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Klaus, not Santa
07-04-2009, 14:43
I've previously mentioned in my blog and the ZEUS posting that I was looking into some scout units or rough riders, and that I was tinkering about mounting them on "steampunk motorcycles".
So I spent some time over the last view days looking for steampunk cycles.
There is some really great artwork out there, some brilliant ideas too. And there are some that I could imagine for my Dencarians.
So here are some rough sketches of what I could see as rough rider SP-motorcycles. Please remember they must blend in with the ZEUS, the walkers, and the infantry...so no real modern Sci-Fi anime bikes.....
Currently I favor "E" as this could easily mount weapons, and I think I can get a good design for scratchbuilding 4 or 5 of them. "A" would probably fit the Kinder-egg theme, but would definately require casting. "B", "F", and "G" would be hard to balance, so they'd always need a base...
So, any ideas?

07-04-2009, 14:48
I like E as well. For a few ideas on how to put it together you could always reference the Star Wars General Grievous (Sp?) toys. You could also try to cannibalize parts from any properly scaled Gen Grievous models as well.

07-04-2009, 15:06
Design E reminds me of a House Harkonen unit from Dune Battle for arachus PC game

07-04-2009, 15:13
Or of General Grievous's bike thing from Star Wars 3.


07-04-2009, 15:54
It reminds me of "IT" from SOuthpark.

07-04-2009, 15:57
Agreeing with the consensus for E.

07-04-2009, 16:19
B or G. E is just a standard monowheel design and pretty boring.
Just make sure to mount the weapons onto the front of B, and under the rider on G.

07-04-2009, 16:52
E and or F

there's a ton of Monowheel/Moncycle videos on the web for reference.

Klaus, not Santa
08-04-2009, 10:59
Here's another idea I had last night

and some first pieces I whipped together from plasticcard

But all in all this is to massive for the role of courier and Rough Rider

So back to the drawing board *sigh*

08-04-2009, 11:27
I like your newst design but I agree pretty bulky. What about some sort of balancer for style E?Maybe like some sort of a bumper thiong. Also a parking kickstand?

Klaus, not Santa
14-04-2009, 10:03
Just a short update.
I settled on the Monobike design, but with twin wheels...hmm..a twinbike now?
My first design (left) included a tail-fin,

but that looked too much like a ork Kopta

So I did a complete rebuild (right) and I must say, I'm quite satisfied with it so far.

The question is now the armament. According to the Rough Rider rules, they are armed with laspistol and close-combat weapon, as well as the exchange for a one-time lance.
My idea incorporated a bit more firepower :)
So I'm tinkering with the idea of adding the two small bolters form the vehicle sprue (the twin bolter for the commander) and mount it left and right on the railing, as well as mounting a twin-MG in the center, between the two wheels.
What do you think?

14-04-2009, 10:46
I love it!!! It breathes steampunk from every pore...

I also like the "steam tank" version, but, it looks too much like a WHFB steam tank, and not like a futuristic bike.

anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

keep it up.


14-04-2009, 11:20
Very cool build. I did like the tale fin though to bad you dumped it. I like the pistins and gears you made though very cool.

14-04-2009, 11:27
What about an old style smoke stack?
Like this, but smaller.

Mega Nutz
14-04-2009, 21:19
Awesome scratchbuild.....really looks the part!

Klaus, not Santa
15-04-2009, 11:22
Thanks guys,
here's a short update:
The exhausts aren't really the steampunk chimneys, but I still think they fit the bill :)
Here are all the seperate pieces layed out. In the foreground you can see the two small bolters I want to add to the side railings.

15-04-2009, 11:35
Really cool idea and you have there, Klaus. And may I say that you have a very interesting creative process? However, I feel that the bolters you have there doesn't quit fit on the bike, they feel a bit clumsy, maybe something like two heavy stubbers, or something equivalently.
Got to see the bike stuff finished anyway, man!


15-04-2009, 16:26
You really do inspired work, old boy. That's a splendid creation!

15-04-2009, 16:36
As a big fan of steampunk, I'm exc'ited to see a thread of this nature. Keep it up. The bike is looking really great so far.

15-04-2009, 17:33
Oh, that monocycle looks good!

It remind me to Steamboy´s monocycle.


Look at the engine, it look more steampunk than yours. Actually your engine looks a bit Diesel to me.

Anyway, good work Klaus :D !

15-04-2009, 17:37
FreakForge, I was gonna post exactly that! You pipped me to the post...although I have to disagree, I think Klaus' vehicle does look steampunk, it just looks more military then Steamboys ride

Loving your work Klaus, I might have to nick some of your ides for the future...if you don't mind that is :)

Keep it up

15-04-2009, 17:39
oh this looks ace, i be watching, i wanted t odo somthing like this for my Milita, and from your idea i mite have it, great work!

Metal Fingered Villain
15-04-2009, 18:51
Man, that is one cool monocycle. I would second freak forges statement about the engine though if you are going for a real steam punk vibe. Looking forward to seeing more of this project.

16-04-2009, 05:13
Here's another idea I had last night

I love this concept. Has given me inspiration for my Ork Boss on bike that I have been needing. Thanks!

I also like what you have going with the dual wheeled monobike.


16-04-2009, 14:49
I wish i was as good as you with plasticard, for the meantime i will sulk and cry. :(

Truly awesome.

09-05-2009, 21:03
any update to this, i want to see more, also it looked like you have cast some bits are you going to cast the whole thing or are you justgoing to make more?

09-05-2009, 21:07
reminds me of tobsen models

Yarick Zan
09-05-2009, 21:11
Hey Santa, I mean Klaus I searched through a couple pages of BOLS to bring you this, but I think it's the space marine equivalent for what you are looking for.


Have to say I love your work from what I have seen so far.

10-05-2009, 01:45
Great work. 5 star rating from me.