View Full Version : Moria Army Opinions

16-12-2005, 01:30
Hey, I can't quite decide if 1000pts is enough to field a Balrog model in a balanced (real emphasis on the word balanced) army, so I'd appreciate other peoples feedback. Anyway here's the army, it's a compilation of every single moria themed model I have:

Duburz, the Goblin King of Moria 60pts (1)
The Balrog 400pts (1)
Moria Goblin Shaman 45pts (1)
3xGoblin Captains w/ Shields 120pts (3)
12x Moria Goblins w/ Shields 60pts (12)
12x Moria Goblins w/ Spears 60pts (12)
12x Moria Goblins w/ Orc Bows 60pts (12)
Cave Troll w/ Troll Chain 85pts (1)
Moria Goblin Drum 100pts (2)

Total 990pts for 45 models meaning I'd have to start taking courage tests after losing 23 models, but having Duburz (IronFist) Balrog and a drum on the pitch taking the courage tests will be much, much easier.

It effectively is my 600pts (590) Moria army plus a Balrog.