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07-04-2009, 09:14
Tell me what you guys think. I don't even play a WOC army, just figured I'd try to make a serious list.

1 Sorcerer Lord - 235
-Level 4 Wizard - 35
-Mark of Slaanesh - 5
-Steed of Slaanesh - 25
-Power Familiar - 25
-Book of Secrets - 25
-Dispel Scroll - 25
Total: 375

1 Chaos Sorcerer - 85
-Level 2 Wizard - 35
-Mark of Nurgle - 20
-Dispel Scroll - 25
-Conjoined Homonculus - 20
Total: 185

1 Festus the Leechlord
Total: 185

23x Chaos Warriors - 345
-Sheilds (+1/model), additional hand weapons (+1/model)
-Musician (+6), Standard Bearer (+12)
-Banner of Rage - 35
-Mark of Tzeentch - 20
Total: 464

14x Marauders - 56
-Flails - (+1/model)
-Mark of Khorne - 30
Total: 100

7x Marauder Horsemen - 91
-Spears (+1/model)
-Musician (+6), Standard Bearer (+12)
Total: 116

5x Chaos Knights - 200
-Musician (+10), Standard Bearer (+20)
-Mark of Khorne - 30
-Blasted Standard - 40
Total: 300

5x Chaos Knights - 200
-Musician (+10), Standard Bearer (+20)
-Mark of Nurgle - 30
Total: 260

1 Chaos Giant - 225
-Mark of Slaanesh - 40
Total: 265

My personal favorite thing about this army is the Chaos Warrior unit that Festus is in. It's 6x4 with Festus leading the unit. When they charge, I will use additional hand weapons which will give the warriors 4 S4 poison attacks each and they will also have 4+ armour saves, 5+ regen saves and 6+ ward saves. On the turn they get charged, I will use their shields which will give them 3 S4 poison attacks each, 2+ armour saves, 5+ regen saves and 6+ ward saves. I like it. :)

08-04-2009, 01:02
Bump. Want to see some experienced WOC players throw in some comments if possible.

08-04-2009, 01:55
Personally I think that your Warrior-Marauder ratio is backwards...go for a larger unit of marauders and smaller 'detachments' of warriors. Just seems a little too 'deathstar' for my liking, but I don't field any infantry in my WoC so you could always just ignore me w/out a second thought. You say "on the turn they get charged"....well...the way that unit looks, I doubt that will happen often. It's a massive block of frenzied warriors...wily opponents will just bait the hell out of these guys.

I'd drop the MoN on your knights and go for MoK or nothing...MoN really has no impact unless you're fighting swordmasters or WS3 goons. Are you afraid of facing really shooty armies? What's up w/the blasted standard? 40pts for a unit that will be out of combat for maybe the first two turns could probably be better spent bulking up your marauders or converting your horsemen's spears into flails.

Anyways, that's most of my 2cents. Like I said, I don't field any infantry so you can always dimiss me as unqualified. Good luck

08-04-2009, 03:28
The reason I take Blasted Standard is because all too many times I've seen dwarves/empire go first and a smart person with decent artillery and faced with this posted army is always going to target a small unit of expensive chaos knights. 1 or 2 shots from a grudge thrower and a few bolt throwers and this unit's done or atleast lost 3 models giving half victory points.

As for my unit betting baited, that was the entire point of using lore of slaanesh so I can hopefully get off Titillating Delusions and with Power Familiar, Book of Secrets and a Power Stone that shouldn't be too hard. If the opponent has a decently expensive unit that is immune to psychology, I'll target them. If not then I'll just do the old-fashioned chaos method of charging in headfirst and not caring what I come into contact with. I also plan on using my marauder horsemen and my knights as lock units for my warriors (which is exactly why, as you said, I'll likely have to up the numbers in my marauder horsemen unit). I'll see how I can manage that.

I also didn't want both knight units have MoK because I wanted one of them for strategic reasons and MoK wouldn't fulfill that need as well as I'd like.

I may take the Blasted Standard out but I'm not sure yet. If I do though, I will certainly add more marauder horsemen. As for the MoN on the knights, unless I switch that to MoT, it'll stay that way.