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07-04-2009, 17:51
So there exists a creative spark in me wanting to do a summertime 40k campaign at my LGS. I have done one other map based about 2 years ago, which turned into a complete bust due to people not being able to show up. So I have a little bit of experience running a map based campaign with a large group of people, so I am fairly capable of handling the responsibility of doing the necessary jobs.

So there are a couple questions I have for those who might have tried something like what I plan. Comments would provide me with good insight (keep it constructive please cause this is really a huge effort on my part to do something unique with my good friends :).)

1) Has anyone tried to make a system where players will be able to make their own special characters providing they make a themed campaign list? The new "special" characters will be founded on current HQ choices/costs/wargear and then altered points wise to scale up to whatever new abilities they want to give them.
2) Do you think that saying that players can't use any of the current codex special characters will make my participants unhappy even given my alternative?
3) What do you think would be the average point costs (which I know is dependent on race) for characters if I allow them to have 3 special abilities and 1 "downside?" I was thinking min 115pts and max 250pts as a general ruling. What do you think?
4) If players don't want to make a HQ "special" character then I will give them the option to make 2 units upgrade characters (kind of like Snitgrot). These wont be able to be too expensive and their special rules will only allowed to affect the unit they are a [part of.
->The question then is do you think that this is fair for those who don't want to make HQ choice characters and still make characters to fit their armies? Do you think this might also make them not as competitive as those who go for the single HQ character creation?

This is all completely rough draft/brainstorming material at the moment. Nothing won't be set in stone for a few more months. If anyone has tried something similar to what I am attempting, comments/tips would be greatly appreciated :).


Col. Dash
07-04-2009, 18:08
1. Sounds pretty cool. I like the idea of heros gaining experience
2. Banning special characters due to the idiotic way of building armies GW has switched to is a bad idea. However as with homemade special characters referred to in 1 if that special character dies, they are dead. Cannot be bought again.
3. Starting homemade chars with abilities is a no-go in my book. They should have to earn it and again, if they die, they are gone.
4. Units gaining special abilities as they gain exp is cool and realistic, however, like the characters, if they die, they are dead

07-04-2009, 20:53
Try searching for the Medusa V Character Design Rules - they were a small set of customising rules released through some GW stores in the US during the Medusa V campaign for use in parts of the in-store campaign, and might give you some ideas on how to cost up the characters options, although you'd also need to adjust for the newer codexes.