View Full Version : few spare points, and advice needed on daemons army needed?

The Anarchist
05-04-2009, 16:42
juggernaut 200

Hearld of Tz.
master of sorcery 165

Hearld of Tz.
power vortex 145

19 Horrors
full command
Icon of sorcery 273

19 Horros
full command
Banner of change 283

10 bloodletter 120

5 furries 60
5 furries 60

5 flesh hounds 175
5 flesh hounds 175

3 nugrling bases 105

6 flamers of Tz. 210

3 Bloodcrushers 210

this all comes to 1981 points

I know this dosn't have a Lord choice, I have doen this intentionaly as i just think Lord choices for daemons are over pointed. so i will be keeping away form lords, and trying to keep to the theme of Tzeentch and Khorne, so any adivce in general and is there anything in particular i can add or change to fill in those extra 19 points?

05-04-2009, 19:05
Get rid of the Bloodletters, Furies and Nurglings. Consider getting rid of a flamer. Throw in a HoN in a unit of 19+ Plaguebearers. Make him your BSB; give him Great Icon of Despair. Or you can give him Banner of Hellfire or Great Standard of Sundering if you want, but I personally find that Great Icon of Despair does much better.

That's what I'd do, anyway.