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07-04-2009, 22:26
Sunday has me playing my first full game of War of the Ring.

Here is my list.

Kharmul the Easterling. 125pts.
6 Easterling Cohort. 180pts.

6 Easterling Archer Cohort, Balefire Arrows. 235pts.

3 Easterling Kataphrakt Cohort. 105pts

3 Easterling Kataphrakt Cohort. 105pts

Grand total 750pts.

I'd add full commands, but I'm still busy converting the models... now I just need to get as much painted for Sunday.

Those Archers are going to be horrid, and have their flanks protected by my Kataphrakts, while Kharmul and his cohort will be behide ready to jump on the enemy once they have broke through the Archers... where Kharmul will use his magic to slay the enemy.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
07-04-2009, 22:40
I think its a solid list for 750 pts. But what do I know I have never played SBG with Easterlings nor have a "really" played WotR yet. I think a captain would probably be a good thing for one of the units. Better fight value and the ability to at the double. That could be dandy I think.

Nu Fenix
07-04-2009, 23:56
The main thing I'm curious about is why the Balefire Arrows?
Are you expecting to go Ent hunting and need some heavy power?
Or is it just to keep driving people back? If so, since you want to get into combat, do you want to keep driving them back, since the rest of you army wants to get stuck in?
Curse of Morgroth or Tokens of Terror may be more useful, or if you know the terrain in advance, Black-Hearted Trees, Haunted Wasteland or Infestation could be useful.

By sacrificing one company of archers, u would afford to give one of your Kataphracts a Dragon Knight, letting you attack with Fight 7, which few people could argue with. And although they only have Might 1, it would still allow you to call a Heroic Charge and decimate the enemy!

If you would be willing to drop down to 4 archers, both could have a Dragon Knight. Also means 16 less men to paint!

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08-04-2009, 00:04
My plan with the Balefire Arrows is to keep amy nasty combat formations and Epic Heroes away from my force until I'm ready to deal with them. I think my opponent is taking Glorfindel, so he'll be a worthy target.

I'm wanting to take command upgrades, but I'm still working on the conversions.

Nu Fenix
08-04-2009, 00:28
What about just a different paint scheme for a captain/Dragon Knight? To save you time as you need to get these ready for this weekend.

My thought in regards to slowing down Glorfindel is that he is Defence 7, Resilience 2 and Very Hard to Kill! Trying to slow him down by needing to roll a 6 and then a 4, ideally in multiples of 2 and then rolling well on the Hard to Kill chart, seems quite idealistic. Plus, since he moves as a flying monster, he could just fly right over you units into the position he wants.

08-04-2009, 09:36
The list looks really nice.

I'm creating dragon knights by simply painting the armour in Amethyst Purple (I've hoarded that pot for years, now it's finally useful!) rather than gold. Fits in with my colour scheme, so it should work ok.

08-04-2009, 11:16
Your opponent must have a tiny Elven Kingdoms army if he is using Glorfindel, Lord of the West at 750pts!

As PP have suggested, the list needs tweaking to include command options which will help immensely when trying to move, charge, fight and resist spells.

Good luck on Sunday.

12-04-2009, 19:22
The game was rather fun, my Easterling Archers were unstoppable, they were unleashing 30 shots a turn, which was killing about 9 High Elves with Glaves per turn, I was very lucky with my dice rolls.

Kharmul's Essence Leach is such an awesome power, and it saved my Easterling Cohort against that rather nasty Glorfindel... who then died to masses of Easterling Warriors. The list worked very well, I had 8 Victory points to 4. I'm looking forward to converting the command groups for all my units.

I was also very happy with the sheer resilience of the Kataphrakts, who managed to inflict the same number of wounds when they were charged by High Elf Cavalry, strength 4 and defence 6 is rather good.

Damien 1427
12-04-2009, 19:27
Sounds like a solid list. I'm taking Easterlings myself, so I may take inspiration from your successes and run with a similar list. Although I'd rather have more swordsmen than archers, myself. I just prefer the aesthetic.

Thirty shots a turn, though? Tasty.

Nu Fenix
12-04-2009, 21:09
Did Balefire Arrows do much for you, as that was one thing in your list I disagreed with you on the potential use of, and would like to know if I was wrong, and should look at it more.

13-04-2009, 12:11
Well every time my archers opened fire they were killing something silly like 9 Elves, so they didn't really come into play. However the ability to force back those Elves from just causing one wound is enough to disrupt their charges, as Elves are expensive they tend to need to work together with their charges.

Sarah S
13-04-2009, 12:56
You did push them back D6" instead of D3" when you killed a company right?
So they would have come into play by doing that.

13-04-2009, 13:43

I didn't, I'll remember next time. Thanks for the reminder.