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08-04-2009, 10:06
Had a crazy idea the other day... What if they released a supplement book that could be used in both warhammer and 40k (split into two sections) that gives a lot more depth and some special rules for fighting actually within the realm of chaos (or the empyrean/ warp)! There would be a whole load of special senarios.

It would primarily involve DoC, BoC and WoC, but there would be a few scenarios that any army could play (a couple for WH and for 40k). You could even have a special scenario that somehow involved bringing an army into the mortal world on the battlefield, so you'd get to use any regular army (like seeing a tear into the warp from both sides).

There would be loads of special rules for terrain, after all, this would be the craziest battlefield imaginable.

I like the idea of Grimnir's last stand, with him as a full blown demi god.


08-04-2009, 20:42
This could work though I think a series of articles in WD would be a better choice, Grimnir with full rules and such would be awesome and the final step to deamonhood scenarios would be cool, as I belive the two worlds are linked by the warp (which links all worlds togheter though not all (ours for example) have gates for deamons and magic to enter through so I think it would be cool but I can see alot of hatered against it from those that see the two as having nothing at all in common (deamons just happends to look the same and have the same names)

08-04-2009, 21:14
This is madness!

I could see it just being akin to a random-events table or something. I don't think there's really any way you could translate the sheer mindwarp that is the Empyrean into hard and fast game rules.

I'd love to see an Empyreal army, though. Warp shadows of pure hatred, etc.

08-04-2009, 21:32
It would be more about crazy looking terrain and random events in my opinion, as long as they dont ever try to link fantasy and 40k again I'm fine with it.

And I agree that this wouldn't realy be worth a book of its own but would make a couple nice white dwarf articles.

08-04-2009, 22:36
I assume you mean a book whos scenarios could be used in both fantasy and 40k, not 40k armies vs fantasy armies? Not sure Daemons need to be further powered up by playing on home turf

10-04-2009, 23:57
I assume you mean a book whos scenarios could be used in both fantasy and 40k, not 40k armies vs fantasy armies? Not sure Daemons need to be further powered up by playing on home turf

Yes, I meant seperate scenarios, not combining 40k and fantasy.

The power of an army would be all relative to try and make them more even. The scenarios would be based both inside and outside the empyrean. Using WH:

A last stand inside the empyrean, where the defenders all die

A time dependant last stand inside the empyrean, whereby the army could either bring in reinforcements or flee to the real world (but the daemons follow).

A clash of worlds scenario, whereby the daemon units can be regenerated and the other army has to close the tear. This could be a place for Grimnir.

I always liked the breakthrough scenario, so that could be a good one for either army (defenders trying to stop attackers getting through the tear).

A special scenario where the unit level daemons are all +1S, but considerably higher in points (say +5 points/ model). This would mean they might be stronger being inside the empyrean, but have not had the time to gather their forces enough. The defenders would have the weight of numbers.

Daemons all against each other, with some really mind bending special rules!