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04-04-2009, 05:54
So, my brother and I are both in the process of building War of the Ring armies. Now, here's my problem, I'm going Mordor, but my brother wants to go Gondor. Now, unfortunately I know nothing about Gondor (in the game, I mean) and have only looked at the rule book once. So, could any of the more knowledgeable captains of Gondor give me a hand? We're both planning on trying to build 1000 point armies.

Here are my questions:
-What are some good general strategies for a new Gondor player?
-How viable would a Southern Fiefdoms themed army be in terms of real money cost and balance?
-How good are Swan Knights (of Dol Amroth)?
-What would be some good purchases to start my brother's army?
-What are some good heroes to start out with?

Cheers guys, any help is much appreciated.

04-04-2009, 06:11
1. Gondor are very much a 'combined arms' type force. You have very nice infantry, ranged infantry, cavalry and artillery - the only things that are really missing are magic, which is fairly convoluted for a new player, and monstors. They're fairly simple to use by just walking up with infantry and messing around with cavalry how you wilt - they're a very forgiving army.

2. In real money terms? Unviable. Two or three models per blister, 8 models per company, two plus companies per formation, three or four formations in an army. It becomes very, very expensive. Balance wise though its not bad, though I prefer Arnor or Minas Tirith themed armies myself for both theme and strength.

3. They're fairly horrificly good. :P They're very high defence, high strength, high fight, high courage, and get to charge a second time each fight phase on a 4+, rather than a 6.

4. Three or four boxes of warriors of Minas Tirith, one or two of rangers and one or two of Knights of MT. Command boxes for the Warriors and a banner for the Knights. Add heroes to flavour.

5. This is really up to personal taste, Gondor has a huge variety, and you can literally have any hero on the good side in, because of the allies rules. Elendil is fairly brutal, but for a great cheaper leader, take a look at Imrahil, very nice.

Thoughts for you. :)

05-04-2009, 01:10
One note:

Unstoppable Charge: where you get +D3 dice per company in combat

Earth-shaking charge: When cavarly charge and win, on a roll of 6 they may immediately charge and fight again

Dol Amroth knights get an unstoppable charge on a 4+, not the earth-shaking charge.

Gondor are a solid force, and you can go a long way to building it out of the plastic kits available. Metals you'll want to look at include the fiefdoms troops, especially knights of dol amroth, foot and mounted, who count as common formations. Rangers of Gondor (plastic) are well worth taking and make a solid core. Gondor's war machines are also something you should consider.