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04-04-2009, 02:43
Runesmith w/gw, sh, rostone, 2x spellbreaking
Bsb Mrogromil, rofurnace, rocleaving
Dragon slayer, rospeed

24 warriors w/ sh full cmd
24 warriors w/sh full cmd
22 longbeards w/sh standard musician cmd
22 hammers w/ sh rocourage standard musician cmd
10 rangers w/GW, shield
10 miners
7 miners
10 crossbow w/sh
10 crossbow w/sh
cannon roforging, roburn
BT eng, brace
BT eng, brace

The purpose of the rangers is just to sit in a forest the whole game and do nothing but march block. I will purposely place some forests in the middle of the table for them to hide in and do nothing. Just sit in the forest 2 inches so noyone can see them or charge them and march block and If they are still alive at the end of the game claim table quarters. The dragon slayer only has a magical weapon to kill etherals as in my gaming club it is very popular to have etherals. Dragon slayer will move into a forest early in the game to march block.

I know about organ guns but they are too unreliable for me, they blow up or people make a BEE-line towards them every game to shut it down. It seems to me that every game its just free victory points to the opponent.

04-04-2009, 04:44
1. Don't take a slayer character. Usually not worth it and they're fodder to be honest; easy VP's for your opponent.
2. GET RID OF THAT GYROCOPTER! I know what you're thinking: Oh, it's a fast-moving unit so I can send it up as a lock unit! No, dude. This thing gets killed by everything in the first turn.
3. Despite your beliefs on OG's, they're amazing. I don't think any 2k+ Dwarf list is complete without an OG on the field.
4. I thought I was the only one who realized the potential of taking a 10-strong unit of Rangers as March-blockers. Grats there.
5. Get rid of your xboxmen.
6. Get rid of your cannon and take a Grudge Thrower w/ Rune of Accuracy & Rune of Penetrating x2.
7. Give one BT Rune of Burning and perhaps a Rune of Penetrating or two to take care of Treemen, Regen units, etc. Give the other BT MRune of Skewering and ATLEAST 1 Rune of Penetrating. This is your auto-chariot-destroyer.

Other than that, have fun and good luck.

04-04-2009, 05:09
seriously get rid of the gyrocopter??? Its uses are endless. its the only fast cav like unit dwarves get. Its a stupid solid performer for me at least. I usually hide it so it doesn't get destroyed first turn. Maybe even secound turn hide it again so i got a shot at getting behind their line. Its usually marchblocking or redirecting units making frenzy units run in circles. It can also mage hunt. I've currently been charging hatred units from the back purposely losing combat to make them pursue me back to their own table edge. Its our only saving grace to unkillable deathstar units imo. I was actually thinking on fielding two of these bad boys.

With two you can actually have a chance of getting flank charges as the unit strength will be six collectively.

I hear you on the grudge thrower but in order for it to be somewhat reliable you need to put roaccuracy, engineer, roreloading. THEN ropen for the extra pain but now that machine costs a ton but it does hurt lots. (155 points!)

I can see cutting the slayer though as he isn't essential and buff up the BT's with points left over.

So no crossbows? why? don't i need something to kill their fast cav?

Lots of people like to take large monsters at my gaming club like dragons and greater demons. Maybe add a ME? I was thinking maybe dropping the bt's keep the cannon and add a grudgethrower with some runes? That way i can switch the engineer to either a cannon or grudgethrower for his bonuses depending if i'm facing a large monster or not.

04-04-2009, 07:34
damn straight, keep the gyrocopter its like, nearly the best unit for the dwarfs, also you can be cautious of OGs as they can do minimal damage or a heap of it, so kinda ur choice but good against skirmishers or knocking offa rank

04-04-2009, 07:47
I kinda want stuff thats pretty reliable which the OG isn't. SOOO much effort is used to shut this thing down from opponents that i only get one or two shots at most with it and even then it blows up so.... I know its suppose too not blow up 70% of the time. I'm thinking maybe get a ME entrench OG and put me in thier with rowarding x 2 and rostone with brace pistols then if it doesn't blow itself up its not going anywhere eva. but thats a ton of points meh doen'st sound like a good idea.