid list. There has to be a bunch of terrain otherwise your guys you be squished very quickly. To make the most of your high fight value take another banner or two. Thats all i can think of now I have to go good luck!

02-04-2009, 21:50
Haha yeah I know, but hey you never know ><
I thought of adding in banners, but the problem is that I lose about 8 or so troops just to purchase 1.