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04-04-2009, 11:39
Right! Proper list time! :) This is possibly the list I'll be taking in most games at my local store, and against my Gond-Arnor-ian friend. Main opponents will be Last Alliance, Isengard, Rohan and Gondor, so a fair spread.

Suladan 150
Khamul 125
Dalamyr 100
Gollum 50

5 Haradrim Spears with Chief, Banner, Hasharin 260
4 Haradrim Bows 120
6 Haradrim Raiders with bows, Chief, Banner 265
3 Easterling Cohort with Captain, Banner, Dragon Knight 210
2 Easterling Archers 70

Mumak 250
Mumak 250
Mordor Troll 100

Fate: Evil Reputation 50


04-04-2009, 11:55
I like it, dalamyr is excellent as is khamul. Suladan just looks nasty as well.

I dont want to change any of the coolness of the list, however, Raiders seem to be a bit ehh to me. This is of course because Khandish raiders fill the same roll for cheaper and are arguably better at it. If the (somewhat) mobile archery is really important to your list, then keep them in. Otherwise I'd get serpent riders instead. They lose the bows but get +1 fight and courage. I guess either way wont make much of a difference. Also, do you find it useful to add both the dragon knight and captain and banner to all of the units? For example, drop the dragon knight and banner from the easterling cohort and you have 2 more companies. Or just drop 1 of those upgrades and add 1 more company.

The rest of the list looks good! I'd petition you to drop the easterling archers and take 2 companies of arbelasters (3 if you can drop 5 points easily somewhere else), however 3 companies of arbelasters is quite the monetary investment sadly.