View Full Version : First attempt at a WotR list.

04-04-2009, 00:39
It's based on the defenders of Erebor during the Battle of Dale:

Defenders of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain - 1500 points, War of the Ring

Leader, Epic Hero: Dain Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain - 200

Common Formation: Thorin Stonehelm's Kinband (Dwarf Warrion Kinband) -285
*Command Company (includes Thorin III Stonehelm(Dwarf Captain), Shieldbearer, Banner Bearer and Hornblowwer
*3 Normal Companies

Common Formation: The Rangers of the Eastern Ridge (Dwarf Ranger Kinband) - 105
*3 Normal Companies

Common Formation: The Archers of the Gate (Dwarf Archer Kinband) - 105
*3 Normal Companies

Rare Formation: Dain's Royal Guards (Iron Guard Kinband) - 275
*Command Company (includes Banner Bearer, Hornblower and Shieldbearer)
*3 Normal Companies

Rare Formation: King's Champion - 175

Allied Legendary Formation: The King of Dale (The Dunedain of Arnor) - 160
*Command Company (contains King Brand of Dale(Arathorn) and a Hornblower)
*2 Normal Companies

Allied Common Formation: Men of Dale (Minas Tirith Warriors) - 180
*Command Company (contains Bard II(Captain of Minas Tirith) and a Hornblower)
*3 Normal Companies.


From reading the book, the system seems pretty neat so far.