View Full Version : Fortunes and Fates in Friendlies

07-04-2009, 03:50
When I read through the rules for the first time, I noticed there were 20 Fortunes and 20 Fates. Being an old D20 guy, I thought it might be fun to roll a D20 for each side in friendly games of WOTR. Whatever is rolled is used by the respective side for the game. That's why they call them Fortunes and Fates... how much control does one really have over fortune and fate? It adds a little flavor to each game. We haven't had anything unbalance a game yet...

07-04-2009, 05:07
Thats a cool idea, however you definitely aren't forced to take them in a game. But if you like the idea go with it. As for unbalancing the game? The only situation I could see if someone rolls an expensive fortune/fate that is really none too useful in their army while the other person gets a cheaper one that works with their army perfectly.