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03-04-2009, 18:44
Next Thursday my local game store is holding a Warhammer Fantasy night, and I wanted to bring out my Orcs & Goblins. This will be my first game with them, so I thought I would formulate the army list now so I could focus on what I'm bringing in terms of painting. Tactic-wise I'm thinking of staying very basic, with my chariots on the flanks and my blocks in the middle, keeping the Night Goblins a bit in front as charge-bait. Suggestions on my heroes' magic item loadouts would be appreciated.

Hero - Black Orc Big Boss (Goes with shield boyz)
Boar, shield, heavy armor, Martog's best basha, Warboss Um's Boss Hat
152 Points

Hero - Goblin Big Boss
Chariot, shield, light armor, Sneaky Skewerer, Tricksy Trinket
134 Points

Core - 15 Boyz with Shields and Full Command
120 Points

Core - 15 Boyz with 2 hand weapons and Full Command
135 Points

Core - 25 Night Goblins with Spears, Shields and Full Command
120 Points

03-04-2009, 18:48
I'd rather trade those spears for a fanatic (if you have the models).

That goblin big boss eats up a lot of your points. I'd just take him as a regular chariot and then use all those points you had spent on the character on spear chukkas or fast cav.

03-04-2009, 19:01
yeah, you don't need 2 heros for 750

i think you should trade 3 boyz from your choppaz to your shieldz, so your shield block will be 18 boyz + boar boss, you will start out with the full +3 rank bonus if you go 5x4

then you can arrange your choppa boyz as 6x2 for a nice hammer. also, you don't need the champ and probably don't want the standard on the choppa boyz, if you are going to be using them in conjunction with the shield boyz (only get 1 bonus from standard in a combat, plus 12 model unit is prone to breaking) which frees up points towards the spear chuckas or w/e else

04-04-2009, 03:49
I've also been playing smaller games with the greenskins lately and all I can say is...

Lost the command group for the Goblin unit! They are NOT a combat unit so don't spend those points! Maybe give them the Musician for +1 to rally but thats it - you're handing away 100 VP for free! (They will break, trust me!).
When your using Night gobbos either keep them dirt cheap - ie archers, no command - or go all out with 30 strong, full command, AND netter upgrade. Boost them with 1-2 fanatics either way (ie bow unit or combat unit).
If your only using 15 strong unit of boyz lose the black orc boss as well - if you roll the dreaded 1 for animosity he'll destroy a whole bunch! You'll lose a rank at LEAST, so keep him as a reg. Orc Boss (Besides it doesn't make sense for a black orc to lead a horde without his fellow black orcs!!)
Downgrade the gobbo boss for a reg. gobbo chariot, with the points you save take a basic level 1 gobbo shaman to get +1 powerdie a turn.
Thats pretty much it! Have fun with the greenies!

05-04-2009, 16:31
I have never played a 750 point game before but i all ways have a shaman in my army. Also put in a spear chukka or a rocklobber they really help depending on the size of the board

Nice magic wepons though. Solid army for 750, its difficult to choose what you should use for a 750 game. Good luck.

05-04-2009, 18:55
Taking a normal chariot, and include a level 1 shaman with a scroll... It's allways annoying to have no magic defense. Maybe drop Umm's hat, to free up some points to allow for this. You already got quite an armour save on that guy.

I also do not agree that gobbo's are not a combat unit. They are. Just don't pick targets that are too though, and best them on static combat resolution. Mine can, I'm sure yours can too.

I agree with rtunian about swapping a few 2 choppa's to the shields. The choppa's can generate combat res by attacking, but the shield boyz really need the static bit here.

Magic items are fine like this, if you decide to keep the gobbo boss in chariot.