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04-05-2005, 03:35
exalted champion of khorne 203
barded chaos steed
sword of might, gaze of the gods

exalted champion of khorne 170
axe of khorne, enchanted shield

6 chosen knights of khorne 365
full command

12 chosen warroirs of khorne 327
full command, shield

5 marauder horsemen 93
champion musician

2 x 5 warhounds 60

4 khorne minotaurs 261
stick, champion, great weapons

20 khornegors 315
full command

12/8 beastherd 151
additional hand weapons
full command

5 furies 75

total 2000

Hideous Loon
04-05-2005, 07:27
Don't see any real problems with it, except for: Never, ever, use Furies. They have, during all the thirty-four battles in which I have used them, never paid back their points value. Except for that one time, when they flew and killed the crew of one of my mate's Cannons. But, apart from that, they have always been either zapped or shot before they got the chance to do anything.

04-05-2005, 19:36
Well, its not a list I'd field. That being said, what sort of tourney are we talking about? Do you have composition requirements? Sportsmanship?

Khornate armies can be dead hard. Thing is, the nastier ones are invariably mortal armies heavy on the cavalry (Knights and marauder horsemen), with a coupla chariots and possibly some Minotaurs bringing up the rear.

That being said, I'd drop the Chosen status for the Warriors (actually, I'd rather drop the Warriors completely and get 2 units of 4 Khornate Knights), as well as the banners for the Khorngors and Minotaurs (with the sheer amount of attacks you're going to be throwing out, +1 to combat resolution just ain't worth the points, imho..).

That and bump up the Furies to a decent number. 8 should do just fine - enough to take a few casualties and still be a viable unit for taking on fast cavalry/skirmishers/war machines.

04-05-2005, 19:46
Oh. And I'd trim back on the goodies for the characters. Exalted Champions really don't need any extra help - give them great weapons, and you're all set...

Something like this....

2 Exalted Champions of Khorne, GW, barded Chaos Steeds (1 gets to be the general) - put them with the regular Khornate Knights - the Chosen are going to do just fine by themselves....

6 Chosen Khornate Knights, full command

4 Khornate Knights, musician

4 Khornate Knights, musician

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

6 Marauder horsemen, chieftain, musician, flails

4 Minotaurs of Khorne, champion, extra hand weapon

8 Chaos Furies

18 Khorngor, musician

Beast herd (12/8, full command)

2000 points exactly.

04-05-2005, 22:17
The list looks pretty mixed up for me. It feels to me to be trying to do everything and will wind up doing little more than chasing its tail. Too much Khorne can be a problem too. A smart enemy can lure away khorne units.

For me, I would probably max out on beast herds 9gor7ungor with S/C =100 pts.
This is a nice deal to help screen your big units and stop them from getting lured into compromising charges.

Also, Warhounds are a good deal too. Perhaps 2X5 for 60 pts will be a nice touch. These can flank as well as screen.

A giant might be helpful too. Big nasty hard hitting (unpredictable) and stubborn on 10's with 6 wounds. All for 205 pts. It is a must for me.