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04-04-2009, 02:12
Decided to retire my VC and move on to WoC. I have decided to go magic heavy, have gotten a couple of games in, and have been tweaking the list like crazy. My goal is to put a competitive list on the table with that also scores well as far as comp.

Here goes.

Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4, Nurgle, Chaos Steed, Collar of Khorne, Power Familiar - 364

Sorcerer, Lvl 2, Nurgle, 2 DS, Conj. Homunculus.- 210

Sorcerer, Lvl 2, Chaos Steed, Rod of Torment. - 181

Exalted BSB, Chaos Steed, Axe of Khorne 201

10 Chosen, MoS, FC, Rapturous Banner, Favor of the Gods. 275

19 Marauders, MoS, FC, LA, Shield. 144

10 Chaos, Flails - 50

5 Marauder Horse, MoS, Flails, Javelin, Mus.- 101

5 Marauder Horse, MoS, Flails, Javelin, Mus.- 101

3 Trolls - 135

6 Forsaken - 108

5 Chaos Knights, FC - 250

Warshrine- 130

PD 11
DD 6 (2 scrolls)

I usually park the Lord and BSB in the Chosen. Despite the size, generating 2 eye of the gods (and maybe regen), this unit is amazingly tough to kill.

Forsaken are not worth the points (another fast cav unit would be more worthwhile), but I have modeled up a real nice unit and donít want to waste the effort.

I find the Nurgle Lore outstanding. The ability to double snipe with two Nurgle casters is awesome. The DE player that depends on the Ring of Hotek on a unit champion as the primary magic defense better beware. I can even reliably cast on one die with the Conj. Homu. The other Sorcerer goes in the Knights and uses Fire and the Rod to clear out any diverters from the Knights. Heck, maybe he even gets the Sword of Rhuin.

Trolls with an Ld8 general? Well I like Trolls. To bad I can not roll a regen roll to save my life (failed 7 of 8 last night!).

Little weak on fluff. I would love to take more Nurgle marks but find it expensive. Slaneesh on the other hand is probably under priced.

So thoughts on comp and competiveness? Any tweaks I can make? If you sat down opposite, would this list scream *************?

04-04-2009, 02:24
I personally wouldn't take a 2k+ WOC army without a giant somewhere in there. They either rape in combat or become convenient targets for enemy shooting/magic which further ensures reaching the enemy with your remaining army; almost necessary in a tactical WOC army. Plus, with Slaanesh mark, they're so nice. =)

Good army. A-